Kajabi Mobile App Review – Is It Any Good? 

 Updated: June 21, 2023


What’s the Kajabi Mobile App?

At the end of 2019, Kajabi was one of the first online course platforms to launch a dedicated mobile application for its users to make their courses available on mobile devices.

The app is available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

What that means for you as a Kajabi user is that you will now be able to allow your members to consume your online courses from a native app on their phone, which is much better than the mobile view of it they could (and still can) access from their phone’s browser!

But keep in mind that this is not an Over-the-top (OTT) application!

Meaning that you’re not able to white-label it so that your students download the “Jenny’s Photography Academy” app from the app store and use it seamlessly.

How Does the Kajabi App Work?

First, you’ll have to activate it in your settings for people to be able to find your school in the app (Settings > Mobile App Settings)

Again, the main thing to understand here is that your students will technically have to download the Kajabi’s app from the app store and then find you there!

This may sound a little counterintuitive, because you may be thinking that your students have no idea what Kajabi is.

Because when they’re taking your course on Desktop, they don’t have to...

But this actually has a lot of upsides for you.

The fact that you’re not owning the app and having to submit and manage it in the app store, means that you don’t have to deal with all of the headaches!

iOS changes its rules, a new regulation comes in place and there’s a lot you’d have to keep up with if the app wasn’t centralized.

That’s really how most other course platforms also deal with their mobile app.

Once your student has downloaded the app, they will be prompted to enter their email address, which is hopefully the same they’ve used to purchase your course.

Kajabi will then detect what “schools” they are a student of and enable them to add these to their app for consumption.

The cool thing to note here is that they won’t be asked for their password.

Which obviously people won’t know on top of their head and would be clunky to type on their mobile device.

Instead they will seamlessly be sent to their inbox app to click a verification link and then back to the Kajabi app.

From there, they’ll be able to select your school from the side menu and watch your program!

It’s also worth noting here that this is the student Kajabi app.

As an admin if you want to check your Kajabi account from your phone you'll need to download the Kajabi Creator app:

You'll be able to see and manage a few things:

  • Sales notifications, refund and new optins through push notifications
  • Manage your contact, you can easily revoke offers, add tags or notes
  • Track Analytics: sales, traffic, transactions,etc.

This isn't meant to be a replacement of the desktop back-end but it's a very convenient way to make some quick changes on the go or get notified of new sales!

Kajabi Custom Branded App

In June 2023, Kajabi added the option to get your own branded app.

This means that instead of having to ask customers to download the Kajabi app, you can direct to get your own!

This app will look the same inside.

But it will be a lot better user experience to look for your brand in the app store!

This will cost an additional $199/month to your Kajabi plan.

What Does the Kajabi App Look Like?

When creating a new course on Kajabi (“Product”), you'll have several options of layout and designs called “themes”.

And although these are great to offer a customized user experience, they won’t have any impact on the way the Kajabi app looks.

The layout is already pre-determined and there isn’t a lot you can fundamentally influence.

The few things you can change are as below:

  • You can edit the icon for your school in the app (so that students can recognize it among other courses they are following that also sit on Kajabi)
  • You can pick among a set of 10 color palettes for the accent colors of your courses throughout the app
  • You can create Announcements that will appear under a separate tab on their app and even trigger a push notification, if they have enabled those.
  • Enabling things like file/video download will also affect the settings on the app

And that’s really the extent of customization there is for now!

Now, to be fair, the standard layout looks pretty good and you probably don’t want a lot of fuss on mobile anyway, since this is more about accessibility than anything else…

The video and audio player is just what your students need to watch and consume your course on the go.

What Can Students Do in the Kajabi App?

The Kajabi app allows for pretty just as much features for your students, and even a bit more!

Of course, they can easily navigate through categories and post:

They watch videos or simply listen to them with their phone locked (just like you would music). They will also see the same controls on video with quality and speed settings.

PDF and other resources you’re providing can also be downloaded to their mobile device or simply previewed!

Next to each Post (aka video or audio) will be a star icon student’s can tap if they want to “favorite” that particular post.

They can then easily get to it later via the Favorite tab on the main navigation bar:

I really liked this feature because it reduces the amount of tap needed to get to a video they may need to watch several times or go back to.

Of course the “resume” button is still there to take them back to the Post and the exact video timecode they were watching.

Everything is pretty well thought out to make things easy to find and accessible!

Students can search for content via keywords and comment below each post if you’ve enabled it.

Kajabi App FAQ

Can students access the Community?


The Community Products you create can easily be accessed from the Kajabi App, which can be a strong selling point and an incentive for your students to download the app and stay in touch with the community you’ve built.

The user experience is again very simple, students can see the main Feed where all posts will appear but also the different Topics and sub-threads you’ve set up.

Can I send students push notifications through the Kajabi App?

Yes you can.

There are different ways to do that, the first one mentioned in this article is by creating an Announcement (Product > More Actions > Announcement).

The second way someone might be a push notification would be if they are @ mentioned in a comment or someone replied to their message.

This is all dependent on the user actually turning on push notifications for this app, but also the specific notifications they’ve turned on in their profile

Can I post new content to my courses?


As mentioned earlier in this article, you can’t use this app as an admin. But you could still use the creator app and check your sales and manage your contacts.

Is video casting available?


When watching a video on the Kajabi app, your students will see the little screen casting icon and be able to video cast on their TV.

What languages are available for the Kajabi App?

Of course, your content can be set in any language you want, including categories, title and descriptions.

Just like any app, the system text and messages will then be the language the user as set in his or her phone as default.

Therefore you can’t really control it but you can trust that’s a language your student understands!

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