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 Updated: October 4, 2023

highlevel marketing

HighLevel offers a lot of marketing features all centralized in one platform, let’s break exactly everything you get…

Why Use HighLevel Marketing?

Highlevel (formerly known as GoHighevel) is an all-in-one tool catered to agencies, but suitable for any online business.

Its simple promise is to provide everything you need online as a creator.

Which means a LOT of features and tools, the main point being that you wouldn’t have to pay for anything else.

A quick overview of features offered:

  • Advanced Funnel & Site Building
  • Blogging
  • Advanced Emails, Text & Automations
  • Unlimited File Hosting
  • Online Course Builder
  • Community Feature
  • Payment, Invoicing & Tax
  • CRM & Pipelines Management
  • Scheduler & Appointment Booking
  • Reputation Management
  • White Label mobile app (extra cost)

And of course one of the most important ones being Marketing tools online, which any online business needs.

If you’re using HighLevel for youself or you clients, there are a lot of advantages to also use what the platform offers in the marketing department:

Integration: using the native marketing tools offered by HighLevel allows you to easily integrate your campaigns with other parts of the platform such as the payment system, courses and lead generation.

Automation: You can set up automations and advanced processes by sticking to HighLevel native tools rather than integrating an external platform.

Convenience: everything is a lot easier when using only one platform! Again this is the main selling point of HighLevel.

That being said, let’s actually break down what these tools look like in HighLevel and what they’ll get you or not.

HighLevel Marketing Features:

Email Marketing:

This is maybe the most important marketing feature for any online business, especially if you’re selling digital products.

The first part being of course the ability to manage an email list as part of your CRM.

You can create segments of your audience based on any criteria you’d like!

This will inform the email campaigns you can set up.

HighLevel allows for email templates to be saved and easily re-used. These are created using the built-in visual builder:

Something I particularly liked was the ability to create folders to organize your campaigns.

Note: this feature comes with any plan but is not unlimited.

You may have to pay for an external SMTP… learn more about that in our full review.

Automations & Text

Another part of your marketing strategy is the ability to set up automated processes and send SMS text messages.

The Workflow builder that’s built-in HighLevel is very comprehensive and intuitive:

Choose among the many triggers and determine what happens from there!

This can get very advanced and help you assign lead scores to your contact which can then trigger different automation when a certain threshold is reached…

One of these automation events can be sending a text message to your lead (if you have collected their phone number).

This is another channel of communication to make sure you stay front-of-mind for your audience.

You’ll have to create a Twilio account in order to be able to use this functionality, and yes this will come at an extra cost.

Social Media

In an effort to help you centralize all of your marketing channels and campaigns, HighLevel is offering a Social Planner.

All you have to do is to connect your social media platform:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

From there you’ll be able to create or schedule posts directly within HighLevel:

Note that you can’t really track engagement on these posts from the platform.

Another useful tool in this feature is the Planner, which allows you to see a calendar of your posts.


Here is a quick overview of some other marketing tools and features you can find in HighLevel:

Mobiles app: This is a centralized messaging app to communicate with your leads on a range of channels directly from your phone: Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Messages, and Email.

Facebook ads: you can connect your Meta ads account and campaigns to the platform and follow your performances there.

AI: In many places on the platform, you can use the ChatGPT tool to help you craft persuasive marketing copy.

HighLevel Marketing FAQ:

Let’s address here some other questions you may have about HighLevel and its marketing suite:

Are There Any Extra Costs To Be Aware Of?

Everything we mentioned in this article is included on the standard HighLevel plan at no extra cost!

Apart from two things we made a note of which is potentially an external SMTP for the emails and the SMS text with Twilio.

Are There Any Limits or Allowances To Know About?

The only main limit to know about is the free email allowance which is up to 10,000 emails.

How Is The Email’s Delivery on HighLevel?

If you decide to use the native HighLevel email server, which is cost effective, your delivery rate will be pretty good.

This of course depends on your reputation as a sender too.

Are There Any Other Marketing Tools I Might Need?

Unless you have very specific marketing needs, no!

HighLevel provides an extensive number of marketing tools and most online businesses shouldn’t have to use anything else.

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