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 Updated: August 23, 2023 vs mighty networks

What Are And Mighty Networks?

If you’re looking for a community builder, and Mighty Networks have probably been popping up in your research.

Both of these platforms offer an innovative community experience and are growing their user base rapidly:

And because they’re both centered around helping course creators as best as possible to deliver a world class experience, they’re interesting to compare.

So in this article we’ll break down the differences between the two platforms and which one may be a better fit for your needs.

Here is a quick overview of and Mighty Networks features:

Mighty Networks:

  • Free, paid or private community with personalized feed, topics and threads
  • Course building
  • Lite page building (homepage, course page)
  • Checkout for free, one-off and subscriptions (Stripe only)
  • Internal members direct messaging
  • Ambassador program
  • Native live streaming

  • Online course builder with video hosting
  • Basic community feature
  • Live streaming (through YouTube)
  • Checkout and payment
  • Internal messaging

Pricing - Vs Mighty Networks

Price is of course an important factor to consider when looking at these two platforms.

Mighty Networks offers a 14 days free trial, while doesn’t - but instead has a 30 day money back guarantee.

After that period, here are the different pricing plans you can choose from:


  • Mighty Networks

Mobile App - Vs Mighty Networks

Being able to offer your community and students a great mobile experience has become increasingly important.

Most people now expect the utmost convenience when it comes to consuming online content, including online programs and networking.’s main value proposition has been to offer you to design your very own custom app. app

This is also something Mighty Networks offers but only on its most premium plan.

That being said, you will have access to the centralized app on any plan! Meaning that people will be able to find your community on the Mighty Networks App (so not branded).

Mighty Networks Mobile App

In terms of design, offers a real visual builder where you are free to create and move things around as you wish.

This is for both the mobile pages and online course side of things. app builder

That being said, the mobile experience on Mighty Networks, even if you have less control over it, is also outstanding.

The simple design and tabs allow your community to easily access the different threads and content.

Mighty Networks Community

There are also a lot more tools for people to network and message each other.

One feature that does offer that’s unique is the Tracking option which allows your user to keep track of a specific habit.

This is a great way to keep engagement up.

Overall, Mighty Networks does seem to offer a better experience but this again depends on your goals and needs when it comes to the mobile app.

Online Course & Community - Vs Mighty Networks

As part of your offering, you may want to be able to deliver online programs content and a community for your people to gather.

Both and Mighty Networks allow for this to a different degree.

You can easily build a course with the drag & drop builder in and using the curriculum manager: Curriculum Builder

This includes native video hosting (see plan limit) and different types of files such as: Images, downloads, StopWatch, Typeform, Audio, Calendly and a Button.

Mighty Networks course builder works a little differently with lessons being built more as articles (that can also contain videos) and community-centered programs.

Mighty Networks Programs

This can be better or not depending on what you’re envisioning for your online courses.

Another important piece of your program might be the community aspect you offer, especially if you’re selling a membership.’s community is relatively bare with a forum-like space where you can create different channels: Community

Community is one of Mighty Networks strength with many different features and type of space you can create:

  • Chat community
  • Feed community
  • Events
  • Cohorts
  • Discovery
  • Standard pages

The platform was built to allow you to create your own social media platform (without the ads!)

Mighty Networks Community Dashboard

It also makes it for people to connect around a common interest and to see their profile and activity in the community.

Overall Mighty Networks probably comes out on top when it comes to community building but might be too limiting for online courses, which offers a more standard option for. Vs Mighty Networks: The Bottom Line would be a better choice if

  • You’re looking for a custom app and prioritizing the mobile experience
  • You want a more traditional course builder
  • You teach habit-based programs that requires regular check-ins

Mighty Networks would be a better choice if

  • You want to build a community-centered program
  • You want members to have many opportunities to network
  • You want to have native live streaming capabilities

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