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 Updated: October 23, 2023

kajabi coaching

Kajabi has released a pletora of new features at the end of 2021,  among which are Kajabi Coaching products.

This is probably the biggest update of the platform since early 2020, and definitely one that has created a lot of excitement in the Kajabi community!

The product keeps getting upgraded and we will keep this page up to date!

Coaching is an exploding industry and for all-in-one platforms to facilitate its delivery is a big move.

So let’s break down what we have with this new Kajabi Product.

What is Kajabi Coaching?

Kajabi Coaching is a brand new feature and Product type that will help users sell and deliver on their coaching program.

Up until now, there are workarounds to do this in the platform, but these are more hacks and tricks than a native tool.

If you think about it, a coaching program is usually composed of:

  1. Pre-recorded/static material and downloadables - you can create a standard Product in Kajabi for that 
  2. A private community - this can also be hosted on Kajabi through Kajabi Community
  3. Live Coaching Sessions - with an agenda, notes, assignments, a booking system etc.
  4. Built-in scheduler for appointment booking (to replace Calendly)
  5. Live Video to host your coaching calls and bypass Zoom

In a nutshell, Kajabi set out to provide everything coaches need to deliver their programs online.

Through a brand new interface, you’ll be able to easily setup Coaching programs, dynamic for each individual client.

This is what coaching clients see when they log in!

And if you were not selling coaching before, this may get your brain going on new possibilities!

To learn more about all the features in Kajabi, see our full review here.

How Do The Kajabi Coaching Products Work?

Now let’s break down what we know about all the new features the Kajabi Coaching products will bring:

Coaching Sessions

When creating your Coaching package, you’ll be able to add Sessions to it and structure the services for your client.

Each sessions is its own entity and includes:

  • Agenda items: you can add for things you’ll cover with the clients during that session. Things like “Review Assignments”, “What’s been challenging this week”,...
  • Resources: any supporting material you’d like the client to take a look at before or during the session: image, downloadables, videos, PDF, etc.
  • Notes: this will be available for your clients to write notes of that session that they can come back to later

And again this is for each individual client and Sessions you create, you can have as many you want.

Client Progress & Booking

Next, after each Session, you can easily see how your clients are individually progressing from the back-end.

It allows you to see what Sessions are completed and adjust any upcoming ones.

This can be done for each client individually! You can add shared notes and upload your session recordings.

This is also where you’ll be able to insert your booking link.

Kajabi does provide the possibility to replace a 3rd party scheduler system like Calendly or Acuity with its own built-in scheduler:

This is relatively basic and you'll set up your availabilities directly in the platform based on simple rules.

If you need more advanced calendar feature, you can still integrate another scheduler system too

Kajabi also allows for calls to happen directly within the platform without having to use Zoom or another conference tool.

Kajabi Coaching FAQ:

This Kajabi Coaching product being new, there are probably a lot of questions you have to understand if this would be a good fit for you.

Especially if you're still at a stage where you’re evaluating investing in Kajabi at all!

So let’s break down some of the most important questions about Kajabi Coaching:

Q: Does Kajabi Coaching Come With An Additional Cost?

A: No.

Kajabi pricing includes all types of Products and you won’t need to pay anything extra for this new Coaching Products.

This is also available during the free trial you get when starting if you want to see what it looks like first-hand!

Q: Who Is The Kajabi Coaching For And What’s Possible?

A: Well of course the most obvious answer here is that this is for people who are already offering coaching services and want to do this easily through the same platform as the rest of their business and marketing.

But this could also be a great new opportunity for people only offering self paced online courses, to create a high-end offer and service their clients better.

This new feature can also fit in really well with other Kajabi tools.

For example, you could couple it with a standard Product that would include pre-recorded training your clients can watch in-between sessions. You can even drip these to time them to be released at the same time of your next coaching session.

Kajabi’s Assessment can also be paired with this new feature, where your clients can essentially take a test, submit files for our review on the coaching sessions, or simply give you feedback.

Lots of possibilities here!

Q: Do Kajabi Coaching Products Count Toward The Product Limit?

A: Yes.

This will still be treated as a standard Product in that regard and count toward the limit of Products you can have in your account, depending on your pricing plans.

As a remind here is how this goes:

  • Kajabi Basic (from $119/mo) - 3 Products
  • Kajabi Growth (from $159/mo) - 15 Products
  • Kajabi Pro (from $319/mo) - 100 Products

Q: How Is It Different From The Coaching Product Template?

A: This is an easy misunderstanding and frankly not your fault!

The new Coaching Products are not to be confused with the “Coaching Template” for standard Products you can see in your Kajabi interface when creating a new one.

These are just templates with no additional features (and of little interest…).

The new Coaching Products are sitting on a separate tab of your Products and will have a different interface in your back-end.

Q: Is Kajabi Coaching Suitable For Group Coaching

After a further update of the product, Yes!

Kajabi made their coaching product easy to use for a group. This works very similarly to the Coaching product we've described:

kajabi group coaching

The main difference is that you'll create Groups which can be managed separately and all have access to the same program and number of sessions.

You can use the Kajabi native tools (scheduler and live room) or your own.

Q: When Will Kajabi Coaching Be Available?

Kajabi coaching is live in all accounts now!

If you are curious to test it out for yourself when it rolls out and all of the other Kajabi features, start a free trial today!

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