Kajabi Special Offer & Discount: What’s The Best Deal Right Now? 

 Updated: August 22, 2021

kajabi special offer

Kajabi’s standard offer is a 14 days free trial.

That’s the same deal whether you use an affiliate link or go to their website.

You then get to choose which pricing plan you want to continue with, depending on your needs.

But a few times a year, the company runs special promotions which can be an extended free trial (30 days, 45 days,etc.) or a special pricing (3 months for $99).

These are time limited and usually last about 2 weeks, so you don’t want to miss out!

As Kajabi partners, we are “in-the-know” about the latest promotion and the best deal you can get right now.

But to sweeten the deal, we also have a couple of bonuses that we add on to what you’ll get with Kajabi if you use our special link:

  • 1x30min call with a Kajabi expert that's helped Fortune 500 companies on the platform
  • A FREE Kajabi page template you can plug in and add your content to

Below is a timeline of previous campaigns and the best current Kajabi deal:

What's The Best Kajabi Deal Right Now?

30 Days Extended Partners-only Free Trial:

Kajabi is not running any special campaign so this extended trial (usually 14 days) available for Kajabi Partners only is the best one you can get:

Kajabi Partners 30 Days Extended Trial

Dates: On-going since August 2021

Offer: 30 Days free trial on any plans

Description: Kajabi allows its partners the opportunity to refer the platform and gives an extended 30 days trial for more time to try and play with the platform.

Kajabi Special Offer Campaigns:

Kajabi 3 Months For $99

Kajabi 3 Months For $99 Promotion

Dates: From July 8, 2021 To July 31, 2021

Offer: 3 Months of any Kajabi plans for $99 (charged immediately)

Description: Kajabi ran this pretty straightforward deal over the summer of 2021 to allow people skip the free trial but hop on the platform for 3 months at $99

Kajabi Think It Build It: 30 Days Free Trial

Dates: From March 15th 2021 to March 29th 2021

Offer: 30 Days Trial + Kajabi buy your course! (up to $100)

Description: This promotion extended the free trial as well as giving some motivation to course creators buy buying their course. This also came with some valuable extra training to give users the best chances of success!

Kajabi Idea To Income: 45 Days Free Trial

45 days challenge offer

Dates: From January 1st 2021 to January 15th 2021

Offer: 45 Days Trial + 3 live webinars + 1 Kajabi Coaching Call

Description: This promotion was the longest extension of the Kajabi free trial to 45 days. But it also included a lot of live training, a private coaching call and the input of Kajabi Heroes and successful users and their learning.

How To Get Started At The Best Price?

Step 1

Sign up using this link, which will always be the best offer:

Step 2

Once you've done so, send us an email at [email protected]

We'll get you started with your perks quickly!

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