New Zenler Pricing 2021 

 February 9, 2021

A lot of online platforms have made it super easy to host, market and sell your online courses.

And they are found in different categories but the ones that make this the easiest by combining all of the tools you need are all-in-ones platforms.

And among these, New Zenler is one of the popular ones out there because of all it has to offer at an affordable price!

Indeed a lot of times, starting course creators have the dilemma of wanting to keep things simple, which an all-in-one helps doing, but also can't necessarily afford the investment it represents.

And with New Zenler being something they could seriously consider investing in, people always ask me what to know and what you're getting with that price.

So I decided to create an article to really break down everything around the pricing of New Zenler, answer all of these questions and more to help you make a confident decision.

New Zenler Pricing Overview

New Zenler is currently still in beta and offer their user to choose between two plans and special offer this phase of their development:

Pro plan - $447 per year (full price will be $1170/year) OR $67 per month

Premium - $1167 per year (full price will be $5970/year) OR $197 per month

Before we get into the details of what each plan has to offer, you should know that there are no transaction fees associated with any of the pricing plans.

This is also a time limited price which has been extended after COVID.

Now let's break down the different pricing and features of each to see which one could be the best fit for you:

If you want to see a full review of the New Zenler features and how they compare to other all-in-one, see the full review here.

So looking at the pricing chart above, it's clear that the main difference between the two plans is the limit you'll have on several features.

It's good to know that there aren't really any features that you won't get by going with the Pro plan right now.

This is a big difference with most other platforms which will have a cheap basic plan that will sometimes just not have enough to really be using the platform fully and you find out that to really make the most of it you'll have to upgrade to the 2nd plan.

That's not the case with New Zenler and here is a breakdown of the features limit that will differ from the Pro plan ($647 per year) and the Premium plan ($1447 per year):


Pro Plan

Premium Plan




Marketing funnels









Site Admin



Custom domain



Number of sites



Live Attendees



Live Sessions



So generally speaking, most people might just be fine with the Pro plan since it still offers for way enough for beginner course creators.

It shouldn't be a problem for most to be limited to 100k emails per month and to be able to have a list of up to 25,000 people!

Same thing for the number of sites or automation and marketing funnels,...

One thing to note and that might be what gets some people to go for the Premium instead, is the limit of live attendees. If you're running some group coaching or free event/webinars as part of your strategy and offering then the limit might be important.

new zenler live

That being said, you're probably comparing this pricing with other popular platforms, so let's break this down here to see how New Zenler compares.

How Does New Zenler Pricing Compare with Competitors?

The first thing to understand when it comes to comparing online course platforms is the category they're in.

As mentioned before, New Zenler is an all-in-one platform which means that it stands as a self-hosted tool that's able to provide you everything you need to market and sell your online courses in 1 place.

If we think about a platform like Teachable or Thinkific for example, then this wouldn't be a fair or interesting comparison just because these are meant to just be hosting your online course and not have all the bells and whistles.

That being said, the major competitors of New Zenler right now are:

  • Kajabi
  • Kartra
  • Podia

And here are all 3 pricing plans options:

  • Kajabi Pricing

  • Kartra Pricing

  • Podia Pricing

kajabi new pricing

So to summarize:

Kajabi start at $119/mo with a 1 website limit, 3 courses and 10,000 contacts for the Basic plan
Kartra starts at $99/mo with 2 sites, 20 courses and 2,500 contacts for the Starter plan
Podia starts at $39/mo with 1 site, unlimited courses and contacts

If we bring New Zenler one and only yearly pricing to monthly we get:

Pro plan: $54 per month ($647 per year)
Premium plan: $120.50 per month($1,447 per year)

Which, from a strictly pricing perspective, would place New Zenler on the cheaper end of its competitors!

Now let's break each of these down to see how they individually compare to New Zenler:

How does Kajabi pricing compare to New Zenler?

Kajabi is maybe THE most popular online course platform out there, so the comparison here is critical.

One of the key things to note feature wise is the superior course design capabilities of Kajabi over New Zenler See here our full review for Kajabi vs New Zenler.

But Kajabi is definitely on the higher end of the pricing and investment spectrum, which comes with a few great benefits such as platform longevity, a great community etc.

Again, here is the breakdown of Kajabi's pricing:

  • Basic Plan  $149/month ($119/mo paid annually)
  • Growth Plan  $199/month ($159/mo paid annually)
  • Pro Plan  $399/month ($319/mo paid annually)

How does Kartra pricing compare to New Zenler?

Kartra is also up there when people think about all-in-one online platforms and has gained a solid user base over the years.

It definitely offers more advanced features than New Zenler with for example a full CRM system and advanced automations. See our full review of New Zenler vs Kartra

That being said Kartra is also about 3x more expensive than New Zenler and therefore you'll have to weigh out whether you need the extra whistle and bells for the higher investment.

And here are all 3 pricing plans options:

  • Starter $99/month ($79/mo paid annually)
  • Silver $199/month ($149/mo paid annually)
  • Gold $299/month ($229/mo paid annually)
  • Platinum $499/month ($379/mo paid annually)

How does Podia pricing compare to New Zenler?

And lastly, another very popular all-in-one platform that's also reputed to be affordable, Podia is worth the comparison.

Now, it's worth noting that feature wise Podia is probably the lightest platform among the ones we've mentioned.

It's page builder and email marketing system is very basic and you will lack the flexibility needed to build a high-conversion funnel for your online courses.

That being said, it's still an affordable all-in-one course platform and worth considering and comparing to New Zenler.

There are only 2 plans available:

  • Mover $39/month ($32.50/mo paid annually)
  • Shaker $79/month ($65.83/mo paid annually)

New Zenler Pricing What's the Best Plan for You?

Alright so all things considered, what plan should YOU pick.

A great thing to note is that New Zenler is adding features and improving the platform on a regular basis.

And it seems like their strategy with the pricing plan is not to limit features based on the plan that you're choosing, but simply to limit quantity for some of these features like they are now with contact, marketing funnels, etc.

So if we follow that logic for what's coming next on the platform then your choice of plan shouldn't really be based on what features you need but what size you need it in!

I'd say that for most course creators the cheaper Pro plan will do just fine until you scale things up and develop an advanced marketing system.

Unless you have a real need for the live attendees and it's worth the extra money then go for the Premium!

If you want to give New Zenler a try, you can click here to start a free trial of any of their plans.

New Zenler Pricing FAQs

1) Does New Zenler have any transaction fee?

No. There is a 0% transaction fee for any money you make selling your products on New Zenler and no payout fee to either, although your payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal) will probably charge you a fee for that.

2) Why is New Zenler in beta?

New Zenler is a relatively new platforms and has been prudent to grow at a sustainable pace. That's why it's only available on invite and is still building its feature set.

The great news is that during that phase, the pricing plans have been massively discounted and this can be a great opportunity to grab!

3) New Zenler pricing sounds too good to be true, is there a catch?

Nah. I know what you're thinking but the relatively low current pricing New Zenler has adopted is purely from a strategic perspective.

As they're joining this somewhat crowded industry, they've bet on trying to build their user base as fast as possible in the beginning and know they will attract a lot of people by undercutting most other all-in-one out there.

This does mean that, in my opinion, this pricing won't stay there for long!

4) Do I need a credit card to start a New Zenler trial?

You don't. You can create an account right now and start using the platform for free until you decide to upgrade or not, which is when and only then that you'll need to enter your credit card details.

5) I'm weary about new shiny platforms, how reliable is New Zenler?

Now, saying that you can have it all - pricing and feature - and not have any downside is a stretch. 

Of course there are still some polishing out needed on New Zenler and that's the case of any new software platforms. This explains the much lower price.

That being said, the team has proven that things keep getting improved and provides great support to help you with any quirks or issues you may have!

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