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 Updated: March 20, 2024

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Kajabi is one of the top rated tools in our ranking of online course platforms.

And the feature that really shines and outshines most other competitors is its online program builder and teaching experience.

Kajabi themes

It’s one of the only platforms to offer different themes that you can customize to a great extent to make them fully your own.

This has given life to a blossoming market of Kajabi template shops to help anyone have a gorgeous and unique course design.

Today we dive into real life examples of programs run in Kajabi using all the tools at your disposal.

Modern Dating Academy

Modern Dating Academy

The Modern Dating Academy helps singles have an exciting and fulfilling dating life through their exclusive membership.

They’re using a paid theme which is a customized version of the Momentum theme.

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The DUO has a great branding with contrasting, but easy on the eye colors, which gives a warming feel to this dashboard.

The lessons and categories also stand out as they made a great use of the sub-categories inside Kajabi to organize their content in Weeks.

What can you do?

I particularly like the way this theme helps courses with a lot of content to easily categorize them and display them into a helpful sidebar that can be displayed in an accordion.

The sidebar is available in the free version of the Momentum theme too but the accordion isn’t.

This theme gives you more options with branding colors too and most of all the ability to add a banner header image.

Construction Consulting

Construction Consulting

Premiere Theme (Free)

Construction Consulting helps people working in the construction industry to supercharge their business and run it more efficiently.

They’re using one of the native themes Kajabi offers called Premiere.

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This is your most used and popular theme on the platform, the company has a simple and sleek branding and has made great use of the real estate available.

I like the simplicity and the clear path of action laid out: no confusing links or navigation to distract the student!

What can you do?

In this standard theme, you have access to a sidebar for the Dashboard, Modules and Lessons. Note that the Dashboard sidebar can be different than the other ones.

The syllabus on the Dashboard can display either all Lessons or just the top-level Modules.

You can easily customize the colors, the image header and text displayed here.

You can’t however hide the sidebar or change much of the layout without custom coding.

Lady Sculpt

Lady Sculpt

Lagunita (Free)

The Lady Sculpt membership helps women create the body they’ve always wanted through workout plans and nutrition advice.

They’re using the Laguita theme which was provided for free by Kajabi but is now not up to date with the latest builder version.

It still works and can be used today!

Lylas Leona has made a great use of the customizing available in this theme to make us feel as if we’re in the gym with her.

The imagery she used does a great job and the simple categorization of the membership provides a great learning experience.

What can you do?

Although it looks great, this is one of the less customizable themes in Kajabi.

You can easily change the header and text or add sections below or above the syllabus and categories.

You can of course still change the colors and font, but not much else.

The Starseed Activations

The Starseed Activations

The Starseed Activations is a spiritual membership helping people with personal awakening and embodiment practices.

They’re using the Netflix Momentum theme which is another for-purchase theme giving you a lot of extra features.

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I love the ambiance that the branding sets as well as the big tiles for each section of the membership.

As its name suggests, the Netflix theme helps with creating your very own Netflix in your niche, ideal if you have a lot of content to share.

What can you do?

This theme allows for a custom dashboard where you can add your own blocks with text and images.

You also have increased control over branding elements such as coloring and images throughout the program.

You can also show your Modules and Lessons in a very cool slider:

Overall this is a way to supercharge the standard Momentum Kajabi offers and deliver a world-class experience to your students.

Exceleration Partners

Exceleration Partners

Lagunita (Free)

Exceleration Partners offer a range of online courses to prepare leaders in organization for change and complexity.

This is another spin on the very good Lagunita theme which offers a nice and big navigation on the dashboard.

The main thing that pops out is how sleek and distraction free this theme makes everything look!

The very subtle color palette also helps keep things tidy and clear visually.

What can you do?

As mentioned before, the Lagunita theme is pretty good out of the box but doesn’t allow for too much customization.

You’ll be able to change most of the basics such as: colors, font family, the header image as well as the text inside of it and a few others of the system copy.

Client Kit (Traffic & Funnels)

Client Kit (Traffic & Funnels)

Classic (Free)

Client Kit is a high-end business program helping service providers and coaches to accelerate their growth organically.

They’re using the Classic theme which is also natively available in Kajabi, but not currently in their library (but you can still import it!)

Click to open in full size

Client Kit makes a great use of the top tabbed navigation as well as the sidebar for resources and other calls to action.

They also greatly used the branding capabilities of the theme to make this feel like an immersive learning experience.

What can you do?

The biggest upside of this theme is the number of ways you can organize your content and make it visually compact.

With the multiple tabs and the sidebar, you can allow your students to easily jump from one section to another.

You can also use the very top navigation menu for added directions, but use sparingly to not make it too busy!

Founder Zone

Founder Zone

Premiere Custom Build

FounderZone is a hub of knowledge for entrepreneurs to help them take their business to the next level.

They’re using a very custom build on top of the Premiere theme and Elfsight for the sliders.

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The membership is sectioned in different Zones which are clearly laid out on the dashboard, helping students jump from one to the other.

The Lesson view is looking very similar to the original Premiere theme with a big main content section at the top and a body + sidebar section below.

What can you do?

This custom theme shows what you can do with a little bit of coding and creativity!

The sliders are easy to update through Elfsight and keep the main area of the dashboard dynamic and fresh.

This page really acts as a real hub for the rest of the content and areas of the membership.

Career Storyteller Academy

Career Storyteller Academy

Creative (Free)

The Career Storyteller Academy is a high end program that helps professionals use the power of storytelling to sell themselves and their ideas better.

They’re using the Creative theme which is available natively and for free inside of Kajabi.

Stan is not displaying the syllabus of the course but instead getting creative and sending students to a few selected places as their next steps.

This is a good way to help your clients not wander around and watch videos without a clear purpose and instead give them a path to action.

What can you do?

This theme allows you to add blocks to the body part of the dashboard as well as the sidebar.

You can get creative and show/hide the syllabus for a more custom experience!

List Builders Society

List Builders Society

Premiere (free)

The List Builders Society is an online program created by famous marketer Amy Porterfield that helps people build their email list.

They’re on the Premiere theme with a smart use of its real estate, especially on the dashboard with the sidebars and top section directing students to the different parts of the program.

The use of color and high quality images and graphics makes this a very attractive course and learning experience to get into!

We also note that since this is an entry level product, Amy also uses this opportunity to send people to other high ticket products she offers.

What can you do?

Premiere is the most used theme out there and can be customized to a good extent.

That includes the sidebars and top section among other things.

Note that Amy is using a few other platforms such as Searchie for instance to help students search through her content.

All About Alzheimer

All About Alzheimer

Mist Product (Free)

The All About Alzheimer membership offers information for people to deal with closed ones affected by the disease.

They’re using a legacy theme called Mist which is perfect for Article based programs.

Click to open in full size

The memberships use a very sober range of colors, which is understandable considering the nature of their content.

Since the content is mostly articles, it's categorized in topics that can be easily accessed via the sidebar menu.

What can you do?

Each post has a very focused layout with no sidebar and collapsible menu on the side.

These legacy themes can still be used in Kajabi but are not as customizable as some others that are still being updated.

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