Kajabi Vs Passion.io 

 Updated: May 7, 2024

kajabi vs passion.io

What Are Passion.io And Kajabi?

Making your paid content accessible has become increasingly important as you are still competing for attention after the sale of your program.

Passio.io swooped in the industry offering something unique for creators to make this easier, by allowing them to create their own app.

Making this whole process a lot more convenient has rallied a significant base of users for the new platform.

Its main competitors remain other online course platforms such as the popular Kajabi.

Kajabi for instance also has a mobile app feature as well as a plethora of learning tools for you to create the best learning experience.

These are things we’ll compare in this review, let’s start by taking a quick look at both platform’s pricing.

Pricing - Passion.io Vs Kajabi

Both platforms have a lot of features to offer and may cater to slightly different people.

But it’s still interesting to compare their different pricing options directly:

  • Passion.io Pricing

  • Kajabi Pricing

Both start at around $100 per month to get some of the most important features, although you can start on Passion.io for a little less.

That being said and as we’ll see, Passion.io can rarely be used on its own for all of your marketing efforts.

The platform isn’t meant to be an all-in-one like Kajabi is and you’ll still probably need a funnel/website builder and email marketing system.

These are things that are built-in Kajabi and explain the slightly higher price tag.

Overall if budget isn’t much of an issue and you’re interested in just the capabilities of either platform on a mobile app then what we’re going to outline next will be more meaningful.

Mobile App - Passion.io Vs Kajabi

This is where Passion.io has made a big difference.

The platform lets you build a custom branded mobile app that you can customize to a great extent.

And you’ll do so by using the front-end drag and drop builder to make it look exactly how you want for users:

Passion.io builder

In fact this is really the only way for your students to check out your programs and content since Passion.io doesn’t really have a traditional page builder.

That being said, your app will also be available on Desktop.

As mentioned before, Kajabi also offers a mobile app feature that comes with any pricing plan you might be on.

This app is not going to be branded however and your students will have to first download the “Kajabi” app and then find your school in it. (unless you pay the additional $199/month)

Additionally, there is very little you can customize as the layout and design of your program in the app is already predetermined.

It does look pretty good out of the box but just know there isn’t much you can change about it!

Again, this is a strong selling point for Passion.io since that’s its main focus - but it shouldn’t be the only thing to consider.

Online Course & Community - Passion.io vs Kajabi

Building your online course in Kajabi and Passion.io is relatively similar, you’ll access the curriculum builder in the back-end and load up your content:

Kajabi Curriculum Builder

Both platforms support video hosting (100 video limit on the Pro Passion.io plan).

The main difference in terms of UI for you is that Passion.io makes you build that curriculum in a phone-version of the drag and drop builder which we have outlined earlier.

The downside of this is that you don’t get as many building tools as you do with Kajabi.

Things like Assessment or other learning tools are nonexistent in Passion.io.

Passion.io Features

If we’re talking about the desktop version of your online course, there’s a lot more design and layout options Kajabi offers as well.

Depending on the type of content you’re planning on delivering, this might be of importance or not.

Kajabi also has the ability to use the real estate inside your course a lot better, with sidebars or menus you can edit to your liking.

Example of 1 layout Kajabi offers

Another feature to compare between the two platforms is the Community.

This is particularly important for membership that puts its people at the center of its offer.

Kajabi acquired a whole platform in order to really make this feature the best it can be.

You’ll have plenty of options to create different channels, challenges, and even a leaderboard!

Kajabi Community Leaderboard

The one downside is that currently your community won’t appear in the Kajabi app, you’ll have to get your members to use the Vibely app.

Which can be a bit cumbersome for new members to get used to engaging with.

Passio.io’s community feature on the other is a lot more bare but directly integrated with your custom branded app.

This looks more like a simple forum/message-board than a community but could be enough.

Both platforms allow for members to send each other direct messages.

Again here, if the only use of your online course and membership is going to be on mobile then Passion.io might be a good option, but if you know your members will need a good desktop version then Kajabi might be a better fit.

Lastly, let’s mention a few other tools Kajabi provides as part of its all-in-one package:

  • Website and funnel building
  • Email marketing & Automation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Podcast hosting
  • Blog
  • Coaching products

Again, this is not to say that Kajabi is necessarily better but this comes into play when deciding between the two platforms!

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