Adobe Learning Manager – The Honest 2023 Review 

 Updated: December 13, 2023

adobe learning manager

What Is Adobe Learning Manager?

Adobe Learning Manager is Adobe’s attempt to dig its hole in the online learning platforms industry.

It provides a course and learning path builder, mainly aimed at the academic world and professionals of the learning industry.

It was formerly known as Adobe Captivate Prime and launched in 2015 and is the official LMS offered by the giant.

It’s separate from the other suite of softwares Adobe offers and is known for, such as Photoshop, After Effects or Premiere Pro.

Which also means you’ll have to purchase a subscription separately (more on that later).

What Can You Do With Adobe Learning Manager?

Let’s explore the features the platform offers and how it compares to other specialist softwares on the market.

You can add an unlimited number of courses, which will open the curriculum builder with a few options of types of content:

These are:

  1. Self-paced Course
  2. Virtual Classroom Module
  3. Classroom Module
  4. Activity Module

Modules can be created for the core content of your program but also as pre-work before a program starts.

Overall, the course builder is rather basic and won’t give you much more options.

The Activity Module is what will allow you to incorporate learning tools with Quizzes which can be multiple choice, fill in the blank or true/false type.

There is no capability for a community or comment section for students to interact with each other.

Again the platform is geared mostly to Academia and extensive learning curriculum rather than online courses.

You can set the program's level and credit on completion.

This can later be used to create Learning Paths, which are a sequence of Programs, sequential or not.

Other courses are set as a pre-requisite and a passing grade can be set.

You can then pull everything together with enrollment automations using the Learning Plans.

These allow you to enroll someone into a program or a Learning Plan or certification when a specific Event happens.

Modules within Adobe Learning Manager are SCORM compliant which should make it easier to move to another account or platform.

They can be set up in several different languages and you can manually change the wording yourself to adapt to each.

You can also integrate some Gamification in the learning experience of Adobe Learning Manager.

Students can gain levels based on the completion of a course.

They will be able to see the level of other students if you enable that, and create a friendly competition.

This can also be complemented with Badges, which are fully customizable.

The last feature to highlight in the platform is your ability to communicate to some extent with students.

This can be done with Announcements which can appear in the courses themselves or be sent as an email.

But also as Reminders around a Deadline for an exam or the completion of a course for instance.

How Much is Adobe Learning Manager?

This isn’t displayed plainly on the website so let’s expand a bit so you understand how much Adobe Learning Manager costs.

Below is what you’ll on the official website:

It shows 2 different packages based one on the number of registered users and the other on the number of active users.

What you’ll see once you start a your 30 days free trial with Adobe Learning Manager is that you’ll pay $9 per user:

This can get fairly expensive for small businesses, but again the target audience is big institutions.

You’ll have to go through a sales process to place your order, during which the specific details of the payment for you will be negotiated.

Who is Adobe Learning Manager For?

As we’ve outlined throughout this article, the platform is not really geared to coaches and small course creators.

But mostly to big learning institutions such as academies, universities, schools or private learning centers.

The very academic and formal way of laying out the curriculum builder is a proof of that

It also works really well for internal training and can be used for example to train new hires in your company.

This is also emphasized by the purchasing process which is led by a demo with the team and can be created as a Purchase Order.

FAQ: Adobe Learning Manager

Q: I have an adobe suite subscription, do I get access to Adobe Learning Manager?

No, the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that you may be using for Photoshop or other softwares will not give you access to Adobe Learning Manager.

You’ll have to separately purchase it.

Q: Can you send marketing emails through Adobe Learning Manager?

No, you can’t.

This platform is very different from popular SaaS in the online course industry and is not meant as an all-in-one to sell your online courses.

It cannot therefore be used to run marketing campaigns.

You can however send emails to your paid students, once they’ve enrolled in a course.

Q: Is Adobe Learning Manager SCORM compliant?

Yes it is.

Which makes it easier to import SCORM files as well.

Q: Can you build funnels and pages in Adobe Learning Manager?


Just as mentioned with the email marketing, Adobe Learning Manager is not meant to be used for marketing purposes in any way.

This also means that you cannot capture emails or even take payment through the platform.

Users can however self-registered via a link you can share.

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