What Are Kajabi Heroes & What Do You Get? 

 Updated: August 22, 2021

kajabi heroes

What Are Kajabi Heroes?

Kajabi Heroes is the same given to users of the Kajabi online course platform.

And it comes with quite a few perks!

Kajabi has built a raving fan base over the years by always overdelivering on its services and paying special attention to building a community.

Becoming a
Kajabi user is therefore not about just using a new tool for your business, but joining a real inner circle of the most talented course creators in the industry.

And it’s such a great feeling, especially in the online business world where you tend to be working on your laptop on your own and it can feel lonely!

Becoming a Kajabi Heroes is then getting in one of the biggest Facebook private groups on the topic, but also attending the yearly Summit.

Kajabi fans often become real ambassadors of the brand and proudly wear their cool swags and pins.

A few of the most influential people in the online business industry are Kajabi advocates, such as Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard or James Wedmore. 

What do you get when becoming a Kajabi Hero?

And becoming a Kajabi Hero is not just about being a proud user of one of the top rated platforms!

It also means becoming eligible for the cool Hero rewards program.

Because Kajabi has an integrated cart system, you will be able to track and see your sales on the platform.

And the company is very happy to celebrate with you and push you to get to the next level!

With new milestones of revenue earned on the platform, you get shipped goodies and rewards to your physical address.

I know, right? Actual stuff you can get your hands on.

The milestones go as follow:

$1,000 > $10,000 > $50,000 > $100,000 > $250,000 > $500,000 > $1M

So what do you get with each milestone?

Kajabi’s goodies often change so it’s hard to say what exactly you’ll get for each.

One thing you will get for sure with each, is a little pin:

Then, you can get merchandise like a t-shirt, a mug, a notepad, a jacket,...

The bigger the milestone the bigger the prize!

On the higher levels, you can receive gifts worth several hundred dollars, like a pair of Apple Airpod.

Why Become A #KajabiHero?

Joining a community, getting tons of free goodies is great!

But there are better reasons to start using Kajabi.

Kajabi has started a real movement in the industry, being one of the first all-in-one platform for course creators, it kept being an innovator and enhancing their product with the years.

The fact that it’s one of the longest lasting platform and that it’s kept growing exponentially, and raising half a billion dollars in 2021, shows that this could be a great long term investment for course creators.

The company is always listening to the market and their Kajabi heroes for feedback and what they’d like to see next on the platform.

Sending surveys, hosting regular live sessions and featuring their users any chance they get, is a very reassuring sign of a thriving company.

Their support and chat is also by far the best in the industry, despite having a big user base.

Often, instead of trying to get on the frantic train of “new features”, Kajabi takes its time to make what they already have as user friendly and easy to use as possible.

These are more reasons to get started with the platform today and start your trial.

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