SCORM: Which Online Course Platform is Compliant? 

 Updated: November 15, 2023

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What is SCORM compliance?

SCORM is essentially a set of standards for building educational content that can then easily be used on different platforms.

Just like there are standard size doors for home building to be a lot easier and replacement convenient.

It’s usually bundled with adjacent and newer formats such as HTML5, xAPI, cmi5 & SCORM.

By building a SCORM compliant eCourse and learning material you ensure that you can easily move it from platform to platform (if they accept this format).

This creates a plug and play functionality, usually used within and between organizations.

Some popular SaaS online course platforms are SCORM compliant and some others aren’t.

Let’s review which one is and to what extent!

Top 4 SCORM Compliant Online Course Platforms

1. LearnWorlds

Pros of LearnWorlds
  • Really unique and cool feature set
  • Well designed and easy to use
  • Lots of templates and pre-made content
Cons of LearnWorlds
  • Not a real all-in-one: lacks email functionality
  • Steep pricing tiers

Pricing: From $24/mo

Trial: 30 Day

LearnWorlds is one of the only big popular online course platforms that offers SCORM compliance.

This is not common for most SaaS, simply because they don’t want to relinquish control over the course design and functionality that their audience demands.

But LearnWorlds found a workaround by allowing you to build “SCORM/HTML 5 Package” Lessons.

From their spec:

“Please provide a valid SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 3rd Edition or SCORM 2004 4th Edition or a Captivate CAM 1.3 zip package.”

So you’ll be able to upload your ZIP file directly inside!

Note that this is only available from the Pro plan on and limited depending on your plan:

learnworlds pricing

Again, almost no other popular online course platform allows for this so this is definitely one to consider if you’re also looking for a platform that can cover your website building and a bunch of other things.

2. LifterLMS

Pros of LifterLMS
  • Very advanced set of learning tools and customizable for the course experience
  • Lots of addons and extra features to make the tools yours and connect it to third party platforms or plugins
  • Great support and community to help you in your course creators journey
Cons of LifterLMS
  • The user interface is a bit clunky and the overall learning curve is steep
  • Limited customization options for checkout and sales pages

Pricing: $120/year

Trial: 30 Day

LifterLMS can be SCORM compliant by using a 3rd party plugin called “Experience API for LifterLMS”.

The platform has a rich number of learning experience features and adding this in will enable you to create powerful courses.

The good news is that this plugin is free and can be installed in just a few clicks.

Now of course using 3rd party tools can create some security concerns but this plugin has been mentioned by LifterLMS themselves and built specifically for the platform.

All you need then, is an active LifterLMS subscription:

lifterlms pricing

You can also access a demo version of this SCORM plugin if you want to test it first before installing.

3. TalentLMS

Pros of CoachAccountable
  • Natively SCORM compliant
  • Interactive Courses
  • SSO support
Cons of CoachAccountable
  • Can get pricey with a lot of users
  • Doesn’t handle funnel and marketing needs

Pricing: From $69/month

Trial: Free Plan

TalentLMS focuses on delivering the best learning experience possible and of course that comes with the possibility of using SCORM compliant resources.

You can build your course using the drag and drop editor and create different kinds of lessons: video (hosting not included), Test, Assignment, Survey, iFrame… and of course HTML5/SCORM.

This means that you can directly upload your SCORM ZIP files into the platform and create interactive content.

There are also several features for gamification with badges and points to give to users.

You can start on a free plan with 5 users and up to 10 courses.

Beyond that you’ll have to get on a paid plan and upgrade depending on how many users you need.

This can get a little price-y if you have a large base of users.

4. Docebo

Pros of Get Response
  • Very scalable
  • Great for internal training
  • Suitable for big companies
Cons of Get Response
  • Not for small businesses
  • Not budget friendly

Pricing: From $25k/year

Trial: Free plan/Demo

If you’re part of a bigger corporation and are looking for a platform to host internal training that also supports SCORM, Docebo might be a good fit.

It’s used in a B2B context and isn’t really suitable for mass marketing where you take people through a sales funnel for example.

That being said, the platform is very versatile and can adapt to your corporation’s needs to create and track progress of learning experiences.

You can create certifications, badges, real-life rewards, and use the power of AI to help you create content for your programs.

Previous clients include Zoom, the United Nations, Lego, Coca Cola, Lululemon, Trip Advisor and more.

This does come at a price though - with plans that scale depending on your users limit.

There is a free plan available but paid plans start at $25,000 per year and you’ll probably have to chat with their sales team first before starting.

Are Other Popular Platforms SCORM Compliant?

Is Kajabi SCORM Compliant?

Kajabi is not SCORM compliant.

You can of course embed SCORM documents in an iframe inside of any Kajabi lessons but the lessons created natively in Kajabo won’t be compliant.

Are WordPress LMS Plugin SCORM Compliant?

A few WordPress LMS plugins do offer SCORM compliance but almost none of them will do so natively.

Usually you’ll need to install a 3rd party plugin just like we’ve described for LifterLMS.

Learndash is another example of a WordPress LMS plugin that can be made SCORM compliant with an external plugin.

Is Teachable SCORM Compliant?

Teachable is not SCORM compliant.

It’s maybe worth expanding here on why most of these popular platforms aren’t.

Very simply, they prefer users to create their courses material natively in the app rather than having to comply with an external standard.

Is Thinkific SCORM Compliant?

Thinkific is also not SCORM compliant.

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