Top 5 Kartra Templates Shops For Gorgeous Designs! 

 Updated: March 22, 2023

What Are Kartra Templates And Why Do You Need Them?

Kartra is one of our very favorite all in one platform and has been around for a long time!

It’s built a loyal base of users and has seen a real ecosystem developed around it, including service providers and experts.

kartra templates

And since a lot of Kartra users use the platform as their main website, the need for great pre-made templates has surged.

Now, Kartra does already offer built-in templates that you can use at no extra cost.

But sometimes these can feel limited and most people will want something that matches their brand’s voice better.

And a lot of 3rd party Kartra fans have created a wide range of templates you can buy and easily use for your website.

How do you use Kartra templates?

When you buy one of these templates, you’ll receive a simple import code that you can add into your account!

The page template will then automatically be created in your account, along with other tags and automations attached to it (if any).

And that's it!

Let’s now review the very best shops that sell Kartra templates for you to choose from:

To Health With It

From $147

This is our very favorite Kartra shop!

Emily has created a gorgeous range of templates for both your website pages (~10 pages) and your membership site.

She offers very minimalist and sleek designs that you can easily tweak to adapt to your branding:

You can buy the website and membership pages packages separately or a la carte, depending on what you’re looking for.

The great news is that you’ll also receive the Canva templates used for the graphics used so you can change them.

There's about 3 collections right now but more are coming soon!

My Favorite: The Lacy Templates

I love how simple and classy the Lacy collection is!

The neutral tone also makes it a great fit for a range of different brands, although you can easily create more contrast too.

This one exists as a template for your full website, your membership pages and also a webinar funnel!

You can easily preview it on the To Health With It shop before buying it.

Fast VA Now

From $197

Fast VA Now know what course creators and people using Kartra need very well!

They’ve created a great range of template bundles depending on the popular funnels and use cases.

You’ll find them very clearly laid out on their website to explore them further:

The impressive part is that each of these funnels not only include all of the pages you need (~14 pages), but also pre-made email sequences with copy, tagging, automation, helpdesk and everything you need!

This will all be automatically imported into your account when you install the template.

But Fast VA Now also offers done-for-you services to take it a step further.

They will help you adapt the template to your brand for you for an extra fee.

You can also pay extra for concierge email support or zoom support.

My Favorite: Webinar Funnel

This is a very popular type of funnel that a lot of course creators use to sell their programs.

This collection is specifically optimized to make sure your webinar funnels converts as best as possible.

It’s very adaptable and all you’ll have to do is adapt the copy template to your webinar, change colors, images and logo… and that’s it!

It also comes with 3 email sequences to make your life easier.


From $47

If you’re looking for a lighter package that’s also easy on budget, Sales Funnel And Template might be the shop to explore!

You’ll also find templates collections categorized by the type of funnels you would consider to use.

These are specifically optimized to selling online courses and come with all the bells and whistles you need.

That includes all pages, email sequence, tagging, product, membership pages,etc.

The one downside of these templates is that it’s not possible to preview them fully before buying them.

They do look great and are easy to customize, and also come with a 30 days guarantee in case you end up not liking them!

My Favorite: The Coaching/Consulting Funnel

This funnel template is a must-see for consultants and service providers who close the deal on the phone.

It has all of the pages you’ll need: optin, application, email follow ups, calendar, checkout,thank you and product pages.

It also comes with 3 bonuses to help you write better copy and be able to take these templates to the next level.

There is an easy to follow video training to help you implement these campaigns if you’re just getting started with Kartra too.

Phunnel Builder

From $397

These Phunnel Builder templates are a little more high-end funnels but also offer more flexible implementation!

They also come with all of the automations and fanciness you would need and are very neutral in design.

For each of these funnel you have 3 options, depending on how much support you’d like to implement them:

  1. Template Only
  2. Sales Page copywriting: for a done for you copy of the sales page
  3. Done for you funnel: this is the full hands-off packages where everything is taken care of

My Favorite: Quiz/Survey Funnel

This is a very niche and unique type of funnel that more course creators should be using!

It’s a great way to gather information and better segment your audience through your funnel and craft a targeted message.

There are 4 different outcomes possible and each can trigger a separate sequence and automation.

Jason West

From $297

This shop has a TON of different templates, categorized by industries, funnel and business type.

I particularly like how the design is very specific to the industry of each template to cater to different users.

Each template comes with the option to get a “done-for-you” service and get everything sorted for you (except the copywriting).

There are 6 business categories (and over 55+ templates in total): Coaches & Consultants, Agency, eCommerce, Real estate, Local businesses and Financial industry.

My Favorite: Male Fitness Coach

This is a great example of how specialized each template is!

The male fitness website template, which you can fully preview before buying, is beautifully designed for fitness coaches.

It follows a high-converting framework and makes it easy to write copy and adapt to your branding.

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