Top 6 AI Tools For Course Creators 

 Updated: April 19, 2024

AI tools have been around for some years now but most were only available to big tech companies to perfect their infamous algorithms.

Only in recent years has there been accessible AI-powered softwares that small business owners and creators can use.

This is opening a plethora of opportunities for course creators to take advantage of this new technology and stand out.

Today we’re reviewing a selection of hand-picked AI tools most creators could use.

#1 Kajabi Course Outline Generator


Type: Curriculum

This tool is a god-send for course creators that struggle to structure the bulk of knowledge in their head into a curriculum.

All you need is to input your course topic and the generator will do the rest!

This is based on the common questions people are asking, which would therefore make for an attractive one to address in your program.

Let’s see an example in action:


You can also use this outline generator for any type of contents: a YouTube video, a blog post, podcast or masterclass,etc.

If you re-run your prompt you’ll also get a different version of the curriculum if you want to see different variations.

The fact that this is a free tool Kajabi offers to anyone is even more exciting.


Type: Copywriting
Free is a brilliant tool to overcome the dreaded blank page.

Whether you are creating a sales page, an email sequence or a new ad for Instagram, copy is a big part of your conversion process as a course creator.

This software helps you generate copy based on the information you give it:

This is a great way to brainstorm some ideas and have a good foundation for your copy, before fine tuning it and making it sound more like you.

Note that it’s not a replacement for great copywriting skills but it’s a lot easier than starting from scratch.

As a course creator, you can also use it for your module’s description or part of your content material.


Type: Royalty free music

This should be very useful for any type of content creator!

Soundraw helps you create AI-generated sounds and background music.

The dread of having to check if a cool intro track you like is free of copyright and royalty, to avoid a strike, is over.

You can choose from about 25 different moods, and tweak the sound based on different: length, genre, theme, tempo and instrument.

Everything needed to create both a personalized and unique soundtrack you can use for your content.

This can be used for YouTube videos or even as part of your course. For example, spiritual teachers like to play calming music and sounds in their content.

#4 Jasper AI

Type: Creative writing
From $30 per month

Jasper is an AI tool mostly used for creative writing and copywriting. It’s probably one of the most popular tools and was early to market.

It can be used for social media posts, ads, blogs, and website copy.

Jasper can also create art and images based on a prompt, which can be interesting to use for creative assets and marketing!

You can select different tone of voice, level of creativity and other parameters to get different output for your copy.

For course creators though, it should be used to come up with creative writing ideas and new content.

#5 Cleanup Pictures

Type: Creative

This is a very simple, yet effective tool that can be used by online content creators!

Cleanup Pictures is AI-powered and helps you remove any object, person or defect from your images.

This can be useful for personal branding photos, if you want to remove distractions from your background for instance.

Or if you want to modify stock pictures a little to spice up your marketing content.

Doing so used to be a technically Photoshop job only a handful could perform but is now accessible to anyone!

#6 Tribescaler

Type: Social Media

Tribescaler helps you create social media content with a potential for virality.

It’s similar to other AI writing software but it’s trained to create short and impactful content, specifically for Twitter.

Social media is an important part of the marketing strategy of any course creators and Twitter is a great way to establish yourself as an authority.

It can be difficult however to gain traction on the platform if you’re just starting out building a following.

This is what Tribescaler helps with by giving a boost to your raw ideas.


Type: Chatbot
From $10/month is a chatbot tool designed specifically for course creators.

This is a tool developped by Kajabi and that can integrate with many other softwares such as YouTube, Kajabi, PDF, Google doc, spreasheet,etc.

One of the main ways to use it for course creators, is for both lead generation and just like you would any chatbot on your website.

But also as a course assistant and helping you deal with student's questions. You can feed it a lot of information about your course (even better if your course is in Kajabi) and it will be able to answer the most common questions your students may have.

Joey Mazars

Online Course Platform Expert

Hi, there! I've literally spent thousands of hours helping clients build their online courses on these platforms through my marketing services.

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