Kajabi vs Mighty Networks 

 Updated: March 18, 2024

kajabi vs mighty networks

Kajabi and Mighty Networks have been some of the most innovative online course platforms out there and are often compared side by side.

Although they don’t necessarily make the same promises, course creators see these 2 names pop up over and over again when looking for the best tool when getting started.

So today we’ll compare some of the core features of these two platforms and help you find out what you need to know to make a decision!

What’s the difference between Kajabi and Mighty Networks?

The biggest difference between Kajabi and Mighty Networks is the fact that these two platforms essentially belong to different categories.

This may not sound like much; but it means that most course creators can know exactly which of the two would be a better fit, depending on their needs.

You might even decide to use both together!

Kajabi is an all-in-one online course platform. It provides everything you need in one place including website building, email marketing and list management, automations, checkout and course delivery.

Mighty Networks on the other hand has a very strong focus on helping you build a community for your audience and avoid the dreaded Facebook group. But it does also offer some tools for course creators to sell their products online.

We’ll get into the specifics of how this translates for users of the platform but for now let’s hit on some of the biggest pros and cons of what it means:

Kajabi Pros

  • Great online course design and learning experience
  • Everything in one place: funnel, email, checkout,etc.
  • Outstanding community and support

Mighty Networks Pros

  • Amazing community building features
  • Great mobile app and opportunity for users to network
  • Live feature to increase engagement

Kajabi Cons

  • Bigger learning curve
  • Could be an overkill solution, depending on your needs

Mighty Networks Cons

  • Not a lot of sales tools: funnel, automations etc.
  • Limited online course experience

These are the highlights of what you need to know but let’s get into the details and break down how the features compare:

Tools & Feature Comparison

Building Funnels

Although talking about page building isn’t very fair for Mighty Networks, it is a fundamental need for course creators who want to sell their programs online.

And on that side of things, Kajabi does offer a much better solution.

With a real front-end builder, the platform allows you to design a full website with pre-designed templates:

Kajabi page builder

Kajabi page builder

You can also make this a lot easier on yourself and buy professionally designed templates to import into your account!

Kajabi also has a blogging feature to build content and create a fully fledged platform for yourself.

Mighty Networks on the other hand is not really meant to provide that kind of feature for you.

mighty networks sales page

Example of a Mighty Networks Sales page

You will get a pre-populated page for checkout if you sell a course there or access to a private community, but there isn’t any page building ability.

This is just to point out what you’re getting for your money, and what you would need to add on with another platform in the case of Mighty Networks!

Checkout & Payment

Kajabi and Mighty Networks both allow you to collect payments for whatever you’re wanting to sell there: courses, workshops, memberships,etc.

Although Mighty Networks allows work with Stripe, Kajabi also offers a PayPal integration

Kajabi option pricing

Kajabi checkout options

Kajabi also now offers their own native Payment platform, powered by Stripe.

In terms of pricing options, both platforms allow for one-time payments, recurring subscriptions with free or paid trials and free.

Kajabi also allows for split payments, which Mighty Networks doesn’t handle.

But one of the biggest differences between the two platforms when it comes to checkout and sales is the much more robust affiliate program feature Kajabi offers.

kajabi affiliate dashboard

Kajabi Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate programs are a great way to spread the word about your offers and can create a network effect.

Although Mighty Networks does have an “Ambassador Program” feature, it won’t let you track affiliates sales and commissions the way an affiliate program would be meant to do, but instead offer incentive rewards (discount, freebie or anything you’d manually send).

Online Course Building

This is of course a very important feature for course creators.

And will also be one of the determining factors for choosing between Kajabi and Mighty Networks.

Kajabi is probably the most flexible SaaS platform when it comes to designing an online course.

With a range of pre-designed layouts and templates to choose from, there is a lot you can do to control the student experience:

Kajabi themes

Kajabi Course Themes

On top of that, you’ll also have access to several learning tools such as quizzes, downloadable, audio, drip, etc.

Mighty Networks on the other hand, provides a very minimal course delivery experience.

mighty networks courses

Mighty Networks Course Front-end

Although you will be able to create sections and organize your course how you want, you have almost no control over how the course will be laid out for your students.

Mainly, Mighty Networks doesn’t aim to compete with other online course platforms and provide depth to this particular feature, but instead build your offer around a community.

Community Building

This is where Mighty Networks shine!

The whole platform is designed to let you design your own universe and essentially create a social network platform you own.

By organizing your Network into Topics, creating Events and specific groups, you can create great engagement in your community.

mighty networks ux

People in your network, if you allow them to, can create posts with pictures, text and videos and share with other members.

They’ll also have the ability to follow threads, message other members and network with people near them.

On top of that, the mobile app makes this whole experience very native and intuitive for all of your members.

mighty network mobile experience

Mighty Networks mobile app

Kajabi does also offer a Community feature, which has greatly improved after the company acquired Vibely in 2022.

You can create channels and group conversations with your members

Example of a Kajabi community

Members can’t connect and network through their profile and direct messaging.

You can run live video (replacing Zoom), and gamify the experience with Challenges and the Leaderboard.

Note that Kajabi also has a mobile app feature, although not as advanced as Mighty Networks

Other Features:

We’ve reviewed so far some of the core features most course creators will be interested in.

But there are also some other ones that could make a big difference in your decision!

Mainly as we’ve mentioned before, Kajabi is bound to be more feature rich than Mighty Networks, as it is an all-in-one platform.

The integrated email marketing system is probably the most important one, which will allow you to build an email list and set up automated email campaigns to nurture your audience.

kajabi email types

This is definitely a must have for course creators and if you’re thinking about going for Mighty Networks, you will have to use an external platform for this.

If you’re offering coaching services, Kajabi also provides a coaching feature to help you keep your sessions organized.

kajabi coaching progress

This will help provide resources to your coaching clients as well as allowing them to take notes during their coaching sessions that they can go back to later!

Recently Kajabi has also added a Podcast feature, helping podcasters keep everything in one platform and broadcast their new episode to popular platforms.

Pricing: Comparison Kajabi vs Mighty Networks

There is quite a bit of context here to understand before just looking at Kajabi and Mighty Networks’ pricing table.

As we have explained so far, the fundamental difference between the two platforms is that they offer a different set of features.

Kajabi caters to course creators wanting an all-in-one solution to deliver their programs whereas Mighty Networks is heavily focused on building an online community.

  • Kajabi Pricing

  • Mighty Networks Pricing

kajabi new pricing

At first sight, both paltforms are relatively similar in price...

But you should also probably account for at least: an external website/platform to build robust funnels, and an email marketing software.

This should be just about double the total cost of your tech stack, which would put Mighty Network on a higher price range than Kajabi.

But again if the community aspect of your programs is a key element then this might be the best decision!

Both platforms offer a 14 days free trial, although Kajabi partners can offer an extended 30 days trial.

Support and Community: Kajabi vs Mighty Networks

Kajabi and Mighty Networks both have a large user base and a thriving community.

Kajabi with a large private Facebook group will be very useful for starting course creators wanting to network and brainstorm with other people in their situation.

kajabi facebook group

Mighty Networks built their own community on their platform and also provides a lot of resources and help for their users.

The platform also offers a live chat support to help you directly if you need it.

mighty networks host community

Kajabi also has an office hour live chat support open every week day.

The support agents are quick to answer, extremely knowledgeable and very friendly.

Kajabi VS Mighty Networks: The Bottom Line

Kajabi would be a better choice if

  • You want a platform with all of the features you need in one place
  • You’re looking to build a full website, funnel and blog
  • The community feature isn’t a very important part of your programs

Mighty Networks would be a better choice if

  • Building a community platform is the heart of your online programs
  • You don’t mind using a couple external platforms to complete your tech stack
  • You need the best of the best mobile app for your student

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