Kajabi VS SamCart 

 Updated: June 12, 2024

kajabi vs samcart

What’s the difference between Kajabi and SamCart?

Kajabi and SamCart are often compared by new course creators as potential platforms to use for their program.

In the past few years SamCart has evolved from a simple checkout platform to more of a one-stop-shop.

This is also one of the main promises Kajabi makes by offering an all-in-one platform for course creators.

In this article we review both platform’s features and which one can deliver best on the needs for coaches and content creators.

Pricing: Kajabi VS SamCart

Kajabi and SamCart both offer a free trial on any paid plan they have.

SamCart only offers a 7 days trial however, while Kajabi has a standard 14 days trial or 30 days through a partner’s link.

  • Kajabi Pricing

  • SamCart Pricing

Over the years, SamCart pricing plans have slightly increased due to their effort to add features useful for its users.

Most people will be set on the Launch plan unless you’re looking to build funnels with upsells and order bumps.

Kajabi has always been a little pricier but has launched in 2024 an entry plan that would help new creators get started.

It does offer more features than SamCart overall (more on that later), but we can say that both platforms are relatively similarly priced right now.

The main reason to keep upgrading on Kajabi will probably be the Product limit - which is unlimited on SamCart.

Features: Kajabi Vs SamCart

As we’ve outlined, Kajabi and SamCart belong in slightly different categories and so we’ll compare the features that matter to course creators and can be fairly put side to side.

First, let’s take a look at the overview of features for both platforms:

Kajabi's Features:

  • Design and host courses
  • Live lesson feature
  • Send and automate emails campaigns
  • Take Payments and setup Affiliate Programs
  • Create 1-Click Upsell/Downsell
  • Build a website and marketing funnel
  • Create a Blog
  • Offer a Community or Forum
  • Coaching capability
  • Podcast hosting and distribution
  • Access the code editor
  • Mobile App

SamCart's Features:

  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Advanced checkout system: physical, digital products
  • VAT & Tax handling
  • Checkout page and funnel building with templates
  • Upsell and Downsells
  • Online course design
  • Basic learning tools: Quizzes, Drip, Worksheets
  • Advanced affiliate system

Page Builder

SamCart isn’t really a website builder (and doesn’t pretend to be), you can definitely build sales pages and great checkout pages…

But you won’t be able to build a proper site there.

The sales page builder is somewhat limited in terms of layout although there are many different helpful template to choose from:

SamCart Page Builder

If you already have a website platform, this might not be a big deal for you and you may just want to use the checkout in SamCart.

Kajabi on the other hand is much better suited to also handle course creator’s website needs.

The website builder is rather flexible and many experts’ templates are available for any type of page you need (home, about, sales page, shop,etc.)

launch today kajabi templates

Kajabi 3rd Party Page Templates

Kajabi also has a blog builder which would help you expand your online blueprint and build SEO authority.

You can also create optin pages by capturing email addresses and building your email list.

These are things that are not possible in SamCart.

Online Course

This is a key feature for course creators and something both platforms are able to provide.

Both Kajabi and SamCart offer unlimited video and file hosting for your online programs.

You can build your course’s curriculum via the back-end builder in a very similar way:

samcart course builder

SamCart Course Builder

You can also add downloadables, quizzes with requirements…

One difference on that side is the more flexible drip schedule SamCart has.

Kajabi only has a “X Days After Enrollment” drip option for your modules while SamCart allows you to pick specific days of the week for modules to be released:

Kajabi Course Builder & Drip

But all in all both platforms are relatively similar on that end.

One of the main differences here is the customization of your course layout, from the student’s point of view.

Here SamCart is relatively not flexible and doesn’t offer any way to pick a different template.

samcart course player

SamCart Course Preview

The only thing you can control are the brand colors.

Whereas Kajabi has a range of course layout themes you can choose from and allows for a front-end customization of each:

Kajabi theme 2024

Kajabi Course Templates

This means that you can create different layouts depending on the type of course you’re offering but also customize the sidebars and background, top menu,etc.

That’s something almost no other SaaS platforms allows for to the extent Kajabi does.

On top of that, Kajabi has different type of Products: Course, Coaching, Community & Podcast.
Which offer more features depending on the kind of digital products you want to sell.

All and all, Kajabi is probably the best all-in-one platform here when it comes to course creation and design.

Checkout & Affiliate Program

This is SamCart’s specialty and was their main focus before adding on an online course feature.

First off, SamCart and Kajabi offer relatively similar payment gateway options, both favoring their own in-house processor (respectively SamPay and Kajabi Payment) powered by Stripe.

These options allow for credit card payments as well as ApplePay and GooglePay.

Paypal is also an option.

SamCart Payment System

Both platforms also offer relatively similar pricing options: free, one payment, payment plans, subscriptions, trials,etc.

SamCart does stand out however by its flexibility here, making it easy to sell both digital and physical products, the latter being something Kajabi isn't really fit for.

Furthermore, SamCart does have a better checkout page builder with a variety of templates and premade designs:

samcart templates

SamCart Checkout Templates

It also has a built-in sales tax and VAT calculator to help you charge the appropriate amount based on the user’s location - this is something Kajabi is still working on.

Lastly, this better customization also shows in the upsell/downsell part of building your funnel - which is possible for both platforms.

Kajabi here doesn’t allow for much flexibility on the upsell page:

Kajabi upsell example

Kajabi Upsell

Whereas SamCart allows you to use the same page builder as their checkout page.

The last tool that's part of the checkout feature is the affiliate program.

Both platforms allow you to sign up affiliates with their own unique link and dashboard to track their leads and sales.

kajabi affiliate dashboard

Kajabi Affiliate Dashboard

Here SamCart is once again a little more advanced allowing you to have different affiliate tiers but also to have automated affiliate payout - which has to be manual on Kajabi.

Kajabi’s affiliate system is still relatively decent compared to other platforms but of course not as advanced as a specialist platform like SamCart.


As we’ve mentioned earlier in this review, there are features that Kajabi offers that are worth mentioning here.

Email Marketing: This is a central part of most content creators marketing strategy and is native tool inside Kajabi.

kajabi email sequences

Kajabi Email Sequence

You can send single email broadcasts to your list, create segments or automated email sequences.

Although SamCart has handy integration to external email marketing platforms, it doesn’t have a native feature to support this.

Community: Kajabi made an acquisition in 2022 to offer a fully fledged online community feature.

Kajabi Community

This will allow you to have either a public or paid community to create threads and post to engage your audience.

Mobile App: Kajabi allows your students to view their courses on a dedicated mobile app, which makes it easier to watch on the go.

Kajabi Mobile App

You can also pay an extra $99/month and create a branded app.

This is not something SamCart offers at the moment.

Kajabi vs SamCart The Bottom Line

Kajabi is a better choice if you…

You don’t use any platform right now or are looking to consolidate your tech stack. It’s also probably a better option if you really want to build a community as part of your membership for instance and don’t really plan on selling physical products.

SamCart is a better choice if:

You already have a website platform but are looking to add a great checkout tool that can also handle product delivery. You may plan to sell both digital products, courses and physical products and want full flexibility in doing so.

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