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 Updated: May 7, 2024

podia pricing

How much is Podia and is it worth it? We answer all of the questions with a competitor’s in-depth comparison.

Podia pricing surely catches the eye when it comes to online course platforms!

The company promotes itself as an all-in-one platform and boasts an affordable offer that would make any creator curious.

In this review we’ll take an objective look at what exactly you get for each tier in Podia and how that compares to other popular competitors.

If you’re looking for a full breakdown of Podia, head over to our review page here

Podia Pricing Overview

Podia currently offers 3 pricing tiers.

Each plan can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis, the latter giving you a 17% discount.

The plan go as follows:

  • Free Plan – Free + 8% sales fee
  • Mover Plan – $39/month ($33/mo paid annually)
  • Shaker Plan – $89/month ($75/mo paid annually)

The above table lays out pretty simply and clearly what you get and don’t get for each plan.

But let’s get granular to determine which plan might be best for you!

Free Plan

What you need to know: this entry free plan gives you some very basic tools to get started with the platform but you'll have to pay a 8% transaction fee. You won't be able to publish your course (only in draft)

Who is it for: The Free plan is great for beginners that just need to start playing around Podia and build their website and courses until they're ready to launch and before starting to pay.

Mover Plan

What you need to know: This is the 1st paid account that really gives access to what you need to properly sell your courses. No transaction fees and no limits on product creation

Who is it for: That's going to be the most popular plan for most users that want to seriously use the platform.

Note that the limit of people you can email on that plan is 5,000.

Shaker Plan

What you need to know: This is for the more advanced users that want to unlock all the feature the platform offers. Notably, the affiliate program feature, turning off Podia branding, course certificates and webinars.

Who is it for: The price point is close to that of an all-in-one platform but this plan is probably still a good option for people that enjoy using Podia and want to unlock the fancy bells and whistles

How Does Podia Pricing Compare with Competitors?

Let’s touch on a few points before putting Podia’s pricing in perspective with its competitors…

Podia, although it advertises itself as an all-in-one, will likely not be the only platform you need as course creator.

As we’ve outlined in our full review of the platform (here again), Podia’s funnel builder and email marketing are too basic for that.

How does Podia pricing compare to Kajabi?

Podia and Kajabi have a fairly significant price difference.

Kajabi, although extremely popular, is often considered to be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

That being said, Kajabi does have a much more well-rounded set of features that Podia is missing!

Kajabi pricing breaks down as follow:

  • Kickstarter Plan: $69/month ($55/month paid annually)
  • Basic Plan – $149/month ($119/mo paid annually)
  • Growth Plan – $199/month ($159/mo paid annually)
  • Pro Plan – $399/month ($319/mo paid annually)

So again, at first sight it seems like Kajabi is a lot more expensive than Podia…

But if you start adding the cost of 3rd party tools you’d need alongside Podia to match Kajabi’s tech stack, you might be at around the same pricing.

If you want to understand this a little better, head over to our full comparison of Kajabi vs Podia

How does Podia pricing compare to Thinkific?

Podia and Thinkific might be a lot more similar in their features.

Both are right in that middle ground between a course-only platform and a fully fledged all-in-one!

Therefore comparing their pricing side by side makes a lot of sense.

thinkific pricing 2024

Thinkific offers a Free Plan and 3 other pricing plans:

  • Free (no transaction fee)
  • Basic – $39/month billed annually (or $49 paid monthly)
  • Start – $74/month billed annually(or $99 paid monthly)
  • Grow – $149/month billed annually(or $199 paid monthly)

As you can see, looking at the most popular plans we are extremely close to Podia’s pricing!

I’d say the two platforms are fairly similar in their value and bang for your bucks and might simply cater to different course creators.

Here again, I’ll invite you to check out our full comparison on these two to see our full thought.

How does Podia pricing compare to Teachable?

Another close competitor to Podia worth comparing here is the very popular Teachable.

Here again, we are looking at a very similar feature stack between the two platforms with maybe a small advantage to Podia with a better email marketing system.

teachable pricing 2021

So Teachable plans go as follow:

  • Free - $1 + 10% per transaction
  • Basic – $29/month billed annually (or $39 paid monthly)
  • Pro – $99/month billed annually(or $119 paid monthly)
  • Business – $249/month billed annually ( or $299 paid monthly)

Teachable is a little cheaper to get started with and might be a better choice if you’re already using other tools for your website and email marketing.

See our full Teachable vs Podia review to see how these two compare.

Podia Pricing FAQs:

Scrolled through to the end of the blog?

That’s ok, let me summarize and answer some of the most common questions on Podia pricing:

1) Tell us what you really think about Podia and the value for the money!

Although I do think Podia can be of great value for a certain set of users (looking for something ultra simple) I think the pricing of the platform is “fair” at best.

Mainly because a lot of the features are limited, and I don’t like the fact that the company is advertising itself as an all-in-one (they’re not!).

But you might disagree when giving it a shot on the free plan.

2) Does Podia have any other fee or cost I should know about?

There aren’t any extra fees to be aware of, apart from payment provider’s fees.

Note that on the free plan you will also pay an additional 8% sales fee.

And again, you’ll probably need external tools for funnel building and email marketing and that’s going to be extra $$.

3) Ok, so what other tools can I ditch and will I still need?

Ok let me recap the feature stack you’ll get with Podia, if you don’t have time to check out our full review.

Here is a non-exhaustive list with rough amount for reference sake:

  • Web Hosting (e.g Siteground,Bluehost): ~ $10/mo
  • Video hosting (e.g Wistia, Vimeo): $10/mo
  • Checkout & Affiliate System (e.g ThriveCart, SamCart): $30/mo

And here is what you’ll still need to pay for outside of Podia:

  • Funnel building (e.g WordPress plugin, ClickFunnels): $30/mo
  • Email Marketing (e.g Mailchimp, ConverKit): $30/mo
  • (optional): Calendar system (e.g Calendly, Acuity): $10/mo

This is a subjective list of course!

4) Is there a free plan with Podia?

Yes, Podia does offer a free plan for you to take the platform on a test drive.

If you’ve read through this review and are still unsure, check out the full Podia review or simply start playing around in the platform below.

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