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 Updated: March 13, 2024

What Are Kajabi Widgets?

Kajabi has released a new module available in its page builder called Widgets.

If you’ve ever used Elfsight, you’ll be familiar with what these are!

Widgets are customizable modules that allow for additional designs or functionalities.

These work just like the Blocks you may be familiar with within the visual builder.

If you’re using any updated Page, you’ll be able to use them right away.

Each one can be customized thoroughly.

Note that technically, this is powered by a 3rd party platform (Common Ninja). Meaning that Kajabi hasn’t created them but merely whitelabel it.

This also means that further update of this new feature isn’t entirely up to Kajabi.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the biggest upside of Kajabi is that, usually, additional features added to the platform just come with any plan at no extra cost.

Things are a bit different this time around with Kajabi Widgets.

Probably because this is powered by a 3rd party app Kajabi has to pay for.

On any plan, you’ll be able to get 1 Free Widget usable on 1 Page.

Then, you’ll have to pay extra:

To recap:

  • Free: 1 Widget
  • Starter: $55/year for 3 Widgets
  • Basic: $135/year for 10 Widgets
  • Premium: $270/year for 25 Widgets

This is on top of your Kajabi plan.

Note that if your current Kajabi plan is charged monthly, you’ll also be able to pay for these on a monthly basis. (and not exclusively yearly)

It’s probably still cheaper than paying for something like Elfsight separately but of course we would’ve wished for this to be included…

The Top Kajabi Widgets

Now that we’ve established what these new Kajabi Widgets are and to access them, let’s look through the most interesting ones.

There are a total of 62 Widgets available, here are the ones you need to know about:

Improved Visual

1. Animated Number Counter: Add blocks with dynamic counting up of numbers. This is great to show the number of modules they get access to or happy students you have for instance.

2. Highlighted Headline: A great way to grab the attention of your readers and add a bit of dynamism to the first section of your page to emphasize important marketing copy.

3. Timeline: This works well on an About page to show the different steps you’ve taken in your journey. You can also use it to paint a picture of their next steps.

4. Testimonial Slider: Just a nice way to have several testimonials displayed without having to stack them up into a massive section. Great addition to your Kajabi page.

5. Diagrams: These are great to show your process to potential clients in a very visual way

Some other great additions to the default Kajabi blocks for visual appeal that you’ll find as Widgets are Device Mockup, Logo slider, Countdowns and Flip Cards.

Social Media Feeds

Another feature that may be important to some creators using Kajabi and somewhat lacking was the ability to display a feed from their social media.

Well there are several Widgets to help with this now!

These include:

  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Pinterest Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • TikTok Feed
  • Twitch Feed
  • Medium Feed
  • Vimeo Feed
  • Threads Feed

All you need is to enter your profile URL and customize!

Just like any of these Kajabi Widgets, you can really get granular in terms of how you want them to display and look.

New Functionality

Beyond aesthetics and making your life easier, Kajabi Widgets also bring new functionality that simply were not possible on the platform before.

Things that used to require custom coding and now are easily accessible:

1. Comments: This is a big improvement on the limited way you’d set up a comment section on a page in Kajabi. This lets you do it easily in a few clicks.

2. Faceted Search: This is my favorite one and would help you create a filtered and searchable catalog of products, courses, downloadables,etc.

3. Comparison table: Now you can show clear comparison of your different pricing packages and what’s included in them.

4. PDF Flipbook: This can very useful if you have a nice PDF brochure you want to showcase directly on the site without making the user download it.

Other cool new features Widget brings: Pricing Slider, Before and After Slider, Chart & Graph.

Kajabi Widgets FAQ

Q: How Many Kajabi Widgets Are Available?

There are 62 Widgets available in total.

Q: Are Kajabi Widgets Free?

You get 1 Widget Free on Kajabi plan you’re on and then have to pay for extra

Q: How Do I Start Using Widgets?

Make sure your page is updated to the latest version, then create a new section and you’ll see Widgets at the top of the Blocks

Q: Do I Need To Inject A Piece Of Code?

No! No need to know anything about coding, the Widgets will provide a user-friendly interface for customization

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