Kajabi Vs Wix 

 Updated: May 7, 2024

kajabi vs wix

Kajabi and Wix are both popular platforms for online businesses and particularly in the knowledge industry.

They do have a very different approach to helping course creators and that’s what we’re diving into today by comparing them!

What’s the difference between Kajabi and Wix?

There is a fundamental difference between Kajabi and Wix that we must break down before getting into any kind of comparison.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform specifically designed for course creators and membership owners.

On the other hand, Wix is a multi-purpose website building platform that can to some capacity help deliver paid content.

They both excel in their own way, but we’ll lay out specifically how they can both cater to the course creator’s needs.

Pros and Cons

Kajabi Pros:

  • All in one platform, specifically for course creators
  • Outstanding student learning experience.
  • Unlimited hosting on any plans

Wix Pros:

  • Advanced website builder
  • Extremely easy learning curve
  • Addons for extra features

Kajabi Cons:

  • Site builder lacks flexibility
  • On the higher end of pricing spectrum

Wix Cons:

  • Lacks some tools for course creators
  • Limited learning features

This is a helpful highlight of what separates the two platforms, but let’s compare side by side what course creators can expect from each with some of the key features.

Tools & Feature Comparison

Site & Funnel Building

Wix specializes in website building and naturally has a lot more to offer here.

Using a very advanced drag and drop builder you can move elements around to exactly where you want them(to the pixel!):

Wix Page Builder

You can also use the powerful media library to keep your files organized, or global elements to use across the site (such as header and footer).

You can easily create popups and blog pages too.

In comparison Kajabi is a lot less customizable.

The page builder is not a front-end editor and works by adding blocks by blocks in sections:

Kajabi page builder

Kajabi Page Builder

There is no global element feature so you’ll have to edit pages individually.

Animations, fonts and other more advanced customization aren’t available and it can be a lot of work to make things look exactly the way you want them…

A lot of Kajabi users end up purchasing 3rd party templates.

It is well suited for building funnels and relatively converting pages, but doesn’t offer the plethora of bells and whistles Wix does.

Checkout & Payment

Kajabi isn’t lacking in the checkout and payment area and offers an easy way to take a customer through the purchase process.

You can integrate Stripe and Paypal as a payment gateway.

Kajabi checkout example

Kajabi Checkout

You would then easily select which online course you’d like the person to get access to and the user will be prompted to create an account and taken directly there after purchase!

You also set up upsells and downsells and any automations you’d like (tagging, email sequence,etc.)

Wix can also make this happen but the process is a lot clunkier.

You’ll have to use additional addons and since it isn’t an all integrated platform it can feel like a patchwork.

Wix Checkout

Wix checkout provides a fair experience but you’re left to make it work on your own, especially when it comes to selling an online course.

Note that Wix makes it a lot easier to sell physical products than Kajabi.

Online Course & Membership

This is of course one of the main areas of interest for online creators and membership owners.

Even if not a specialized tool like Kajabi, Wix can also to some extent help deliver an online learning experience.

Once again this is going to be through connecting different addons together.

Wix Video Hosting

The end result will allow you to create members-only pages, which are built with the regular front-end builder.

Of course, users will also have access to a profile where they can see their purchases and manage their payments and subscriptions.

A few things Wix memberships won’t do:

  • There is no easy management of your course content, you’d be essentially uploading content directly on the page.
  • There is no progress report to keep track of your student’s progress
  • There is no community capability

On the other hand, these are all things Kajabi offers and more!

The course builder helps you easily manage your curriculum from the back-end:

Kajabi Course Builder

That includes learning tools such as Quizzes and other ways to gamify your programs with Automations.

This will then populate in whichever course template you’ve picked, this is something you can customize of course.

Kajabi themes

Kajabi Product Themes

Kajabi offers the capability to create an engaging community group as well.

Very much like you would with a Facebook group, you can create different channels, Challenges, a Leaderboard, live calls,etc.

Kajabi Community

This is an invaluable tool to make your membership more lively and thriving.

Another feature to highlight here is the Kajabi Coaching product type.

This will enable you to create coaching packages and serve these high end clients better.

You can set up a number of sessions and integrate a scheduler to allow your student to easily book calls.

kajabi coaching progress

Kajabi Coaching

Through shared notes and resources you can also customize the coaching program to each client!

All in all it’s clear that Kajabi offers a much better delivery here than Wix, unless you only need a few very basic membership pages.

Other Tools & Features

Beyond these core features, Kajabi and Wix both have specific tools that could be interesting depending on your needs.

For Kajabi:

Email marketing: this is a big upside of using an all-in-one platform, the email marketing & CRM system is perfectly integrated with other parts of the platforms.

Podcast: Kajabi offers to host and distribute your podcast episodes in one place, this can enable you to ditch another 3rd party tool.

For Wix:

eCommerce: Wix offers a fully-fledged ecommerce and shop feature with SKUs and inventory management. This is not something Kajabi is catered to help with.

Addons: Similar to what you would have with WordPress plugins, Wix has a big marketplace for addons that can provide more features such as: event ticket selling, table reservations, social media feed, SEO tools,etc.

Pricing: Comparison Kajabi vs Wix

Now that we’ve seen and compared what you get for your money, let’s take a practical look at how much each platform costs.

Kajabi Pricing 2024

Wix Pricing 2024

Of course, at first glance Wix looks a lot more affordable.

But keep in mind that Kajabi offers a lot of other features including email marketing, podcast hosting, affiliate marketing and a CRM system.

This also means not having to integrate different tools together, which you would have to with Wix.

Together, these additional tools can add up to ~$50-$100 per month.

Which means that Kajabi and Wix are relatively similar from a cost perspective.

Of course, Wix gives more flexibility - so if these other features Kajabi offer are an overkill for you, you might not value the all-in-one thrill as much.

Support & Community: Kajabi vs Wix

Both platforms have a loyal user base and outstanding community support.

Kajabi is one of the most used online course platforms with over 30k+ people in their private group.

Wix doesn’t really have a secret group where you can exchange with fellow users…

But it has a massive community of developers and people providing services for Wix users. This also comes with a plethora of support for the different addons you can purchase.

Both platforms have a live chat feature to get in touch with the tech support.

Kajabi VS Wix: The Bottom Line

Kajabi would be a better choice if

  • You prefer to have everything in one place and already integrated
  • You need an outstanding learning experience and all of the bells and whistles
  • You value simplicity over customization

Wix would be a better choice if

  • You don’t mind the extra tech step and value flexibility
  • You need a world class website builder
  • You’re delivering very basic courses or memberships

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