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 November 23, 2020

What are Kajabi Templates and why do you need them?

Kajabi is one of the most popular all-in-one platforms to host your online courses. 

And as part of the package, you also get access to a whole lot of features to build a website and your marketing funnels.

In our Kajabi review we've outlined the fact that one of the weaknesses of the platform is the fact that the built-in templates you have for the sales page and your theme are sometimes limited?

Not that these don't look great but it can be difficult for beginners to pick one of these and end up with a well-designed page or it simply just takes too much time.

That's where pre-made Kajabi templates come to the rescue!

These are plug and play frameworks you can use for your pages but also for your courses layout

The beauty with Kajabi is that with code access (on the Pro plan), designers are able to create flexible and beautiful templates for you to re-use too, even if you're just on the basic plan (and so without code access).

And these top shops for Kajabi's themes and templates are what we're reviewing today!

How do Kajabi's templates work?

To actually use these in your Kajabi's account once purchased, is super simple!

All you have to do is to go to your account then in Pages (if you're uploading a page template) or Design (if you're uploading a website theme).

At the top: Upload Theme then drag and drop the ZIP file you should have been able to download at purchase and that's it!

Ok now, let's take a look at the very best shops around town that sell these:

Shop #1: Funnel Gorgeous


Price Range: From $75

Probably one of the most recognized companies in this very niche market of templates, Funnel Gorgeous is a reference in the space!

Not only from their Kajabi templates, which you may already have seen used without even knowing it, but for ClickFunnels templates and a range of courses on how to create high-conversion funnels.

By getting a template, you will get access to all assets in different tones and color palettes. That means that all graphics and assets are also separately provided for you to swap and play around with.

You can also edit these graphics (PNG files) to match your branding too!

My Favorite: Ink

My favorite template out of the wide range available is the Ink theme:

It'll fit well for a lot of course creators with a mostly-female audience but without getting too girly either!

The graphics are so satisfying and the colors subtle but classy. I particularly like the flow of the page itself and it's structure which will be easy to write your copy into.

Shop #2: Brittany Darrington


Price Range: From $129

Brittany Darrington, host of the Corporate Misfit Podcast has built a reputation in the online course space.

And so her Kajabi templates grew popular!

There's really only 2 templates available right now but these actually give you the WHOLE package: sales page, webinar registration, thank you page, optin,...

At first glance I thought these templates were very much designed for a woman-only audience But after trying them myself and playing around with the graphics (which you can all get access to), these templates turned out to be very easy to adapt to any course and audience.

My Favorite: Misfit

I really like the Misfit templates. 

These are both easy to adjust and still looking very stylish off the box!

Shop #3: Launch in Style


Price Range: From $99

Launch in style has a small but stylish range of templates for both Kajabi and WordPress (on Elementor).

These definitely stood out to me as they make some real effort in making each section stand out. You'll find great structures for pages that convert with all of the different sections you need (hook, benefits, future projection, course breakdown, testimonials,...). But again I've found these particularly well-designed and different!

You'll have the choice to buy different packages for each of these feel, depending on your needs: Sales Page Kit, Freebie Funnel Kit, Webinar Funnel Kit. or just everything at once!

Another great perk of buying any of these Kits is having access to all image assets in Canva, to easily modify and adapt the different graphics on the page to your branding and voice.

My Favorite: Marie

I really had a crush on the Marie theme, particularly for the Hero section and the wavy style of some dividers, but also the course modules breakdown which often a challenge to NOT make too boring...

You can even throw in the matching social media graphics to create a seamless campaign around this theme (you'll see it as an order bump of the template).

Shop #4: Meg Burrage


Price Range: From $697

Meg Burrage has built authority and visibility in the Kajabi community, for both her services and also her beautiful templates.

But it's more than just plug and play templates you'll have to get on with on your own!

Getting your templates from Meg is a whole package that many course creators could use to either get started or get to the next level in their Kajabi's literacy!

On top of the templates and canva designs you can use and tweak to your desire, you're also getting some direct access to support and coaching, including: A 30-minute coaching session, 12 Months' Community Access to Meg's private Facebook Group, 30 Days access to Meg's 12-Module Kajabi Course,...

Essentially, a way to get any of your Kajabi's questions answered by an expert team.

My Favorite: The Performer's Pack

My vote goes to the Performer's pack! Mostly because of its original and eye grabbing feel, both punchy and easy on the eye

Each pack contains 10 pages which aren't just pages you need to convert (sales page, webinar registration, optin) but also a Home page, About page, Work With Me,... Essentially the whole package needed to use Kajabi to its fullest potential!

Shop #5:  Penny In Your Pocket


Price Range: From $49

Penny is a long time user of Kajabi and has been helping course creators getting their platform marketing-ready for a while!

Her templates are very popular and some of the most customized in the market.

When it comes to templates you can buy in Kajabi, you have two different types:

Pages templates, which is what we've reviewed so far for standalone pages like an optin page, a sales page, a webinar registration,...

And Product themes, which is also something Penny offers, and are used for your course design and layout:

Kajabi offers by default a variety of themes for your course with different layout and design. But you may find that these could use some punch up, which is where Penny's templates come in!

I'm thinking particularly about memberships, which design and layout matters so much in not overwhelming members with too much content.

My Favorite: Custom Momentum

Because of its originality and uniqueness, my favorite here will go to the custom Momentum product:

I love the default Momentum theme Kajabi has, which is excellent for membership, but Penny has taken this to another level with some custom coding magic.

Don't worry, these templates and product themes are easy to customize and you won't need to write a single line of code!

Shop #6:   Launch Today 


Price Range: From $997

I hope the fact that the last shop on this list is also the pricier investment, won't deter you from taking a look because Launch Today is the real deal!

There are only a few themes available right now but all of them include a website full package: Home page, Sales page, About, Blog pages, Podcast,...

But more than that you're getting a customized block in Kajabi to implement on any page you want!

This is a truly unique kit and all of them have a real feel a lot of people can easily adapt for their online course brand.

These are also full of little attention to the details! Like the custom made Instagram feed at the bottom of the page that just seamless integrates in the page

My Favorite: Vision

Without hesitation my personal favorite is the Vision theme!

The graphics are mind-blowing and each section is blending in so nicely with the next. Also a particular mention for the testimonials that are such an important part of your sales page and really stand out with the Vision theme.

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