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 Updated: January 11, 2023

thinkific course examples

Thinkific is one of the top course hosting platforms helping creators sell and deliver their programs.

It’s a popular solution and often cited as one of the best options for online businesses.

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If you’re still in the decision phase of your online course journey, it may be useful to see real-life Thinkific course examples.

This can give you a good idea about what’s possible with the platform, and project yourself as a user.

#1 Wild Health Bodywork:

Industry: Health
Course Prices: $149

Wild Health Bodywork offers programs explaining the science behind feeling what others feel.

They’re using Thinkific for their extensive program with over 81 lessons!

They offer a free version of their course for preview to test-drive it, which is a useful feature in Thinkific to give your students the opportunity to see a few modules for free.

This shows that the platform can be a good fit for health instructors and sensible topics.

Your students can also search through the curriculum by using the search bar, which is useful for programs with a lot of content!

#2 Emu Passive:

Industry: Construction
Course Prices: $

Emu Passive is a consultancy helping the construction industry to build Passive House.

These are houses built to minimize the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling, while providing a high level of comfort for the occupants.

They offer high-end programs, in-person and online!

They use several features Thinkific allows for, especially for date-based events:

They also have WordPress as their main website but use Thinkific for their sales page.

#3 The School of Positive Transformation

Industry: Spiritual
Course Prices: 

This Thinkific site is run by life coach and motivational speaker Heather McKee, who offers courses and coaching programs to help people overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Heather's courses cover topics like confidence, stress management, and personal development, and she uses a variety of engaging multimedia resources to deliver her content.

Like many Thinkific creators, she uses WordPress as her main site and uses Thinkific mostly to deliver her programs (but not as a main website).

This might be a good solution depending on your needs and if budget allows!

#4 Hybrid Wilderness First Aid

Industry: Medical
Course Prices: 
Free- $189

Hybrid Wilderness First Aid is an industry expert in wilderness medicine and has been helping people for over two decades.

They have a wide variety of online courses on Thinkific and also display reviews (which is something the platform enables).

I particularly like the way they’ve categorized their programs to help users choose the most appropriate one for them.

The Center For Wilderness Safety also offers free courses.

#5 Zealous Art

Industry: Art
Course Prices: 

This is an example of a very prolific course creator!

Zealous Art provides a wide range of painting programs, helping beginner artist to paint specific paintings:

In fact each painting is a separate course, although you can buy these in bundles too.

She’s organized them in many different categories, to easily navigate to the kind of painting you may be interested in!

Thinkific is a good fit for creators with large libraries, each course can have its own sales page and pricing, but you can also create bundles.

#6 Enever Group Business Academy

Industry: Business
Course Prices: 
$9 - $197

Linda Enever has created several programs within the Enever Group Business Academy, from general business strategy to marketing and sales.

I like the strong branding that transpires through their Thinkific website:

Note that they’re using a social proof widget which isn’t a native tool of Thinkific.

They also have several memberships with recurring payment, using Thinkific Community features to create a thriving group of people.

#7 The Beauty Academy

Industry: Beauty
Course Prices: 
$17 - $995

The Beauty Academy uses Thinkific to sell both beginner and professional programs for beauty enthusiasts.

The interesting thing with this site example is that they use Thinkific for all of their needs! Including blogging and funnel pages

This is proof that if all you need is a simple website, Thinkific can fulfill all of your needs (except for email marketing).

The Beauty Academy offers both long and short-form courses.

#8 One Life

Industry: Health / Nutrition
Course Prices: 

This Thinkific creator offers programs about combining nutrition and mental health.

Its flagship course caters to health professionals and is $149 for 4 hours of content in total.

I particularly like the well designed sales page they have for the program using the Thinkific builder.

Helen Duyvestyn is a clinical nurse expert and is able to sell her programs in this highly regulated industry.

#9 Anita Wong

Industry: Youtube
Course Prices: 
$44 per month

Anita helps people get started with YouTube and grow it to make a living as an online creator.

She helps people through her in-depth membership where she offers regular meetups and support:

She also uses Thinkific to sell her coaching packages for the more serious students!

You can combine this with other Thinkific tools to provide the best experience to your paying customers.

#10 Maria Keckler

Industry: Self Help
Course Prices: 

The last example we took is Maria Keckler, who offers a program called the Four Bridges to Personal Breakthrough.

This course is entirely free and is a companion to her book of the same name!

It’s interesting to see an author using Thinkific for taking her offline readers to capture them online and create a loyal base there.

Maria is a successful teacher and has helped many students and readers by using Thinkific.


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