Kajabi Websites Examples: What’s Possible? 

 Updated: October 12, 2022


Trying to pick an online course platform can be an overwhelming experience. If you've narrowed it down to a few platforms and are thinking about the long term, you might be wondering: what's even possible to create in Kajabi? 

Kajabi is one of the top all-in-one online course platforms and our top pick to create and market your program, but how far can the design and functionalities go:
kajabi home

You may already know that choosing an out-of-the-box platform like an all-in-one means making some trade-offs because you're building within a given framework, and well, you can't just do anything you want!

However, giving up that bit of control allows for more ease of use as everything in Kajabi is just plug and play. You can rest assured that things are going to work smoothly and scale! 

That isn't always a given with online courses. 

Even with code access, there are some things that you simply won't be able to do with Kajabi.

So in this article, after having spent a LOT of time in Kajabi, I'm going to show you what's possible and what's not,  plus some examples of Kajabi sites that pushed it to the limit! 

Kajabi Product & Kajabi Pages Themes and Examples

Firstly, it's important to understand the difference between what you want to do with Kajabi Product, aka courses layout, and what you may want to do with pages within a funnel. 

Kajabi pages, although not the most advanced funnel builder out there, don't have limitations in terms of what you can do with the design. It's not an easy drag and drop block builder, but it does allow for some pretty cool stuff and a conversion-optimized sales page.

kajabi page templates

With some custom CSS and styling, you can really do whatever you fancy in Kajabi.

The variety of blocks and type of section you can create should satisfy any course creator, even if some more specific design wishes may take some time to build.

If you compare it to a WordPress builder like Thrive Architect, then, of course, you may find some limitations, but you can easily make some great designs with Kajabi too. It may take some graphic making and code magic, but you can get there!

launch today kajabi templates

There are a few limitations to the product and course design. 

When creating a Product in Kajabi, you can choose from a few themes. Contrary to page themes, these will influence what you can and cannot do with your course layout.

Kajabi themes

Take the most popular theme for instance: Premier.

The layout will be a very classic content with body text and a sidebar that you can design to some extent.

But without messing with the code, there is still only so much you can do. Most parts of the layout are more rigid than what you would have with the page builder. 

In other words, you can't change too much of it.

That is because some functionalities built into the design are essential for things to work properly. Therefore, Kajabi won't let you mess with the essential functionalities much because you could accidentally break them. 

This restriction to changing essential functionalities in Kajabi is understandable but may be frustrating.

To Kajabi's defense, it's still the most versatile self-hosted platform out there to design your online course. If you look at its competitors like Teachable, Kartra, and New Zenler, you will see a big difference in terms of customization.

Plus, whereas other platforms don't make it a priority, Kajabi has very polished and seamless student pages.

Now that we understand this crucial distinction and what we might want to change, it's time to see what's possible. 

So, here is how you can take Kajabi's design to the next level! 

Kajabi's 3rd party templates

If you don't want to mess with code yourself or spend time on design, but still want your pages and courses to look stunning, then third-party templates might be your best option. 

With Kajabi, you can export and import pages from other accounts, and many people sell Kajabi plug-and-play templates for you to use.

You'll find a list of the top ones here, but essentially this will ensure you use the full capabilities of the platform and help you to see what’s possible. Some of these services even have an option to customize these templates for you!

The reason using a third-party template is so appealing is because of the time it can save you. Pushing Kajabi to its best capabilities can be very time-consuming, and if you're a course creator, you probably have other things that need your attention. 

But, you can also get inspiration for your own design ideas in the next section.

Kajabi Site Examples

Here are some examples of well-designed Kajabi sites and pages for you to take a look at. 

These can be great inspiration for your own design too!

I'll also break down the ones that have some custom coding for added functionality.

Example #1: Jen Broyles homepage

To get started, the Jen Broyles homepage shows how you can create a beautiful homepage while utilizing Kajabi as your main site.

This is a great design with a clear brand feel. It shows that with a few graphics, you can get yourself a professional and dynamic website.

Example #2: Sober Society Sales page

Whichever strategy you choose to market and sell your courses, it will likely all end on a sales page at some point. 

So this an excellent example of a well-designed sales pages and what's possible. 

Sober Society’s sales page doesn’t have too much graphic work here and barely any custom coding!

This just emphasizes that you can build conversion-oriented pages on Kajabi just as well as on other platforms.

Example #3: Podcast display

If you want to migrate from something like a WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace site, you may want to move all of your content to Kajabi. 

That could include moving your podcast episodes.

Here is an example of a well-designed podcast page in Kajabi, with no custom code used. 

Example #4: Custom Momentum Product Theme

A custom product theme is when you REALLY push Kajabi far. With custom editing, you can make a lot of changes to the design, layout, and even added functionality to the platform.

penny custom kajabi momentum theme

This example is a product, aka course, custom build that allows for a gorgeous result and an outstanding experience for your students.

Example #5: Whole Kajabi Custom Build & Blocks

Finally, let's look at a site that's using a template to add custom blocks for some essential parts of your website.

A lot of these graphics are customized, and adding a new templated block is just as easy as clicking a button and filling in your content!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these additional Kajabi sites:


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