Kajabi Integrations: What’s Possible? 

 Updated: May 29, 2024

kajabi integrations

How Does Kajabi Integrate With Other Platforms?

Kajabi, as one of the most popular all-in-one platforms, has a lot of features and tools to offer.

But sometimes, you might prefer to use a specialist platform or specific tool that builds on what Kajabi offers.

That’s when you’ll be able to use one of the Third Party Integrations available:

These are native integration (usually API based) that Kajabi has built-in.

This is the easiest way to integrate another platform into Kajabi and is separated in categories:

Email Integration: Although Kajabi does have an email marketing feature, if you’d like to use another platform to do that you can choose among the most popular ones: Aweber, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Drip and Active Campaign).

This will give you very easy ways to synchronize your contacts for instance directly within Kajabi Forms:

Analytics: Kajabi’s native traffic analytics might be limited so you may want to integrate with Google Analytics by simply entering your ID or if you’re running Facebook & Instagram ads, you can add your pixel.

You will be able to turn on e-commerce features to also send purchase data back to Google Analytics or Facebook.

Payment Integrations: If you don’t use Kajabi Payments you can also simply integrate Stripe and Paypal to take payments.

Again, these are native integrations but you can connect more platforms to interact with Kajabi using Zapier.

What Other Platforms Does Kajabi Integrate To?

If you’re using a different platform than the native ones we’ve mentioned and still want to set up automations with Kajabi, this might still be possible.

Mainly, this will be done by using Zapier.

The difference here is that this will be a IF / THEN sort of integration and not a native one.

For example let’s say you’d like to use Demio to run webinars, and create a seamless and automated flow with Kajabi.

You can have people register from a Kajabi page that contains a Kajabi Form.

Then send that details to create a registration in Demio so that things are synchronized there:

You could then also have a Zap to tag people in Kajabi if a registrant attends the webinar.

That’s an example of how to use Zapier to “integrate” (but more like “connect”) Kajabi with any of the 6,000+ apps Zapier has.

A popular, more budget-friendly Zapier alternative, is Pabbly but has fewer available apps.

If you’re looking for how to integrate payment gateways in a better way, you can also use CheckoutJoy.

This will give you a much easier way to connect platforms like: Adyen, FlutterWave, GoCardless, Instamojo, Klarna, Midtrans, Mollie, PayFast, Paystack, Razorpay, Xendit.

What Can’t Kajabi Integrate With?

There are of course platforms or systems that won’t work well with Kajabi.

First of all, some platforms don’t have a public API and are not supported with Zapier or have very limited Actions & Trigger.

These should be very few platforms but it’s worth noting here what integrating means.

Two platforms integrating with each other is usually done via API, directly (native integrations) or indirectly (through Zapier).

But sometimes that’s not needed.

For instance you can sell Shopify products on your Kajabi website by simply embedding your Shopify shop there with a code snippet.

This is not an “integration” but it might achieve what you’re looking for.

So although sometimes platforms can’t be directly integrated in Kajabi, an embed directly into a page or the Header might do the job.

Here is, in order of better and easier, the different ways to integrate/connect another platform to Kajabi:

  1. Native Integrations

  2. Through Zapier or ChckoutJoy

  3. Through embed with a code snippet

  4. Using WebHooks

What Can’t Kajabi Integrate With?

Here are some further specific questions about Kajabi Integrations:

Is there an extra cost?

There is no extra cost to any of the native Kajabi integration.

If you have to use Zapier, you might need to get on one of the paid plans to achieve what you want but could get away with the free plan too.

How are Kajabi Integrations compared to other platforms?

Compared to other SaaS, all-in-one platforms, Kajabi has a fair number of native integrations.

The fact that you have the ability to add custom coding and Header coding on any page is also a big plus.

Some other platforms like Thinkific do have a dedicated App Store that offers a bit more flexibility here.

What about integrating through custom coding or SSO?

Unfortunately SSO is not supported in Kajabi as of yet.

If you have a custom web or mobile app you’d like to connect to Kajabi, you might need to do so through Webhooks.

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