Thinkific App Store Review: How Does It Work? 

 Updated: August 23, 2021


Shortly after going public with an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Thinkific announced one of its biggest feature launches of 2021: the Thinkific App Store.

The platform counts now more than 50,000 active course creators hosting their program and teaching people all around the world.

What’s the Thinkific App Store?

To put it simply, the Thinkific App store works similarly to any app store you may already be using for your phone or desktop, but within your Thinkific account!

It helps course creators to complement all of the existing Thinkific features (see our full Thinkific review here) and easily integrate other apps natively.

The Thinkific App store is available on any paid plans (starting at $39/mo) and will be available directly in your account in the “App” tab or by going to

And for a limited time only, Thinkific is offering a special 30 days free trial for the Pro plan with the Growth addon!

Each app will show you the different requirements needed to make it work, its price and further resources for a successful implementation.

What Can You Do With The Thinkific App Store?

This brand new app store opens a lot of possibilities! But what exactly do you do with it?

Well, it really depends on you but let us give you some examples that most course creators should consider.

Actionable Example #1: Email Marketing 

The first very important one that has just become a lot easier, is to connect your favorite email marketing system to Thinkific through the Thinkific App Store.

There’s currently 6 native apps that will make this seamless and easy for you, instead of messing API authentication.

You’ll then easily be able to set up your automations from Thinkific to your email system.

Actionable Example #2: Ecommerce

Another exciting app for online business owners that want to add another stream of revenue, is the Shopify app.

Installing this app to your Thinkific account will allow you to easily feature your courses in your Shopify store and for the fulfilment to be automatically done through Thinkific!

This can be great if you are already making sales with your ecommerce store and don't overcomplicate it.

Actionable Example #3: World-Class Student Experience

There are a few apps you can integrate with the Thinkific App store in order to take your student experience to the next level!

For example, you could gamify your course by installing the Motrain app and creating your own rewards program.

Gamifying your courses is proven to increase student completion, students' results and that also means more sales in the future and glowing testimonials.

Another way to better the student experience is by increasing the interactivity of your online program.

This can now easily be done with the Hello Audio app, which will enable you to create audio feeds and invite students to answer back!

Another great app for this increased interactivity is Lessonspace which essentially allows for very dynamic live presentations.

Actionable Example #4: Increase Sales

And of course, the Thinkific app store also enables you to scale your online courses with tools that will skyrocket your marketing!

This can start with growing your email list through targeted and relevant pop-ups, which you can use the Poptin app for.

This is also great for running special promotions or campaigns with a limited time offer.

But this can also mean better sales strategy with an interactive webinar tool like eWebinar that can now seamlessly integrate with Thinkific and reduce the selling frictions

These are more ways to take what you may already be doing and use the Thinkific apps to supercharge it!

FAQ: Thinkific App Store Questions Answered

Since this is a new tool, you may have a lot of questions! Here are answers to the most common ones:

1. How much is the Thinkific app store?


Well at least nothing more than the required Thinkific account for the particular you want to use.

If you already have a Thinkific account you can see the app store right now in your admin dashboard!

2. What’s the difference between the app store and the existing API integration?

Technically it’s similar but a lot easier for you as a user!

Behind the curtains, Thinkific and the other tool of the app are still talking to each other via their API but it’s now a lot more user friendly for you to set this up and securely implement these tools in Thinkific.

There’s also a lot more apps now than the old integration and the library will keep growing!

3. Do I need to pay for the other tools the app connects with?


Most of these other apps will require you to have an account there and maybe to also pay for their services (depending on what plan you choose there).

But again, on the Thinkific side, nothing extra will be charged.

4. Is the Thinkific App Store a time limited offer?

This is a new feature available as of right now and that’s here to stay and grow.

There is however a limited time launch offer with a 30 days free trial Thinkific has put together to celebrate!

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