Kartra 30 Days Free Trial: Where To Get It 

 Updated: October 18, 2023

kartra 30 days free trial

Kartra 30 Days Free Trial: What is it?

Historically Kartra has offered different ways for you to get started on the platform risk-free.

This is a common way of helping new users get familiar with the platform before committing to a paid plan.

For the longest time the standard Kartra free trial was a $1 for 14 Days plan. Which could be extended after you tried to cancel for another 2 weeks.

But in 2023, Kartra has decided to align itself with other competitors and offer a generous 30 days free trial on any of the 3 plans they have.

This is not a free account with limited features like some other platform offers, this is a full access to the suite of tools Kartra has for 30 days!

Note that you will have to enter your credit card details for the free trial and you will be charged if you don’t cancel.

Let’s now break down a little bit more about what you’ll be able to do during these 30 days.

What Can You Do During The Kartra 30 Days Trial?

This is something we expand on more in our full review of the platform but let’s get the gist of it here.

We also want to give you a realistic idea of where you can be at the end of the 30 days and before committing any budget to Kartra.

First let’s recap the main features of the platform:

  • Course hosting and design
  • Advanced Emails/Automations
  • Calendar capabilities
  • Advanced Cart + Affiliate Program
  • Advanced Page/Funnel Builder
  • A/B Testing
  • Webinars
  • CRM: Help Desk, ticket system, live chat, lead points
  • File hosting
  • Code access

We’ll say it again, Kartra is one of the most advanced online course platforms out there and offers a truly one-stop solution for course creators.

kartra sequence builder

This can also be a bit overwhelming for some new users trying to go through their learning curve.

But to keep you optimistic let’s lay out a few things you could hope to achieve in your first 30 days with Kartra:

1. Design your online program: Upload your content, videos and resources and polish up the lay out of your program in Kartra.

2. Offer ready to sell: assuming you’ve already created your product’s content (online course, membership,etc.), you’ll just need to connect your payment gateway and create a checkout.

3. Setup a basic funnel/website: This means having a few essential pages needed to sell your product: homepage, sales page, optin. This may be the longest one on the list but shouldn’t take more than a week or two for a basic funnel.

4. Work on your launch campaign: nothing fancy but have in place a few email broadcasts and marketing strategy to start sending people to your funnel and convert them!

Of course this depends on the stage your business is in but this should all be do-able for anyone starting out and getting going with Kartra.

If you already have all of this already created in another platform then it should be even faster!

You’ll have time to explore other tools Kartra offers later but should be able to start making money by the end of your free trial.

Kartra Pricing Recap

Once you’re through your 30 days trial and have built everything we’ve listed, and maybe hopefully made your first sales…

Now is the time to look at which Kartra plan makes the most sense.

We have a full article meant to break this down but let’s recap here:

Here are the main things to look out for to know if an upgrade is necessary:

  • Contact limit for your plan
  • Webinar feature
  • Affiliate program feature
  • Custom coding

After considering these you should be able to know which plan suits best for your needs!

You will save ~17% with an annual plan but if you’re still in the early days you may prefer the flexibility of the monthly plan.

Bonuses To Sign Up To Kartra 30 Days Trial

That’s pretty much everything you can expect when starting your Kartra free trial.

But let us throw in some extra bonuses for you worth many $$$

If you sign up for Kajabi and activate your account later, we'll offer:

  • 1x30min call with a Kartra expert that's helped Fortune 500 companies on the platform.
  • A free Kartra page template you can plug in and add your content to.

The way this work is easy:

Step 1

Sign up using this link:

Step 2

Once you've done so, send us an email at joey@joeymazars.com

We'll get you started with your perks quickly!

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