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 Updated: August 16, 2023

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What’s the Kajabi Experts Marketplace?

Kajabi is such a popular platform that it has become a specific skill for freelancers and agencies to display.

Each platform has their specificity and if you’re a Kajabi user and need some help, it’s a good idea to hire someone who understands the platform.

This process used to be a bit all over the place…

Most people were making a post in the Kajabi’s Facebook group to find someone (and get inundated with replies) or looking on service provider marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr.

It’s also been the experience of many users to find a good website designer on Upwork for example, only to later find out they don’t understand Kajabi at all…

That’s why Kajabi decided to make this easier and create the Kajabi Experts platform.

This allows anyone to create a service request and post it into the marketplace where a range of vetted Kajabi experts can respond.

We’ll get into the details of how this works so you can understand whether or not this might be the best way for you to find someone to help with your project.

Again the difference between Kajabi Experts and other popular marketplaces (previously mentioned) is that everyone on the Kajabi Experts platform are Kajabi specialists.

How Does Kajabi Experts Work?

Let’s get into the details of how the Kajabi Experts platform works.

You’ll need to have an active Kajabi account to be able to access it.

That’s the only way you’ll be able to create a New Project. The first step is to choose a category and subcategory of service you need help with:

You’ll then enter a few more details to narrow down the scope of the work you’re looking for help with and more context around where you are on your online course journey.

Of course, you’ll also have some space to write up a project brief (up to 5000 words).

Note that this brief will be automatically AI-modified.

Here are a few others things you’ll need to specify:

  • Kajabi experience
  • Website URL
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Language

When you’re done with that your project will be submitted right away and go live for experts to see.

They will then be able to message you on the platform, make a proposal or set up a call with you.

On your end, you’ll be able to see the profile of each expert, their expertise and past projects reviews or portfolios.

Once you’ve selected an expert to work with, here is the process you have to follow, according to the terms and conditions of the Kajabi Experts platform:

  1. First you’ll have to accept a Proposal sent by the expert. This will indicate a quote, timeline as well as deliverables for the project.
  2. Then the expert will send you invoices directly through the platform for you to pay. Note that Kajabi takes a 20% cut on that amount.
  3. Once the project is done, you or the expert can close it in Kajabi Experts and leave a review for each other.

Of course, you’re allowed to have communications and exchange of documents outside of the platform!

But keeping the billing through Kajabi Experts allows both you and the service provider to be protected and keep everything secured.

What You Should Know Before Posting?

Before you join Kajabi and start finding an expert to help, here are a few additional things to know before posting your job.

Since Kajabi launched the Experts marketplace in early 2023, the company has offered many new users credit points for their project.

This is timely but essentially means that Kajabi will pay for $200-$300 of your first project.

Which can be a great opportunity for you to get up and running at an affordable rate!

Another question you may have about the experts on the platform is how exactly are they vetted?

Initially, Kajabi reached out to a small base of selected experts to start providing services on the platform.

The process today is still manual but understand that being a Kajabi “expert” is subjective.

Right now, service providers applying to access the Experts platform have to answer a few questions about their experience, and show examples of their work.

But it’s important to note that this isn’t a substitute for doing some work on your end to assess their ability and expertise to help with your project!.

If you don’t want to let experts come to you and prefer to selectively reach out to the best one of them, you can also do so.

The Experts platform allows you to browse through profiles and direct message experts to draw interest to your project.

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