Skool vs Mighty Networks 

 Updated: February 7, 2024

skool vs mighty networks

What Are Skool And Mighty Networks?

Skool and Mighty Networks are primarily community platforms which allow you to bring people together in online spaces.

They also offer other features to help you package and sell memberships or online courses.

Although they’re not a one stop shop for everything you might need for your online business, they are specialist online communities platforms.

Skool was founded by Sam Ovens and now co-owned by Alex Hormozi.

Mighty Networks has been around for a while longer and was one of the pioneers of this type of platform.

Both now compete for attention in a more crowded space and we’ll outline what differentiates them.

Starting with a quick overview of their respective main features:


  • Great community platform with course features
  • Amazing UX and very short learning curve
  • Might be limited for course creator needing a full tech stack
  • Fast growing and active community

Mighty Networks

  • Maybe the best community tool out there to create a true membership experience
  • Great UX and mobile app
  • Lots of gaps to fill on the feature side (sales funnel, email marketing,...)
  • Unlimited members, courses and hosts

Pricing - Skool Vs Mighty Networks

Before getting into everything you get, let’s have a quick look at how these two platforms compare pricing wise.

Both have a 14 days free trial for you to get started and test them out:

  • Skool Pricing

  • Mighty Networks Pricing

Skool has a very straightforward pricing structure with a simple $99 per month fee to have full access to the platform and 1 Community.

Mighty Networks also has a $99 per month entry plan with most of the features the majority of users will need.

If you need more space, white labeling or SSO capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade to the $179/month plan.

If you only need a lite community package, Mighty Networks also offers a $41 per month (billed annually) plan.

Overall we’ll see how you may need more additional tools with Skool than Mighty Networks and why the latter is a slightly better value for your money at the moment.

Which doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you but is certainly worth considering!

Community Feature - Skool Vs Mighty Networks

Skool and Mighty Networks have a different way to help you build communities.

In Skool, you’ll have 1 simple feed, which then be tagged and categorized in Topics.

Each post will then have its own thread, these can be pinned at the top of the feed.

Skool Community

It’s really that simple and resembles a Facebook group in many ways.

Mighty Networks looks a bit more like a mix of this and Slack where you can separate feeds based on the topics.

Of course there is also a main feed regrouping all posts together.

Mighty Networks Feed

Let’s point out here that Mighty Networks does have a more rich range of features here.

On top of these different Channels and feeds, you can display a Discovery tab which will allow your members to venture into new topics.

There is also a hashtag system that allows for further highlighting and search capabilities.

Mighty Networks Discovery

Furthermore, your sidebar can contain an Events calendar as well as external links (that last part is also possible in Skool).

So the big difference between the two platforms here is simplicity versus “more” features.

Other than that, the interaction possibilities for Posts are relatively similar.

Skool does have a Leaderboard feature which allows for gamification, something Mighty Networks doesn't have.

Skool Leaderboard

You can even unlock cool rewards for top members or when they reach a certain level.

Both platforms allow for the possibility to Follow or Message other members directly (although you can disable that).

Skool Member Profile

Profiles can be edited by each member to allow for better networking.

Online Programs - Skool Vs Mighty Networks

Looking at online programs and how to offer self-paced courses using either platform.

Here is something to mention right off the bat, if your courses are video-based, note that Skool does not provide video hosting.

You can still however add videos via a Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia link.

Skool Course Builder

Mighty Networks on the Course plan offers native video hosting.

It also offers Quizzes & Tests which are great learning tools to implement in your courses - again not something Skool covers at the moment.

In terms of the student learning experience beyond these, both platforms' course section layout look similar.

Mighty Networks Builder

Courses are also couples with the ability for you and your members to create Posts and share their experiences.

This allows for a more dynamic learning environment than simple self-paced courses.

Note that Communities and Courses can be accessed via both platforms’ mobile apps.

Mighty Networks Mobile App

Skool Mobile App

This is a great way to engage your members and nudge them from their phone where they can receive notifications.

Checkout & Payments - Skool Vs Mighty Networks

The last main feature to take a look at between Skool and Mighty Networks is how they allow you to take payments for your memberships.

While Mighty Networks allows for a standard Stripe and Paypal connection, Skool built its own native payment processor.

Mighty Networks Checkouts

The downside is that right now you’re only able to charge subscriptions on a recurring basis.

So no one-time payments are possible.

Which is something Mighty Networks allows for with much more flexibility in terms of payment options.

Skool Checkouts

The downside is that you’ll have to pay a transaction fee of 2% depending on your plan.

You also have the option to sell downloadables or bundle courses together.

Again this is a lot less flexible with Skool.

Lastly, Mighty Networks does offer more customization of your checkout with copy and designing.

Skool Vs Mighty Networks: The Bottom Line

Skool would be a better choice if

  • You value simplicity more than anything else
  • You’re only interested in selling subscriptions
  • You have other platforms to handle the marketing side of things

Mighty Networks: would be a better if

  • You need more flexibility in your community
  • You plan on selling different types of products with different payment type
  • You want to minimize the need for other external tools you need

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