Kajabi Podcast – What To Know Before Switching Over 

 Updated: July 21, 2022

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Kajabi Podcast came as part of an exciting announcement the company made to release several new features to the platform.

It’s another step taken by Kajabi to help their users use as few external tools as possible, and truly live up to its all-in-one status.

A very exciting feature then, but let’s break down exactly how the new Kajabi Podcast works and what you can expect.

What is Kajabi Podcast?

Kajabi Podcast is a new kind of Product allowing you to create Free or Paid podcasts, create and upload new episodes, and distribute them to the most popular podcast listening apps.

It sits under the Products tab and has a dedicated management panel. But it does still count towards your Product allowance, based on your plan.

You add a new episode and categorize them in seasons or not, add show notes, a thumbnail, a text transcript... and that’s it!

All you have to do is to connect your Podcast platforms account to Kajabi to distribute them there, right now there are 3 available:

  1. Apple Podcasts
  2. Google Podcasts
  3. Spotify

That’s the brief overview of Kajabi Podcasts, now let’s dive into the ins and outs!

How Do The Kajabi Podcast Products Work?

Of course, if you are already familiar with podcasts platforms or other distribution tools like Anchor.fm or Libsyn, which is really what Kajabi Podcast is trying to replace, then you will recognize most of these features.

Some of the most interesting aspects of this new product however is how it integrates with the other existing tool Kajabi offers.

Free vs Paid Podcast

This one is pretty self explanatory.

The first thing you’ll choose when creating a new Podcast in Kajabi is whether this will be a free one that you distribute on all the streaming platforms, or one you reserve to paid members.

To sum up what both offer:

  • Free podcasts can be automatically distributed to podcasts platforms and accessible on your site.
  • Paid podcasts are sold through Offers and only accessible to people logging into their account and going to their Product Library.

The only difference then is the distribution, features are otherwise similar.

Note that paid podcasts can be listened to on the Kajabi mobile app, with the phone on sleep mode (just like you would for music or free podcasts).

Podcast Distribution

For Free podcasts, you’ll simply have to do a one-time setup for Kajabi to then automatically push your new episodes to podcasting platforms:

You’ll also get an RSS feed URL which can be used in different places.

Furthermore, podcasts episodes will be sitting on a Kajabi page:


And each episode will also have their dedicated page:


Which does mean that if you want to send people to a friendly URL for show notes or bonuses like mywebsite.com/32, you’ll have to set up redirects (these kajabi URLs are not editable).

For Paid podcasts, a Product will be added in your members library listing out your episodes.

Unfortunately, this page is not customizable at the moment, beyond the episode thumbnails and some of the theme colors you set up.

This is different from other Kajabi Products which offer different themes and customizable layout.

Importing An Existing Podcast

Of course, Kajabi thought about people that already have a podcast and probably already use other services like Anchor.fm or Libsyn.

In just a few clicks, you can import all of your existing episodes and podcasts in Kajabi!

It does mean that you will lose some of the historical analytics of your podcasts.

It’s really up to you to weigh out the pros and cons of keeping everything on Kajabi and changing your current processes, depending on how long you’ve been podcasting.

Show Notes

This field will appear under each podcast audio, in Kajabi or listening platforms, and allows you to add your resources or simply a description of what the episode is about.

Only text and links are allowed in order to comply with podcast platforms guidelines.

Podcasts Analytics

One of the main upside of using a centralised tool to distribute your podcast, is that you can aggregate your podcasts analytics.

This is a feature you’ll also find in Kajabi podcasts:

Here are the stats you will be able to follow:

  • Apps: where your podcasts was downloaded (including Kajabi’s site)
  • Devices & operating system: whether that’s on phone, desktop and iOS or Android
  • Top Countries
  • Top 10 episodes by Downloads

You can of course adjust the date range to see these statistics over any period of time you choose.

If these aren't enough, you can go directly to the podcast provider to see more granular and in-depth stats:

kajabi podcasts provider stats

Kajabi Podcast FAQ:

If you still have questions or skipped through this article, here are the most popular questions around this new Kajabi Podcast product.

Q: Do Kajabi Podcasts come at any extra cost?

A: No.

These new products are available to all users, regardless of your plan and at no extra charge.

  • Kajabi Basic (from $119/mo) - 3 Products
  • Kajabi Growth (from $159/mo) - 15 Products
  • Kajabi Pro (from $319/mo) - 100 Products

Q: Is it optimized for SEO?

A: Not really.

If you’re planning on putting a lot of effort into transcribing your podcast into blog posts and optimizing them for search engines, then this might not be ideal.

You can’t edit the meta title and description of podcasts episodes or change their URL.

Using the Blog feature of Kajabi would be a better way to achieve this.

Although to be fair, it’s unlikely that a podcast episode will rank in search results, since they are not very content-rich pieces of content.

Q: Can you import current podcasts episodes?

A: Yes.

Kajabi has an easy import tool that will allow you to import all of your current podcast episodes in just a few clicks and regardless of how many episodes you have!

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