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 Updated: November 1, 2023

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Why Hire A Kajabi Specialist?

If the techy stuff isn’t your cup of tea, finding the right Kajabi service provider can make the difference between success and pulling your hair out and smashing your keyboard!

As much as Kajabi is one of the most intuitive all in one platforms for course creators, just like for anything online there is still a bit of a learning curve…

Especially if you’re just starting online or if you’d rather focus on what you do best: creating amazing content for your people.

And that’s when the tedious and hazardous task of hiring someone to help you starts!

But it can’t be just anyone: if you want this to really be a weight off your shoulders, hiring a Kajabi specialist will make everything easier.

The last thing you want is to pay for someone to figure out the platform as they go...

What To Look For In A Kajabi Service Provider

If you’ve ever hired a freelancer, assistant or full time employee, you know that the whole process is as difficult as it is important.

Specifically for hiring a Kajabi service provider, there are many people out there calling themselves a specialist, without much to back it up.

Before we get into our recommendations of trusted and professional Kajabi service providers, here are a few things we recommend to look out for:

  1. 1
    Their specialty: beyond just being familiar with the Kajabi platform, you want to dig a little further and understand exactly how they could help you as a course creator. Most will usually be able to help you beyond just the tech stuff and also help with the marketing of your online programs!
  2. 2
    Type of services: What kind of help are you looking for? Someone to do it for you or just some guidance? This will of course influence your decision on finding the best fit. Some service providers are only hands-off coaches and others provide the full implementation of what you might need.
  3. 3
    Past projects: that one is fairly self-explanatory but of course you want to do your homework and check what other Kajabi projects the service provider has worked on in the past.

Once you have clearly defined what your needs are and you are ready to start talking to Kajabi ninjas, you can take a look at the below list!

Top Trusted Kajabi Experts

We’ve selected the best trusted Kajabi specialist for a range of different services of what you might need as a course creator.

These are highly recommended professionals and have spent 100’s or even 1000’s of hours on the platform as well as working with other clients on different projects!

Joey Mazars

Online Course Expert

Hi, there! I've literally spent thousands of hours helping clients build their online courses on these platforms through my marketing services.

I've helped over 250+ clients on Kajabi, from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

If you're looking for some guidance on Kajabi or with your online course marketing, let's chat

Jodee Peevor

Specialty: Course Marketing Strategy & Funnel Implementation

Location: UK

 What makes her different: 

If you need the hands and brain for your next campaigns on Kajabi, Jodee and her lovely team can surely help!

A long time Kajabi featured expert, Jodee has helped MANY Kajabi heroes reach their goals and get their things in order. Her team can help with different areas like: Strategy, storyboarding, video editing, graphic design, paid ads, social media,...

She’s based in the UK and usually charges on a per project or monthly basis, depending on your needs. The best first step to see if this would be a good fit is to book a call with her!

Meg Burrage

Specialty: Kajabi Coach and template creator

Location: Netherlands

 What makes her different: 

Meg has built one of the most recognized and respected brands in the Kajabi niche!

So much so that you may even see in some of the promotional content Kajabi uses. She has been helping business owners take control of their tech and learn how to use all of its secrets.

There are 2 main things Meg can help you with:

One is her Kajabi group coaching program, where she takes you by the hand and shows you how to take control of the platform and build your own little empire!

Secondly, she has created a LOT of beautifully designed plug-and-play templates you can import into your account to save the hassle of building pages from scratch.

Either way, head over to her site and check out her shop! It’s worth the detour 🙂

Cody Groth

Specialty: Kajabi Setup & Tech Nerd

Location: US

 What makes them different: 

Sometimes you need to hand it off to people that nerd out on this Kajabi thingy!

Cody and his wife Jacqueline have an extensive tech background they have decided to use to serve Kajabi users with what they need.

But they also walk the talk! Since their beginning a few years ago, they have themselves launched and found success with digital products, so you’ll be sure to learn from their first-hand experience.

Groth Co. offers a free consultation to start the conversation and see what kind of setup you might need with your account.

Louise Sandoval

Specialty: Kajabi Virtual Assistant

Location: Philippines

 What makes her different: 

Very few companies have built an actual team of Virtual Assistants trained specifically to help Kajabian course creators!

But Louise and her team are offering a one stop shop for all of the implementation and busy work you may need help with.

That includes: Kajabi management, podcast and video editing, graphic design, social media management,...

Everything you wish you didn’t have to do! And with different straightforward and comprehensive packages depending on how much time a week you need help with.

You can easily schedule a call and chat to Louise and her team and maybe meet your next team member.

Dee Parker

Specialty: Digital Course & Launch Specialist

Location: UK

 What makes her different: 

There are different ways to get help in your Kajabi business, but a flexible done-for-you service might be the easiest one!

Dee and her team specialize in giving a pristine end-to-end service to go from zero to hero in just a few weeks.

This includes the Kajabi back end setup, funnel pages and strategy and everything needed for your next launch!

Different service packages are available depending on how comfortable you are with some of the implementation.

The best way to reach out is to hop on a quick call with her to talk through what might be the best fit for you.

Joey Mazars

Online Course Platform Expert

Hi, there! I've literally spent thousands of hours helping clients build their online courses on these platforms through my marketing services.

I've become obsessed with helping them find the right fit for their needs and decided to guide other creators through their decision process with these detailed reviews.

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