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 Updated: September 27, 2023

skool mobile app

In 2023, Skool joined the growing number of online course platforms that offer a mobile app.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this new feature in this review.

What’s the Skool Mobile app?

Like many online course platforms, Skool is primarily built to be used on Desktop by your students (and you as an admin).

But of course, more and more people are used to consuming content on their phone.

This also makes it easier for them to stay in touch with your community on the go.

This is why Skool has built its own mobile app to allow you and your students to do that easily!

This is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

It’s accessible for everyone with a Skool account in any active community.

Note: As an administrator of your community, it’s also still better to use the Desktop version of the platform.

How does the Skool Mobile app work?

You’ll be able to access all of the features you’re already familiar with on the Skool app.

The first step will be to login using the same details that you have on Desktop - you’ll need to type this out (which can be a little clunky).

Once you or your students are logged in, they’ll be able to switch from one community to another if they are part of several.

After that, they’ll land on the community main page with the feed of posts.

Each section of the platform can be easily accessed from the top menu tabs: 

Community - Classroom - Calendar - Members - Leaderboard - About - Settings.

Now that the app is installed, users will get notifications (depending on their phone’s setting) when someone comments on their post or message them.

The app will remember your logins even if you close the app, unless you log out.

What can you do in the Skool Mobile App?

The short answer here is: pretty much everything you were able to do on the desktop version of the Skool platform!

If you need a refresher but also some visuals to see how it looks in the app, let’s break it down.


This is the main feature of Skool and what everything else is built around.

Your Community group looks very much like your own facebook group that you can control with posts and comments:

In the app, this is seamless and easy to navigate. Posts can be pinned at the top and several categories can be set up and filtered.

You can enable or disable the ability for members to create posts themselves or just admins.


Your online courses are also accessible on the mobile app.

Built on Desktop using the curriculum builder, these are simple to watch on the go for your students.

Depending on which video host you use - which is not natively provided by Skool - students should be able to keep their progress and come back to it later.

You can use timestamps to help your students navigate to different parts of the video.


In this section, you can create events for everyone to see and easily keep track of.

This looks very good on Mobile:

There is also a list view of these to see every upcoming event at a glance.

From there, people can simply get on an event they’re interested in and add them to their calendar:

The time of the event will automatically be updated to your student’s timezone.


From the mobile app, members can see other in your group and look at their profile:

This is an easy way to create networking opportunities for your students and increase the value of their engagement in your community.

If the member has turned it on (they can disable it), you can also message them directly in the app as well as follow their posts and other communities they’re a part of:

They will get push notifications on their phone for new posts a Followed member creates.


This last important tab is a way to gamify your community.

Each post, like and comment will contribute to a user’s ranking and gain points.

You can setup different levels for each threshold:

Not only is this great to incentivize users to engage more and often but you can also let them unlock bonus content when they reach a new rank.

Skool Mobile app FAQ

These are the main things to know about Skool mobile’s app but let’s answer some other questions you may have as you’re still considering using it:

Can You Brand The Skool App?


The Skool mobile app is centralized, built and maintained by the company itself.

So it’s not a white-labeled app that can have your name on it. Your student will have to search for “Skool” on their app store and then once logged in, find your community.

You also have no control over the colors used in the app or the layout.

Is There Any Extra Cost For Using The App?


The Skool mobile app is included in the same plan you’re already paying for and comes at no extra cost.

Can I Login As An Admin In The App?

There is no admin side of the mobile app.

Which means that you can still login and create posts, send messages, etc.

But you can’t manage the full platform admin side of things from the app.

The desktop version should is preferred for that part!

How Is The Skool App Compared To Other Platforms?

Most course platforms apps that come with no extra cost are not branded, so that’s fairly standard.

The Skool app is very fast and easy to navigate.

It also keeps a very similar design to the desktop app which creates a good experience and isn’t the case of all platforms.

Overall the Skool app fairs really well to other platforms offering a mobile app.

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