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Looking around for an honest review of pricing? Look no further!

This is one platform that’s particularly standing out in the industry, especially when looking at the price tag.

It actually ranks #2 in our “best value for your money” ranking. home

But it’s important to have a good understanding of what you’re getting for this and which pricing plan would be better for you.

That’s what we’re breaking down today: Pricing Overview has 1 free plan and 3 paid ones:

The good news is that you get everything the platform has to offer regardless of your plan!

Namely these features are:

  • Course hosting and design
  • Advanced funnel building with A/B testing
  • Blog
  • Email Marketing system and automations with visual builder
  • Advanced Checkout and Affiliate System
  • Capabilities to sell physical products
  • Affiliate Marketplace

The only thing that changes when you upgrade is going to be your allowance for some of these features.

You’ll probably find that the few main things that make you upgrade are the following:

Contacts: Some people will get started on the platform with a sizable email list and will need to upgrade to accommodate.

Course: If your business revolves around digital products then this will probably be something you want to lif the allowance for.

Email campaigns/Workflows: If you’re actively promoting via email and wanting to build multiple autoresponders and automations, this is another good reason to upgrade.

That being said, a lot of essential features are unlimited on ANY plan!

Such as file storage, email sent, and student number.

Even on the free plan, which we’ll explore further now: Free Plan offers what is maybe the best free plan in the all-in-one industry!

With some key features being unlimited as mentioned before, which is really unique as most other platform’s free plan will be very limited.


How Does Pricing Compare with Competitors?

If is not the first online course platform you encounter, you probably already see that it’s a great money/value deal!

But let’s get more specific and see exactly how the platform compares to its top competitors. Pricing Vs ClickFunnels and ClickFunnels are often compared because they have a lot of similarities.

In fact it’s not hard to see that the former has taken a lot of inspiration from the later in terms of features layout.

ClickFunnels has two main plans to choose from:

clickfunnel pricings

Essentially, the $97 plan will give you what you need to build a funnel and offer, and you will need to upgrade for anything else.

There are actually a few extra costs that will need to be account and inflate the price you’ll pay for ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels as of today is the most popular funnel platform, but is making a more appealing offer.

If you want to learn more, see our ClickFunnels vs review here Pricing Vs Kajabi

Kajabi is maybe the most recognized name for online course creators.

So comparing the two platforms side by side and their cost makes sense!

Kajabi has 4 paid plans after it’s 30 days free trial:

There aren’t really any extra costs to be aware of as everything is included and should be enough for most creators.

It’s clear however that Kajabi is, at first glance, pricier than

The main upside of Kajabi is the superior course building and learning tools experience.

But if your business does not rely on the learning experience, then might be a better option. Pricing Vs Kartra

Kartra is well known for offering a ton of features at an affordable price.

Let’s see how it compares to!

The platform offers on top of a $1 for 14-day trial:

kartra top pricing

The two platforms have a few key differences in terms of the features they offer.

For example, Kartra has a built-in scheduler that’s very handy for coaches and service providers.

Both give a great bang for your bucks overall! Pricing FAQs

1) Are there any extra costs? is an all-in-one platform and is meant to provide everything you need!

There aren’t any hidden costs to be aware of.

Of course it also depends on what kind of features you specifically need, for example doesn’t provide a community feature.

2) What platforms or tools does replace?

Again one of the main promises of the platform is that it will replace the need for any external tools.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what these are for

  • Web Hosting (e.g Siteground,Bluehost): ~ $10/mo
  • Funnel building (e.g WordPress plugin, ClickFunnels): $30/mo
  • Email Marketing (e.g Mailchimp, ConverKit): $30/mo
  • Video hosting (e.g Wistia, Vimeo): $10/mo
  • Checkout & Affiliate System (e.g ThriveCart, SamCart): $30/mo
  • Deadline funnel : $49/mo

Of course you’ll still have to purchase a domain name but that’s optional.

3) Do I need to put in a credit card to get started?

You don’t, the free plan can be started with your email and without putting anything down that you might forget to cancel!

4) Tell us what you really think about!

We review a lot of online course platforms and really try to lay it out as it is. is a real catch!

The free plan is very generous and even the paid plans are super affordable compared to other similar platforms.

The platform hasn’t been around for very long and is still growing but you probably should jump on the ship while everyone else is catching up.

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