Kajabi 60 Days Free Trial + Bonuses: What is it? 

 Updated: August 23, 2023

Kajabi 60 Days Free Trial

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To celebrate the end of the summer, Kajabi is offering a 60 days free trial for the first time ever!

Let's break down exactly the details of this offering and the bonuses you can get by signing up today 🙂

kajabi 60 days trial

Kajabi 60 Days Trial: What is it?

First off, a quick reminder of what Kajabi is and what you get when starting to use the platform as a course creator!

Kajabi is an online course all-in-one platform, which means that it combines all of the tools you need into one (course hosting, checkout system, sales funnel, blogging, email marketing,etc.)

And since deciding on a platform is an important decision for all creators, Kajabi lets you take it for a test drive with a free trial.

The standard trial offer is 14 days (30 days for partners).

But on Tuesday August 22nd 2023, you can get started with a 60 days free trial!

kajabi creator challenge

Here is a quick overview of all Kajabi features:

  • Design and host courses
  • Send and automate emails campaigns
  • Take Payments and setup Affiliate Programs
  • Build a website and marketing funnel
  • Create a Blog
  • Offer a Community or Forum
  • Access the code editor

So let's break it down just a little.

First, a 60 days free trial, that's over 2 month of trying one of the most popular platform in the industry, free of charge!

More than just a starting to get familiar with everything Kajabi has to offer, this is also a chance to start making profit on your online programs before paying a dime for the platform!

By joining Kajabi today, you'll also get access to its private community (over 30,000 people) and get help and advice from 6,7 or 8+ figures course creators using the platform.

These Kajabi Heroes have all used been where you are!

Kajabi has a revenue reward program where they send you some pins and goodies when you reach a certain milestone selling through the platform ($1k, $10k, $50k,...)

kajabi rewards

That's some motivation to get you started!

Beyond being one of the most active platform, Kajabi makes regular updates to keep ahead of its competition and a lot of these are fed from the community.

Need some more bonuses to sign up?

Alright, so this is what Kajabi offers on August 22nd 2023 only!

But let us throw in some extra bonuses for you worth many $$$

If you sign up for Kajabi and activate your account later, we'll offer:

  • 1x30min call with a Kajabi expert that's helped Fortune 500 companies on the platform
  • A free Kajabi page template you can plug in and add your content to

The way this work is easy:

Step 1

Sign up using this link:

Step 2

Once you've done so, send us an email at joey@joeymazars.com

We'll get you started with your perks quickly!

If you want to learn more about Kajabi, check out our full review here.

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