Kajabi Community Feature Review – What You Should Know 

 Updated: November 30, 2022

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What is The Kajabi Members Community?

The Kajabi Community feature was implemented to allow course creators to create a space for their members to connect and create private groups.

Think about it like creating your own Facebook Group, without all the distractions!

This can be a great way to engage your students and create a feeling of community.

If you run a membership, as the saying goes “they come for the content, they stay for the community”.

But how does the Kajabi Community work and what can you do and NOT do with it?

That’s what we’re diving into today!

How Does The Kajabi Members Community Work?

The first thing to understand is that the Kajabi Community feature is technically a Product.

In Kajabi you would create it under the Product Tab and Community:

Understand that this also means that it will take 1 slot of your allocated Product allowance, which is up to 3 on the Basic plan, 15 on the Growth Plan and 100 on the Pro plan.

To under how Kajabi pricing breaks down, see our article here

You can then attach this Product to an Offer for people to get access to it when purchasing. 

They will see the Community in their Library and be able to access the Feed:


Now that we’ve seen the overview of how the Community is set up, let’s dive into exactly what you and your members will be able to do there!

Kajabi Community Feed & Topics

The main thing the Kajabi community provides is the ability for you and your members to create Posts. (again, similarly to what you would on Facebook).

These can be categorized in Topics, for example different areas your course covers, which will allow different threads to be started.

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Or simply with the main Feed that regroups all Topics posts in one place.

Note here that you can’t give members access to certain Topics and not others… you’ll have to give them access to everything.

This does mean that if you intend to separate the conversations of your members based on the courses they’ve bought or membership level they’re on, you won’t be able to do in 1 Community product and will need to create separate ones.

Kajabi Community Posting

The main functionality of the Kajabi Community is for people to share their thoughts or questions by creating a post!

This can be text-only or with images, a video or a hyperlink:

Kajabi community comment

When posting as an admin you will have the option to send a notification (email and mobile push notification) when posting something in the community.

The posting feature is limited, you can’t create polls, locations or anything crazy but it’s simple enough and should do the job!

Kajabi Community Customization & Analytics

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a whole lot you can customize out of the box in the Kajabi Community.

You can pick the Topics tab color, some of the accent colors, add some content to the sidebar,... and that’s pretty much it!

In the back-end you’ll also be able to see some basic analytics like the number of posts and new members within a given time period.

Kajabi isn’t necessarily falling short on the design point of view compared to other platform’s community feature, but it’s not doing much better.

Kajabi Member Directory & Chat

Another tool in your community arsenal is the Member’s directory.

This is essentially a members hub where everyone’s profile will be displayed and each student can add some personal information and ways to connect if they wish to.

This isn’t something you have to enable but could be useful, especially if you’re creating affinity or accountability groups within your membership.

This is also a way for members to connect directly!

Although there is no Messenger feature within Kajabi from one member to another, they can still contact each other from your Community.

The conversation can then continue outside of the platform (which may not be ideal) via email.

Kajabi Community on the MobileApp

A very popular way of using a Community and for people to keep in touch with your content and other members, is on the go!

This can be done easily in Kajabi as the Communities are accessible via the app.

To see our full review of the Kajabi App, see here

Users can easily navigate through the Community Topics and feed and will also receive push notifications (if they enabled them) if someone tags them in a thread or replies to their post.

There’s nothing additional you could do on the app you couldn't on Desktop for the Communities but this makes it more accessible!

Note that the app is not for you to manage the community as an admin but only for members.

FAQ: The Kajabi Members Community

If you skipped through the article or just still have some questions unanswered, let me compile them here! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments too.

Can members chat privately?

Members can contact each other through the Community but will then have to converse via email.

There is currently no messenger chat!

Can I add a member only to certain Topics of the community?


You can’t give partial access to the community to members. So if you wish to separate conversations and only include some members and not others, you’ll have to create separate Community Products.

Can you schedule posts?


Unfortunately, at this time you can’t just schedule a post to be published at a later date and all posts have to be published right away, even as an admin.

Can I send notifications when creating a new post?


When making a post as an admin, you can tick a box to email all members and inform them of the news! This will also send a push notification on the mobile app for those that use it.

Can you go live in The Kajabi Community?


Although not natively, but you can easily embed a Youtube live stream and be live in a Community post that way.

People watching can then comment on that post.

Can you create polls?


At least not natively. The only type of content allowed in post are text, image, video and links.

What If I don’t like it? What alternative do I have?

I really tried to lay out everything the Kajabi Community can do and not do, and it’s admittedly still a work in progress...

Many course creators still choose to take this out of the platform and use a Facebook group for their community needs.

Some other choose to use dedicated platforms such as Mighty Networks or Circle.so 

I think for most course creators, the rather basic Community feature of Kajabi shouldn’t be a deal breaker, as there are different free ways to bridge the gap.

Have a play around with the Kajabi free trial and see for yourself if this could be a good fit!

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