Highlevel CRM: The Full 2023 Breakdown 

 Updated: September 13, 2023

highlevel crm

What’s the HighLevel CRM?

HighLevel or GoHighLevel is a popular platform, mainly targeted at marketing agencies with several clients.

As such, it offers a wide range of features from website and funnel, course and membership, payment,etc.

And also a fully fledged Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

This breaks down in several parts that will help you both keep track of your list of prospects and customers.

But also communicate with them using different channels that HighLevel offers.

On top of that you can nurture your leads and turn them into paying customers, regardless of your industry or business model.

In the platform, you’ll be able to find this in different places, HighLevel is catered to agencies management clients and each sub-account can have their own list, database and CRM.

Highlevel CRM Features

Let’s now break down the different ways HighLevel helps with managing your list of prospects and customers in your CRM.

Contacts & List

This is the foundation of managing your contacts and where you can create segments of your audience.

HighLevel allows for tagging and a range of built-in filters which should help you narrow down the segment you’re looking for.

This is also a place to manage your people internally as well.

You can create Tasks and assign them to a specific person and keep track of all of it directly in the platform.

If you are in the B2B service industry then there is also a space to add companies with multiple employees so you can better track them as a group.

And of course you can also see a lot of details for each contact inside of their profile:

Things like their whole Activity and customer journey, or their Attribution, custom notes you can add or appointments you have coming up with them.

Overall this is already a very well-rounded list and contact management system HighLevel offers.

Automation & Workflows

Once someone has signed up to your list (or you’ve manually added them), you’ll then be able to add them to a Workflow.

These are automated processes that allow you to schedule a sequence of actions triggered by an event (e.g. someone joining the list, someone buying a product,etc.)

The visual builder makes this incredibly easy and intuitive inside of HighLevel, you can select among several triggers from a contact action to their birthday.

You’ll then select the several Actions you want to be triggered, which can be instantaneous or delayed.

This is very similar to specialist CRM tools such as Hubspot or ActiveCampaigns.

For more advanced automations, you can also create If/Else split segways of action based on specific conditions.

Or define a Goal event which will skip to a certain point in the automation when completed.

For example if your email sequence aims to sell a product, you can make that the goal of the automation and it can end when that goal is met.


Now if people are still leads and haven’t converted yet, you can also map this out in HighLevel.

This is probably more catered to B2B big size deals but a very common way to keep track of your prospect is by creating pipelines:

You’ll be able to define the several stages of your sales process and see where each potential client is.

Opportunities can be set with an estimated value and assigned to a user or salesperson.

You can have as many custom fields as you want to make this really yours and integrate that into your company.

Other CRM Tools

Here is the highlight of some other very useful tools in the platform that you can use for your CRM system:

Email Campaigns: Create email templates for your broadcast and schedule out campaigns. You can use the visual builder to build you email out very intuitively:

You can also set up A/B split testing for your campaign and optimize your results.

Messaging: This is a buil-tin chat system you and your client can use to communicate with each other directly on the platform.

Each of your clients can have their own logins to the platform and use this messaging system, which creates another channel to reach out to them.

Calendar: HighLevel can also handle your scheduler needs! You can create different calendar types depending on the sort of appointments you’re looking for:

Each of these can of course have different rules for your availability and how people can book a time with you.

HighLevel CRM FAQ:

Are there any limits I should be aware of in the CRM?

There aren’t any limits in terms of contacts you can have in your email list on HighLevel.

Something to know about the email marketing system however is that you’ll need to pay extra for emails.

You can either use the native system and pay $0.675 for 1000 emails, or integrate a 3rd party SMTP (e.g. MailGun).

This also goes for SMS marketing, you’ll need to integrate your Twilio account (and pay there).

How much does HighLevel CRM cost?

The Highlevel CRM is included for any account and sub-account, see our full article on that.

On top of the HighLevel subscription, you’ll have to take into account the extra cost associated with sending emails we’ve described above.

Which other tools might I need?

Apart from the above 3rd party providers that you may want to consider, you shouldn’t really need anything else!

HighLevel has a very well-rounded set of features and is designed to be an all-in-one platform.


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