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 Updated: August 16, 2023

kajabi creator studio

What is Kajabi Creator Studio?

Kajabi launched the Kajabi Creator Studio feature to continue providing as much value as possible to its users.

This new side of the platform helps you transcribe and repurpose your content into a content marketing machine.

Using AI and some smart editing tools, it aims to make it easy for you to create clips off of a long-form video, format and post these to the relevant social media platforms.

This is also part of a few different Artificial Intelligence supported features Kajabi is creating to help creators save more time and keep on the edge of new technologies.

Let’s break down what you can do with this new tool and who should use it!

What Can You Do In Kajabi Creator Studio?

There are a few exciting things the Creator Studio allows you to do, and it might either replace a tool you’re already using or help you expand your content marketing efforts.

The first thing you’ll do is to select a video that will be transcribed so that the rest of the magic can happen.

Once that video is transcribed you’ll then be able to choose different clips from the video to edit.

Depending on the social media platform you eventually plan on posting this on, this can be a different clip duration.

You can choose and extract as many clips as you’d like!

Then once these clips are processed, you’ll have access the video editor to create your social posts.

This is a very intuitive and useful tool to change the format of the video and add text overlays, subtitles, lower-thirds,etc.

Note that this isn’t as advanced a proper video editing tool but should be enough for most to create social media clips easily.

Lastly, once your clips are ready, you can connect your social media platforms directly to Kajabi to post them from there.

Right now only Instagram and Facebook are available, but more will be added in the future.

These clips can be published right away but not scheduled out right now.

Also note that this is only available on the web browser version of the Kajabi platform.

Should You Use Kajabi Creator Studio?

This new feature certainly doesn’t have much downside as it's already available in the Kajabi platform.

But it certainly will be a better fit for some creators, more than others.

If you’re already using a different tool to create these social media clips, then looking into replacing it with Kajabi Creator Studio could be a good option.

This may be even more relevant if you’re just starting out as a course creator and may be more cautious about not overextending your budget.

If you haven’t dived into content marketing and repurposing your content into smaller clips for social media, this might be when this new feature has the most value!

Making the whole process of squeezing the most out of each piece of content you create is a great way to get in front of more potential buyers.

Finally, if you have more advanced needs for your video editing and the current editing tools of the Kajabi Creator Studio aren’t enough, then maybe you can skip over this feature.

Kajabi Creator Studio FAQ:

Did we get all of your questions about this new feature in the Kajabi platform answered?

Just in case we’ve missed a few details, here are some additional information that are good to know:

Does Kajabi Creator Studio cost anything?

No. Kajabi Creator Studio is included in every pricing plan the platforms offer and these haven’t changed because of it.

If you’re looking to understand a bit more about Kajabi pricing, see our dedicated article here.

How does it compare to other similar platforms?

You might be considering or already using alternatives such as VEED or your favorite editing software to create social media content.

And it’s clear that a lot of these dedicated platforms are specialists in such tasks.

The Kajabi Creator Studio is somewhat basic but still has most of the tools that 80% of creators should need.

Can I download the transcript?

Yes! After the automatic transcription you’ll be able to download it to different format:

You can then upload these in any other platforms.

How do I access Kajabi Creator Studio?

This tool is already available in most accounts (Beta started in June 2023) and is a new tab on the main dashboard of Kajabi.

If you don’t have a Kajabi account you can get started with a special 30 days free trial here:

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