Top 5 Canva Template Shops For Online Course Creators 

 Updated: July 20, 2022

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Why Course Creators Need Canva Templates

Putting together an online course and marketing it is no piece of cake!

There are a lot of assets to create, whether that’s within your program (workbooks, slides, planners,etc.) or to make your promotional resources more sexy.

Fortunately, this has created a market for easy-to-use design tools like Canva.

Which is essentially a less techy alternative for Photoshop that anyone can use, especially course creators.

On top of that, starting from a blank page is not the only way anymore:

Canva allows for pre-made assets to be easily exported from one account to another!

Meaning that you can purchase templates from professional designers to adapt to your brand and create gorgeous designs in a fraction of the time.

The list we’re reviewing today are the top 5 selected shops from where you can get such templates as a course creators:

Brittany Darrington

From $47

Whether you’re needing webinar slides for your next marketing presentation or a beautiful lead magnet to dazzle your hot leads, Brittany’s got you covered!

With a fairly feminine touch, you’ll have a choice between several different style and design to choose from:

The great thing about these is that they also give you a proven framework to follow and just fill out!

This includes webinar slides, lead magnet and workbooks…

All of the graphics you’ll find in these templates can be modified to match your brand and you’ll even get a tutorial to show you how!

My favorite: Harper Bundle

I love this one as it’s not only a feminine style but also very classy!

This bundle includes 32 opt-in freebie templates and a BUNCH of social media posts too.

It’s also very easy to change to adjust to your branding guidelines.

creative markets cover
creative market logo

Creative Market

From $14

Creative Market offers a range of assets: graphics, fonts, 3D,etc.

But for course creators, there is also a large choice of Canva templates to cater to everything you might need!

The most common ones you’ll find are social media related, but there are also a ton of beautiful templates for webinar slides, planners, ebooks, workbooks,etc.

The many filters will help you find what you’re looking for!

Because this is a competitive marketplace, the assets tend to be really affordable 🙂

My favorite: The Webinar & Slide Deck Templates By Miri Campbell

This bundle is really the whole package!

Not only do you get a super professional looking template for your webinar, but also the social media posts that go along with it.

I also like the sober yet impactful tone and style, of course you can adapt this to your branding.

From $0

Of course, one of the best places to find Canva templates for course creators is directly on their dedicated marketplace!

Lead magnet, workbooks, checklist,etc.

The good news is that some of these are free and some are included in the Pro plan of your Canva account if you’re using that!

You can open and design them directly from there to your account in just a few minutes.

My favorite: E-book Lead Magnet by Side Blogger

A super slick and simple design for your lead magnet:

I like the structure of this template which I think a lot of creators can easily follow.

The last page is a powerful call to action, which can be anything you want to upsell from your lead magnet!

Design Bundles

From $15

Another amazing marketplace with LOTS of assets to choose from!

There is a special Canva Template category which can be filtered out even further and has many wonders for course creators.

These also include customer reviews so you can hear from previous buyers.

There is a lot of everything: webinar slides, workbooks, lead magnet, planners, social media post templates,...

My favorite: The Ultimate Course Creator Template Bundle By The Rising CEO

I picked this one because it’s a wonderful bundle! And these are things most creators will need to market their programs.

It includes 100+ templates for webinar slides, workbook and social media posts.

The default design and style can fit many different industries and with a few quick adjustments can be ready for you to use!


From $27

Appsumo is a very popular site for online business owners to find great deals on their favorite softwares.

But a little known other thing you can find there are templates!

The marketplace is filled with great Canva designs and graphics with, as always on the site, awesome discounts and deals.

Since this is a popular site you also benefit from buyer’s review and great support

My favorite: Course Creator Canva Template Bundle

This bundle is specifically designed for course creators to launch and sell their program!

I love it because: it looks great, gives you a great framework for part of the marketing which can be overwhelming, and guides you with Pre-made Online Brand Kits.

The bundle you get access to also includes some tutorials to understand how to better edit the template and the most actionable way to implement them in your business

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