Kajabi vs LearnWorlds 

 February 25, 2021

What are LearnWorlds And Kajabi?

LearnWorlds and Kajabi are both online course hosting platforms with a large user base and a lot to offer!

I wanted to dedicate a full article to compare these since they are often compared and come up a lot when course creators are wondering where to host their programs.

But before getting into the breakdown, it's important to understand the kind of online course platforms LearnWorlds and Kajabi are.

Because that's their first and biggest difference!

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. Meaning that it has all of the tools you need to host, market and sell your courses, including: a page/site builder, a checkout and an email marketing feature.

LearnWorlds is NOT an all-in-one platform as it doesn't include any email marketing tool.

That being said let's compare these two on 4 criteria: Features, UX, Affordability & Community/Support



As one of the most popular all-in-one platform, Kajabi has been rolling out a lot of new features recently and keep growing both it' reputation and authority. But we can't deny other serious competitors are emerging on the market!






LearnWorlds is a great option for course creators that want an outstanding learning experience.

Its many miscellaneous useful features has also made it an important competitor in the industry 




Features & Feel: LearnWorlds vs Kajabi

Here is a quick overview of the main features for both platforms:

  • Advanced Course hosting and design
  • Emails/Automations
  • Cart + Affiliate Program
  • Page/Funnel Builder
  • Community/Forum
  • Blog
  • Course hosting and design
  • Light Site Builder
  • Cart + Affiliate Program
  • Advanced Page Builder
  • Community/Forum
  • Blog

But let's break down each of these major features further so you can see what the main differences are:

Site & Page Builder

There are some key differences between the 2 platforms on this feature.

Now, we're assuming here you're also wanting to use either as your one and only platform, in which case a proper site builder is needed!

On that side, LearWorlds does have a much better tool to build a dynamic site with things like headers and footers across all pages for example.

Which is something Kajabi doesn't!

On top of that, LearnWorlds has a real front-end, drag and drop page builder, whereas Kajabi only really lets you play around with the side panel.

LearnWorlds Page editor

This results in a much easier experience when setting up any pages with LearnWorlds. On top of that, when creating a new page you will have a choice between many different templates for a beautiful design out of the box

learnworlds page builder

Kajabi does have built in templates but these are a lot poorer and are more placeholders than real plug and play pages.

The actual page builder and section/blocks In LearnWorlds is also a lot more advanced, giving you much more options for customizations with things like divider shape, dynamic text, icons,etc.

Add to that an access to the code editor on any plan, whereas Kajabi only allows for that on its highest package ($319/mo)...

Both platforms have a blog feature.

Overall, even though you can create great designs on both platforms, Learnworlds page builder is clearly superior to Kajabi.

Selling / Checkout

The checkout and cart system is also really what allows to build a proper funnel and customer payment experience that could make a big difference!

Both platforms allow for a range of pricing optional: one-off, subscription, installments, free and paid trial,...

Kajabi option pricing

LearnWorlds does have a few more payment gateways options, including 2Checkout and Pagseguro for some international countries that don't support Paypal or Stripe.

But that might not be a game changer for you as you're liking to only be using Stripe/Paypal which are available in Kajabi too.

What might make a difference is the flexibility of LearnWorlds when it comes to your affiliate program.

Both platforms have a rather decent affiliate feature but LearnWorlds allow to adjust things like affiliate cookie expiration, and gives you an easier way to manage the affiliate payout

Note that both platforms require manual payout of your affiliates and only help tracking sales attribution.

LearnWorlds also allows for invoice customization, which Kajabi doesn't.

That being said, a key feature of a funnel capabilities are: one-click upsells and order bumps, essential for a cart optimization and increasing basket average value.

This is something that's available in Kajabi but NOT in LearnWorlds.

So the bottom line for this feature is: if you need the extra affiliate feature then LearnWorlds is a better choice, but if you want to build with all of the bells and whistles of a good funnel then Kajabi is superior!

Course Delivery

Here again on this important feature the better platform will depend on what you value!

Both platforms are actually way ahead of most other competitors in the industry and offer a great student experience.

Now, LearnWorlds has a lot more tools when it comes to the learning and testing of your user with things like quizzes, assignments, etc. but also some kind of gamification.

Kajabi only has an Assignment feature which is limited in comparison.

LearnWorlds is SCORM compliant and has maybe the very best video player in the industry, allowing not only for great customization but also in-video calls to action and editing:

learnworlds elements behavior

Lastly, LearnWorlds allows for a drip by day AND by date, which can be useful to schedule video to roll out in your course in advance (Kajabi only allows for drip by day).

On the other hand, Kajabi does still offer more options when it comes to your online course layout and Design:

Kajabi themes

You'll be able to pick between a range of templates and frameworks your course content will populate into and adjust a few things to further control the student's experience inside the course.

LearnWorlds only has 1 layout which remains basic

Both platforms allow for a Community tool which rather similar with a feed, comments and reactions to posts made by you or your students

The bottom line for the course hosting comparison is that if you really need all of the tools of a great learning experience mentioned (quizzes, assignments, video player) then Learnworlds is it, otherwise Kajabi does offer better designs.


This is too important to not emphasize again, but the biggest difference between Kajabi and LearnWorlds is probably this.

Kajabi being an all-in-one platform has a native email marketing tools and consequent automations, tagging etc.

Kajabi email editor

LearnWorlds does NOT allow for email marketing. 

It does have a way to capture emails so could theoretically build optin pages. You can also communicate and send notifications to your paying customers. But that's the end of it.

If you want the power of real list building and management with LearnWorlds, you will need to use a 3rd party tool which some have a native integration with like Active Campaign, AWeber & Convertkit...

User Experience: Which one is easier to user?

With any platform, there is a learning curve that is not negligible for a course creator and knowing that in advance is important to consider.

Both platforms are relatively easy to use and have great UI/UX.

But it's true that a big appeal of Kajabi for beginners is the fact that there is a great balance between simplicity and options

Things are tidy and easy to find after getting used to it. It's also very intuitive and does a great job at consolidating information in seperate sections.

On the other hand, LearnWorlds can feel a little overwhelming at times.

The back-end can get scary at first sight and present a lot of options and settings that might be a little too much for more tech averse users

learnworlds ux

Again, it really depends on what you value since LearnWorlds does ultimately allow for more flexibility and customization!

Price: Who between Kajabi and LearnWorlds is the best value?

This is of course an important question and element of comparison.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

kajabi pricing
learnworlds pricing

(Kajabi on the left, LearnWorlds on the right)

Even taking into consideration the fact that you will need an external marketing system with LearnWorlds (which can be anywhere between $9/mo to several hundred dollars), Kajabi will still probably be on the higher end of pricing.

LearnWorlds also has an affordable entry plan (with a $5 sales fee) that could allow some bootstrapping course creators to get started on a low budget.

On top of that, all plans above have unlimited courses, which is sometimes an issue with Kajabi that limits it based on your package.

That being said both platforms overall provide a similar bang for your bucks.

Community & Support - Kajabi vs LearnWorlds

I really like both brands and this makes a big difference when it comes to the community and support you have access to as a user.

On the support side of things, both platforms have outstanding support teams with live chat and office hour assistance.

They also both host regular webinars for their users and have an extensive knowledge bank of useful articles to get the help you need.

That being said, Kajabi does have a better community with a large Facebook group and many places where you'll find Kajabi Heroes!

kajabi community

On the other hand, LearnWorlds does not have a private group or any place they let their members hang out and meet.

This can be a downside or not but knowing that you will be able to get advice from fellow users and experts can make a big difference in your course creator's journey!

Kajabi Vs LearnWorlds: The Bottom Line

Kajabi would be a better choice if?

  • You prefer to have an all-in-one platform with every integrated and working seamlessly
  • You need all of the bells and whistles of funnel building like upsells, order bumps and advanced automations
  • You value a helpful and expert community to help you in your online course journey
learnworlds naked logo

LearnWorlds would be a choice if?

  • You value the learning experience above all and need the tools LearnWorlds provide such as assessment, quizzes, and a customizable video player with in-video CTAs
  • You don't mind having to integrate an email marketing tool in the mix and prefer to have more flexibility on platform cost that way
  • You need a real site builder since you're planning on using the platform for all of your website needs on top of your online courses and need advanced page building features.

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