Top 10 Teachable Alternatives 2021 

 Updated: August 23, 2021


Why look for alternatives to Teachable?

Teachable is maybe the most popular and widely used online course platform.

It also has very competitive pricing and is easy to use for beginners that just want an easy system to navigate to host and deliver their digital programs.

 So why on earth would you want to look at other platforms, especially knowing how confusing it can get?!

Well as mentioned before, Teachable is a simple and easy to use tool for beginners or even sometimes more advanced course creators only needing a course hosting platform.

But as you start marketing your courses, you may start wanting to build a few things:

  • Creating a robust and conversion optimized funnel, with different entry point, upsell and cross-sells
  • Managing your email marketing to build automation and sequences and sell your course at all time of the year
  • Build a real community around your course and have a native tool to do that directly inside the course
  • Or simply have everything in one place, including your site and all other tools necessary to market and sell your course.

All of these things aren't possible with Teachable and you will have to use external platforms to do so.

Again, Teachable might be the best option for you so make sure you know what you want.

But if you're here, you're probably looking at other options, and that's what we're looking at today with the top 10 self-hosted alternatives to Teachable:

Alternative #1: Thinkific

Category: Course Hosting Platform

Pricing: From $39 per month - Free Plan Available

Thinkific, being the most direct competitors to Teachable, is logically the first alternative to consider!

The platform is also a course hosting only platform, meaning that it doesn't include other tools (email marketing, advanced funnel builder,...) but it still does allow for more flexibility to Teachable in several ways.

For example, you will be able to choose among several themes for the layout of your course and site. Meaning that you could actually host all of your site (homepage, contact, etc.) on Thinkific, which you can't really do with Teachable.

Another example, if you're wanting to incorporate a native tool for members to meet and converse, Thinkific has a native community builder!

See our full comparison review for Teachable vs Thinkific

Thinkific would be a better choice if you?

Don't want an all-in-one but still need more flexibility and design capabilities

Value user experience and a well-designed flow for your students

Are interested in having a community tool as part of an affordable platform

For more details and full review of Thinkific : Click here

Alternative #2: Kajabi

Category: All In One Platform  

Pricing: from $119 per month - 14 Days Free Trial

If you find the features in Teachable to be too limited and want to use a platform with everything you need to market and sell your online courses, then an all-in-one platform could be your best option!

And in that category, the most popular platform is Kajabi!

kajabi home

The platform has a large user-base and a community of helpful fellow course creators and experts to help you anytime you need.

Most people love the platform because of the great sense of design and user experience the platform offers, making creating your course and marketing campaigns so much more easier and enjoyable.

See our full comparison review for Kajabi vs Teachable

Kajabi would be a better choice if you?

You value also getting support from the community and fellow experienced course creators

You're wanting an easy-to-use all in one platforms to manage everything you need to market and deliver your courses

Value UX and the learning experience of your student's above all, which is where Kajabi shines in comparison with most platforms out there

For more details and full review of Kajabi: Click here

Alternative #3: GrooveFunnels

Category: All In One Platform

Pricing: from $1397 lifetime - Free Plan Available

Among the latest platforms to join the all-in-one course platform, GrooveFunnels made a big splash.

It's possibly the most complete solution right now for every needs you may have as a course creator, and beyond:

GrooveFunnel home

It includes tools like GrooveCalendar to replace the likes of Calendly and Acuity, GrooveWebinar to replace Zoom and webinar softwares, GrooveDesk that provides a full blown CRM system,...

And many more features that you'd only expect specialist tools to provide.

It's still a young platform so you probably want to make sure to drive test it during the 14 days trial as some parts are still not fully functional

GrooveFunnels would be a better choice if you?

Want ALL of the bells and whistles and 100% not use any other tools

Don't mind being one of the early user for this promising platform that keep expanding

Are not a total beginner and are comfortable navigating somewhat complex systems

For more details and full review of GrooveFunnels: Click here

Alternative #4: New Zenler

Category: All In One Platform

Pricing: from $647 per year - Free Beta Available

Another all-in-one platform that made a lot of noise is New Zenler. 

Here again a great alternative to Teachable as a hub for everything you need, but also at a very affordable price!

Although still one of the latest platform out on the market, New Zenler is now most definitely one of the most referred platform in the industry.

WIth some innovative native feature like the integrated webinar feature, or the forum-like community tool it allows for, there's very little you won't be able to achieve.

Some of the biggest weaknesses of the platform would be on the User Experience and UI end with some features doing the bare minimum.

But the company keeps growing and perfecting the platform as they go, and still keeping that competitive price or now.

See our full review of New Zenler vs Teachable here

New Zenler would be a better choice if you?

Are on a tight budget but still want all the bells and whistles of an all-in-one platform

Don't really mind the limited design and customization of some of the features

Plan on having both free and paid community as part of your marketing strategy

For more details and full review of New Zenler: Click here

Alternative #5: Podia 

Category: All In One Platform

Pricing: from $39 per month - 14 Days Free Trial

Podia has greatly evolved over the years and grew into an indisputable serious contender in the online course platforms industry.

It is an all-in-one and has a very particular feel and user experience:

podia home

First, Podia is on the more affordable side of the spectrum considering it has all of the features you might need.

But what makes it truly stand out is the simplicity of the back-end and getting things set up as quickly as possible.

There are some limitations you want to be aware of that are the counterpart of the lower price. Namely the fact for example that the page builder won't allow for much flexibility and customized design.

Also be aware that the courses design and layout won't be as well designed as a Kajabi, but it will still get the job done

Podia would be a better choice if you?

Want an easy to use all-in-one with just the right features and no more!

Don't mind the simple interface and limited customization options

Put a lot of importance in the UI and feel of the platform for you and your students

For more details and full review of Podia: Click here

Alternative #6: Kartra 

Category: All In One Platform

Pricing: from $79 per month - 14 Days Free Trial

Kartra belongs to the Genesis Digital group which you might already know from Everwebinar/WebinarJam.

It's a widely used all-in-one platform not only for course creators but for online businesses in general:

Kartra home

Kartra has possibly the widest range of features and customization of any platform in the industry! From advanced an CRM system, to a calendar and booking tool and A/B testing of any parts of the funnel.

It does make the tool relatively difficult for beginners and is more geared towards experienced course creators that don't want to compromise on the tech.

Another great thing to note is that you'll be able to easily sell both digital and physical products with Kartra.

Kartra would be a better choice if you?

Intend to use your platforms for more than just selling digital programs: events, physical products, downloadables,...

Don't mind the thorough setup process for most features that comes with having more flexibility

Don't mind the course design and layout behind very basic

For more details and full review of Kartra: Click here

Alternative #7: Simplero 

Category: All In One Platform

Pricing: from $24 per month - 14 Days Free Trial

Simplero is not listed often enough in this kind of list, and that's a shame!

The platform is a perfect alternative for course creators wanting to get an all integrated system, not only for their digital products but also for the rest of their business

simplero homepage

It has all the bells and whistles you might want and more! Including a CRM system, a visual email sequence builder which I particularly like, 2 tiers affiliate program, and so much more.

The main thing to know about Simplero's drawbacks in the sea of great features is that the design and layout possibilities for both your funnel and courses is somewhat limited, in comparison to some other platforms mentioned in this list.

Still, with a very affordable pricing, Simplero would be a great alternative to Teachable and worth at least doing the free trial

Simplero would be a better choice if you?

Want an affordable all-in-one with all the bells and whistles and some very unique features

Need to be able to sell digital, physical and off-line products - which could even be paid by cash and registered in the system still!

Don't mind the limited design capabilities for the funnel and the course

For more details and full review of Simplero: Click here

Alternative #8: LearnWorlds 

Category: Course Hosting Platform

Pricing: from $24 per month - 30 Days Free Trial

LearnWorlds is also a great alternative to Teachable as it's also a course hosting-only platform (and not an all-in-one as it sometimes appears).

But really, apart from an email marketing tool, the platform has everything you need: theme builder, affiliate capabilities, a great page builder, Blog,...

Boasting a 30 days free trial with no credit card required, LearnWorlds really has a great UI and design that will not make you bored to death when spending time in the back-end!

A special note for my favorite and unique feature: the video building tool.

After uploading a video on the platform, you'll be able to add overlays and in-video call to actions! This is such a great tool to use both on the front-end to sell and upsell your programs, but also to create a unique learning experience for your students inside the course

LearnWorlds would be a better choice if you?

Don't really want an all-in-one yet but need more tools to your belt for your online course platform

Care about the learning experience of your students above all and want more features to make this world-class

Are not too tight on budget as LearnWorlds is a less affordable option

For more details and full review of LearnWorlds: Click here

Alternative #9: MemberVault 

Category: Membership Platform

Pricing: from $19 per month - Free Plan Available

MemberVault is a platform specially designed for membership owners. It has all of the features you need to run a successful member site and make your students feel extra special!

Note that just like Teachable, you will still probably need at least a more robust external page builder and an email marketing software.

As well as being an affordable solution to host your membership, MemberVault has a free plan available for up to 100 members! The perfect way to get your feet wet with the platform.

I really like the Leaderboard it allows you to put together, to really make your community engaged with your membership!

MemberVault would be a better choice if you?

Want to build a an engaging membership and offer unique tools for your members to stick around

Already have other tools to handle the page building and email marketing side of things

Want to get your feet wet with possibly the best Free plan in the industry!

For more details and full review of MemberVault: Click here

Alternative #10: Mighty Network

Category: Membership Platform

Pricing: from $23 per month - Free Plan Available

In the online course platform industry, Mighty Network truly stands out from the competition in many different ways.

Mainly because it's more than just another me too platform to host your course or simply giving you the basics.

mighty networks home

Mighty Network has innovated by bringing a key element of all course creators' ecosystems in the spotlight: the community.

You'll be able to create Facebook-like communities for your members with activity feed, different groups and threads, user profiles,...

To make the learning experience and your movement truly different.

This is a very neglected aspect of selling online courses and is in high demand from students who are tired of just watching videos in a member's area, or joining another private Facebook group.

Mighty Network does feature an email marketing tool but has helpful integration to any external software you might be using!

Mighty Network would be a better choice if you?

Want to create an interactive and highly engaged community around your movement and in your industry to provide an alternative to Facebook groups or boring forums

Have external tools for your funnel building and email marketing needs

Want to stand out by behind ahead of the curve on what creates bigger impact in students to keep them coming back for more

For more details and full review of Mighty Network: Click here

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