Kajabi Access: Is It Worth It? 

 Updated: August 23, 2021


At the end of October 2020, Kajabi started to talk about a big announcement they were going to make during a live broadcast, as they often do.

Kajabi actually shared the fact that during 2020, and for some obvious reasons, their user base had massively increased. Which has probably gotten them thinking about how they could best serve these new users and provide the best support.

Indeed this drastic increase in users has caused a few issues with servers and support which has always been something they put a lot of effort in.

That's why during that live event they announced their latest product: Kajabi Access!

I already wrote extensively about Kajabi and wanted to break down what this new product was and whether or not YOU could benefit from it.

What is Kajabi Access?

Kajabi Access is an add-on service to your current or new Kajabi plan and essentially what John Warrillow calls a Front of the line offer.

Meaning that you will be a bit of a VIP customer on top of some other perks:

Kajabi Access Features

  •  6 1x1 sessions with a Kajabi Customer Success Manager
  •  Double up everything from your plans: products, pipelines, contacts,...
  •  Code editor access on any plan (usually only on the highest plan)
  •  Early access to new releases

Kajabi Access cost $99 per month in addition to your current plan's fee

Let's break down each of these to see what they mean:

Kajabi Access 1x1 Sessions

As a new Kajabi user, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the strategy, setup and the behind-the-scenes of the platform.

You're probably just a course creator with a big idea for a valuable course for your audience, and don't necessarily know how all of these pieces fit together.

These 1x1 Sessions are supposed to help get started somewhere, or take things to the next level.

The Kajabi customer success people are employees that have been trained on helping with both the tech and the strategy of your online business.

I just want to make a note here that these are still just coaching sessions and are probably not meant to be seen as real business advice or marketing strategy masterminds.

But at least when it comes to the setup and optimization of your Kajabi account, you can be confident that this support will be valuable.

You can freely book these sessions in the back-end of your interface

This is also on top of the Virtual Kajabi Hero Hub, which has weekly office hours you can drop in and ask questions.

Kajabi Access: Double Everything

This one is pretty self explanatory.

With Kajabi Access you will get everything that has a number, doubled!

Double Products, which is usually something that incentivize people to upgrade their plan. Mostly because some setup in Kajabi are difficult to do without duplicating or re-creating a new Product. 

For example if you want to give limited access to a course, say the first module, to people to try for free well you can't really do that without also limiting that to paid members. So you'll need to re-create a separate Product. Hence why the limit of 3 Product on the 1st plan without Access can be limiting.

Doubling up the websites is also a great value. Meaning that you can separate different brands within the same account and hook up different domains to them. Very useful for some campaigns!

But as mentioned, this double up affects everything else that can be counted: contacts, pipelines, members, etc.

Kajabi Access: Code Editor

This might be the feature I'm the most excited about. 

I mentioned in my full review of Kajabi (shameless link to it!), that whenever you feel limited with the out-of-the-box design and functionality of the platform, you can always get your hands dirty with the code.

This is usually only available on the highest plan (Pro at $319 per month). But Kajabi Access allows for this code access feature on any plan.

If you're a beginner, messing with the code might not sound super exciting right now but understand that there will probably come a time when you think I wish we could change and customize this or Gee, I'd really like this custom feature

And that's when having access to code will come in handy!

Kajabi Access: Future Release Early Access 

Lastly, you'll be among the first users to get access to the new beta features Kajabi pushes out.

So whenever a widely asked feature rolls out in beta, as they usually do before being pushed to all users, you'll get access first!

This is definitely a cool feature and reinforces the priority/front of the line aspect of Kajabi Access.

From experience, that means that you'll get these features about 15-30 days before most users.

Who is Kajabi Access best for?

When I first saw this new product being introduced. I wasn't sure who this was for.

I thought that people needing the coaching were not advanced enough to need the double up and code editor and that people needing these 2 things didn't need the coaching.

But after thinking this through and seeing who ended up getting Kajabi Access, here is who I understand this could be the most valuable, and that may be YOU!

#1 If you're a beginner but are all in!

Kajabi, just like any platform, has a learning curve. And when you're getting started, that can be frustrating and asking questions in the Facebook group or in the live chat might not be cohesive enough.

If you know you're wanting to use Kajabi for your business as an all-in-one platform and it's exciting features, then that's when the coaching calls can be of tremendous value to you.

That would also mean you're ok with the investment it represents up front, knowing you will make it back and more in no time with the right support.

Meaning that you're also probably not necessarily starting from scratch with your business, in which case the investment of Kajabi Access on top of the platform monthly fee might be a big hurdle.

#2 If you're established but looking for the next level

Beyond the coaching which might bring you some insights in best using the platform for your business, taking things to the next level could mean different things.

With the double up, you'll be able to try new campaigns and marketing strategies you were holding off on or not wanting to upgrade your plan for.

With access to the code editor, you may also have the perfect excuse to hop in Kajabi Access and fully customize these little things you've been wanting to: designing a new theme or improving your student's experience will now be more accessible!

#3 If you're advanced and need the double up and personal support

Lastly, you may just need more support for your existing sophisticated system. This front-of-the-line addon to your account could be the dedicated support you've been needing to ask questions most people wouldn't have the answer to.

On top of that, if you have an advanced system and are looking to expand further, Kajabi is sometimes criticized for the limits in products, contacts,etc.

With the double up, this won't be a reason to change platform anymore and Kajabi Access could save you from an expensive migration.


Overall, although not for everyone, Kajabi Access can be a great option for some people, as outlined in this review. 

Note that you will also be able to try it during the 28 days free trial with Kajabi (apart from the coaching calls).

It comes at a time when personalized support and help can make the difference for your business and very little platforms are capable of providing at scale. 

The Kajabi community and ecosystem is what has helped this all-in-one stand out in the industry and Kajabi Access is another step toward outstanding support and stacking the deck in your favor for success!

For more details and full review of Kajabi: Click here

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