ThriveCart Learn – Is It Any Good For Your Online Courses? 

 Updated: April 5, 2023

thrivecart learn

ThriveCart is one of the most popular checkout software and has attracted a lot of online businesses from different industries.

But in 2022, it launched a new feature called ThriveCart Learn to offer course creators the option to sell their program directly on the platform.


This is also in response to its main competitor SamCart doing the same thing.

But is it really worth it or should you still use a specialist online course platform? That’s what we explore today with a review of this feature.

How Does ThriveCart Learn Work?

ThriveCart learn works very similarly to any online course building feature of most platforms.

You’ll create your different modules and lessons in the back-end of the platform using the native builder.

You can choose among 3 different layouts how these will be displayed for the student:

  • Sidebar (left hand side)
  • Top Menu
  • Grid

This is a welcomed surprise considering that some popular online course platforms don’t really allow for much flexibility when it comes to the course’s front end design.

On top of that you can also customize the login page and the “Student Dashboard” page which is where all courses are displayed.

This can also be your first opportunity to offer a cross-sell directly within the members area which you can then easily link out to a checkout in ThriveCart.

Of course, you can also customize to a good extent the design of each Lessons:

The page builder is minimalist but very handy and allows for fairly good flexibility.

This is where you’ll add the course content for each lesson such as text, a video, downloads,etc.

You could also add another opportunity to cross-sell here within a lesson:

Note that video hosting is not supported by ThriveCart Learn and you will have to use a 3rd party software for that.

Another thing to point out is that there are limited learning tools available such as quizzes, assessments or other ways to create more interactivity and engagement with the student.

All modules can either be released instantly or dripped over time.

ThriveCart Learn allows for great flexibility with the possibility to drip based on:

  • Time period (eg. 2 days after enrollment)
  • Day of the month
  • Specific calendar date
  • After a trial

You can also set up different automations by setting up Behavioral Rules.

These are usually used to connect ThriveCart with an external software such as your favorite email marketing platform.

You can for example trigger a specific sequence or tagging based on a module or course completion:

There is no limit to the number of courses you can create, and these can only be easily bundled and sold together using Learn +.

Learn + is the premium version of ThriveCart Learn - the basic version being at no extra charge of the regular cost of the platform.

Learn + cost $195 and allows you to do the following:

  • Advanced sequences for more automations
  • Bundle courses
  • Team Access
  • Student import
  • Custom domain

I wouldn’t say it’s a must for most course creators which should be able to get away with the basic version.

That’s pretty much an overview of everything you can do in ThriveCart Learn, let’s now point out how it compares to other platforms.

ThriveCart Learn Vs Other Platforms?

ThriveCart is still primarily a checkout platform and even with the addition of ThriveCart Learn, that remains its core use.

It doesn’t suddenly become quite on par with specialized platforms that usually offer other features for course creators.

Even platforms like Teachable and Thinkific offer the ability to create full blown pages to sell your courses.

thinkific page builder

These online course platform also usually give you quite of a few more tools on the learning side of things:

  • The ability to track student progress
  • The ability to deliver certificates
  • Different learning tools and ways to assess your students
  • A community feature where students can exchange and network together
  • Some offer a live class feature

So although ThriveCart Learn provides a very solid fundamental feature stack to deliver your online course, it’s important to make sure you know which you might need.

This is of course relevant when comparing it to all-in-one platforms such as Kajabi, Kartra or New Zenler.

what an all in one is

Of course ThriveCart Learn is not trying to compete with these, but these are popular for a lot of course creators because of how well-rounded they are.

All and all ThriveCart with its Learn feature can be somewhere between a fully fledged online course platform and a basic checkout system.

Should You Use ThriveCart Learn?

Of course, that question will depend on your specific situation.

I think ThriveCart Learn can be a good fit for creators that already use ThriveCart and are starting to venture into the digital products world.

Or simply for those that deliver very simple courses that don’t require a full blown curriculum.

Or even for people selling digital assets and templates for instance, that could use a simple platform to add some tutorials on how to implement their products.

It might not be a good fit for online course creators eager to create a real learning experience or for membership owners hoping to foster a sense of community.

ThriveCart Learn is in any case a great new feature added to the platform, especially since it comes at no extra cost for its basic package!

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