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 Updated: February 9, 2023

online course podcasts

Online course podcasts can be a great way to find your “guru” and guide as a new creator.

Starting out as an online course creator can be overwhelming and getting pro tips from successful people in the industry can make a big difference.

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Online education is a fast-moving industry and keeping up-to- date with the latest trends and what’s working right now is important, which is why podcasts are more interesting than books here.

Today, we’ve handpicked the very best podcasters for you to listen as a beginning course creator!

Online Marketing Made Easy

Host: Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is probably one of the most recognized voices in the online course world.

She’s also the biggest ambassador for the popular Kajabi platform, on which she hosts all of her courses.

Amy used to work for Tony Robbins before going at it on her own and building her own marketing business, later on transitioning to the online courses niche.

She’s very open about the fact that she’s built her massive following through her podcast and years of consistency.

What makes the podcast good?

Having a large reach and being one of the most successful people in the industry, the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast offers a mix of content.

Most of the episodes are between 20-30min, focusing on a specific topic around online courses and marketing.

Occasionally, Amy will have a guest on and interview them. These give you the opportunity to hear real-life case studies and success stories.

The Online Course Guy

Host: Jacques Hopkins

Jacques Hopkins has a very relatable story on how he became a powerful voice in the online course world.

He started as a creator himself, teaching the piano online. After many years of trial and error, he hit the 7 figure mark.

That’s when he decided to help other course creators to do the same and implement his battle tested marketing strategy.

He started the Online Course Guy podcast in 2017 and has since become one the most listened to show in the industry.

What makes the podcast good?

Jacques doesn’t post new episodes as regularly as other creators, but when it does it’s worth the listen!

Most episodes are interviews with other course creators, exploring different strategies and tactics you can implement in your own marketing.

Jacques is great at digging out the core of what made it work for each of these entrepreneurs and bringing it together for the listener.

It’s A TRIBE Thing

Host: Stu McLaren 

It's A TRIBE Thing is a podcast hosted by Stu McLaren. The show explores the topics of entrepreneurship, leadership, and marketing, but specifically for membership sites.

Stu interviews a variety of guests, including entrepreneurs, authors, and athletes, to discuss their experiences and offer advice on starting and growing a business. 

The show also covers topics such as marketing strategies, networking, and goal setting.

The last episode aired in May 2021 but there is a 126 episodes archive you can go through for some evergreen nuggets of information.

What makes the podcast good?

Stu McLaren is the most recognized expert when it comes to launching a membership site!

He teaches hundreds of people every year inside his private program called “Tribe” and helped thousands of new membership owners to get started:

There really aren’t many people with a similar track record in the space, and a lot of his best and most successful strategies are shared in the podcast.


Host: Brendon Burchard 

Motivation by Brendon Burchard is a podcast that focuses on helping people become the best version of themselves. The show explores topics such as personal development, productivity, and goal setting.

Each episode features interviews with experts, authors, and entrepreneurs who share their wisdom and advice on how to overcome challenges and reach goals.

The show also includes inspiring stories from people who have achieved success in their lives.

Through this podcast, listeners can gain the motivation and tools they need to reach their own goals.

What makes the podcast good?

This isn’t specifically a podcast about online courses… but you’d learn a lot from it to implement in your business!

Brendon Burchard has used Kajabi to sell over 8 figures of online courses himself and offers different paid programs to teach course creators specifically.

The podcast dives into topics that relate directly to the online education business and marketing world.

Mind Your Business

Host: James Wedmore 

Mind Your Business by James Wedmore is a podcast that helps entrepreneurs reach success in their businesses.

Hosted by James Wedmore, the show covers topics such as marketing, branding, and sales but also how to start a profitable online business.

There are over 500 episodes live to go through and a whopping 1,500 reviews on the show with a 4.9 average rating.

James runs a very popular coaching program called “Business By Design” to take people by the hand while building their business.

What makes the podcast good?

Although James focuses on different aspects of business and not just on online courses, many of the concepts he talks about are related to your success as a course creator.

There is a certain foundation to have when it comes to business literacy, mindset and attitude.

Another topic addressed on the show that is sometimes overlooked is the process of planning and organizing yourself for success!

The Online Course Coach

Host: Jeff Long 

The Online Course Coach by Jeff Long is a podcast that helps entrepreneurs create and launch successful online courses.

Hosted by Jeff Long, the show covers topics such as course creation, marketing, and sales and gives out honest advice on growing your business.

The show aired until March 2019 and has about 57 episodes in its archives.

What makes the podcast good?

Jeff does a great job when interviewing his guest to really extract practical advice for the listeners.

The most refreshing side of the podcast is the fact that these are real-life creators making a realistic income from their online course business.

This is great advice for many types of online programs regardless of your industry.

Wealthy Course Creator

Host: Jill & Josh Stanton

Jill & Josh are very recognized in the online space and have gained authority through their brand “Screw The Nine To Five”.

The podcast has 373 episodes and aired until November 2021.

The show is mostly about the online business world in general but most advice is directly related to online course creators.

It’s a conversation style podcast between Jill & Josh who have a great pulse in the market but also an impressive track record of success.

What makes the podcast good?

Jill and Josh Stanton have been featured by the biggest influencers in the industry and walk the talk.

They have helped thousands of students implement the latest strategies and technology when it comes to building online businesses.

There will be very few questions you’ll still have after listening to these episodes!

Course Creator Community

Jono Petrohilos

Host: Jono Petrohilos

This is another podcast with raw, honest advice on how to market your online course!

Jono is the host of the Course Creator Community podcast and brings weekly content for the average creator to implement.

No big promises or crazy numbers, this is tangible advice you can take home.

The show is composed of both interviews and monologues, it’s very digestible and there are plenty of episodes you can listen to in the backlog.

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