Top 10 Online Coaching Platforms – The Shortlist! 

 Updated: March 19, 2024

top online coaching platforms

What Are Online Coaching Platforms?

There are many ways to serve your audience and take advantage of the booming e-learning industry.

We review a lot of online courses and membership platforms here, which are usually meant to be self-paced and not requiring direct involvement.

That being said, the online coaching industry is also expanding and has a specific set of needs!

Which created a market for online coaching platforms designed to help online or offline coaches to market, sell and deliver on their programs.

We’ve reviewed to cream of the crop if such platform and give you our hot take on it:


Pros of
  • Great mix of features
  • Access to the Marketplace and new leads
  • Client facing member’s area
Cons of
  • No video hosting
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners

Pricing: Free - $157/month

Trial: Free plan available is probably the most popular online platform for coaches!

It provided a great mix of features tailor made for coaches of all industries, combined in an intuitive experience.

You’ll be able to create coaching packages to re-use for different clients. These can include resources and a program overview to give a clear idea to your coachees what they’ll go through with you!

These include Goals that you can further break down into milestones to track progress of results and keep accountable. makes it easy to add new clients, send them an invoice, schedule sessions with them and invite them to their own client facing side of the platform.

This is where your client will be able to interact with your program, see and take notes and really go through an outstanding coaching experience.

You can take payment directly online by connecting your Stripe account, and choose to charge on an hourly basis, per session, a fixed amount or on a retainer.

All of your sales data can then be organized and analyzed from your back-end

Direct messaging is also possible via the platform to create a messenger chat with your clients, although there are several places they can add notes for you in their coaching program.

Note that video content is not suited to be uploaded and hosted directly on as part of your Resources… You’ll need to use an external video hosting for this!

Lastly, as a member you also get access to the marketplace where your profile can be seen by the large audience the platform has and bring in some clients!


The great news is that offers a Free plan you can use for an unlimited test drive!

You’ll get all of the features the platform has to offer for 1 Client:

When you’re ready to go all in and depending on how many clients you have, you can go with the Pro account (up to 10 clients) for $157 per month or $1570 yearly.

If you want to remove all limitations, go for the Premium plan at $197 per month, you’ll also get a few more things to customize.

Note that these are prices for 1 active coach. If you want to add more coaches you’ll have to add about 50% to these numbers!


2. Simply Coach

Pros of Simply.Coach
  • Very advanced set of features
  • Client facing member’s area
  • Basic Marketing tools included
Cons of Simply.Coach
  • Interface can be overwhelming
  • No video hosting
  • No payment within the platform

Pricing: $9 - $69/month

Trial: 14 Days Free Trial

Simply.Coach might be one of the most advanced tools for coaches out there!

It’s really meant to be an all-in-one coaching platform with some very unique features you wouldn’t find elsewhere. But also some marketing tools to better sell your coaching.

One distinguishing thing you’ll find is a clear categorization of coaching type: Individual clients, Organizations and Cohorts (group coaching).

Within these Engagements, you’ll find the exhaustive list of features Simply.Coach offers, which might take some time to learn. Goals, Sessions, Journals, Nudge, Resources, Tools and a few more bells and whistles!

This can be a little much at first but will cater to coaches or coaching organizations with more complex programs that need some of these advanced features.

You’ll also have access to a Calendar tool to keep track of everything upcoming, which looks very much like a Google Calendar (which you can synchronize together).

Other notable features are Contract templates to sign people up to your coaching program or the Prospect Management which gives you a list of hot leads that manifested interest in coaching services.

One downside of the platform is that it currently doesn’t provide a way for people to pay you directly through it. But this is in the pipeline and should come soon!

Lastly, the Contacts tab will help you keep track with a sort of CRM system where you can write notes and see an history of activity for each client or leads.


Simply.Coach pricing works in tiers that will unlock further features as you upgrade.

Of course one of the main reasons to go up a tier will usually be to be able to add more clients.

From 5 Clients with the first Starter plan ($9/month), 10 on the Essentials ($29/month), 30 on the Growth ($39/mo) and unlimited for the Leap plan ($69/month)

As you can see, you might need to start with the Essentials plan right away if you plan on having team/organization coaching.

But you will get pretty much all of the features the platform has to offer from then on.

The two other plans are just increasing your limits on how many reusable programs and digital contracts you can get.


3. CoachAccountable

Pros of CoachAccountable
  • Simplified interface
  • White label web app
  • Scheduler included
Cons of CoachAccountable
  • May lack advanced features needed for some coaches
  • Can get pricey quick depending on client number

Pricing: $20-$400/month

Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

The first thing you notice when logging into your CoachAccountable account is how refreshing the dashboard looks!

It really doesn’t feel overwhelming and you’ll see right away what all the sections are about.

From adding Clients, managing Appointments, setting Groups, Courses and Whiteboards.

I particularly like the Courses bit which allows for video hosting too. These are sort of templated programs you can assign to a client to follow and are very intuitive and organized.

You can take payment directly within the platform by connecting either a Stripe, Paypal or Square account.

A very powerful Report section is also available to track sales but also engagement and all kinds of other metrics to keep track of your client’s progress.

Of course, your client also gets private access to follow the coaching program in their members area.

One last unique and interesting feature to note for CoachAccountable: the Whiteboards.

These are very helpful general notes you can create and categorize for you and/or your clients.

These can be vision boards or other visuals to keep the big picture in mind and separate from the week to week coaching program.


The pricing for CoachAccountable is very simple.

You will get access to all features regardless of which plan you’re on and only upgrade to increase your Clients limit.

From $20/mo with 2 Clients, $40/mo for 5, $70/month for 10… up until $400/mo for 100 clients.

This is relatively more expensive than other competitors we’re reviewing in this article!


4. Paperbell

Pros of Paperbell
  • Very simple platform
  • Basic landing pages
  • Easy contract management
Cons of Paperbell
  • May lack feature for some coache’s need
  • Limited content upload space

Pricing: Free - $40/month

Trial: Free plan available

Paperbell is a different type of platform for coaches.

A better way to look at it might be that it’s an advanced version of a basic scheduling system like Calendly.

You’ll set up Availabilities and Packages that can then be assigned to a Client.

The Package will give them access to their own client where they can review the resources you’ll upload and of course book an Appointment with you.

Everything is very simple to manage and set up on the platform!

This can be a good fit if you’re running very simple coaching programs for individual clients or group coaching (e.g. language classes, online teaching,etc.)

The contract and payment side of things can also be easily handled through Paperbell. Your client will receive a HelloSign contract to sign and start their engagement.

You can put together some very basic sales pages as well and automate some reminders for appointments.

The client portal is easy to navigate and will save you a lot of time having to explain how it works.

Group sessions can be added to each package so that several clients can book in the same slots (of course you can set limits).


You can get started on the free plan and all features right away with 1 client.

Or you can upgrade and get unlimited everything for $50/month or $40/month paid annually.

This is relatively affordable, even considering the simple set of features the platform offers compared to other competitors.

It might be a great fit for individual coaches running simple programs.


5. Profi

Pros of Profi
  • Great self paced course feature
  • Built-in conference/webinar tool
  • Blog feature
Cons of Profi
  • May be lacking in analytics/reporting
  • Might not be suitable for some industries

Pricing: $49 - $179/month

Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

Profi is overall a very well-rounded online coaching platform with a slightly unique approach to how you can deliver on your programs.

You’ll be able to create Services which can be Individual Sessions, Group Session, Packages or Programs.

Take payment through the platform and let your client in with a sleek client portal.

Profi has done a good job incorporating self-paced courses for all of the static content part of your coaching programs.

These include video hosting and all kinds of educational tools like surveys and quizzes.

You can also run group sessions or webinars directly within the platform, without needing to use Zoom (it works for individual sessions too!)

Clients can log in and join the call, schedule new sessions or watch the self paced course you’ve set up.

Another notable feature to highlight is a very standard Blog tool.

You can write and categorize this content to attract more organic leads and easily turn them into paid coaching clients.

An internal messaging system is also available to send secure and direct communications.


You can get started with a 30 day free trial and then with a starter plan at $49/month which will give you a 25 clients allowance.

This initial plan includes most of the features the Profi coaching platform has to offer except for custom branding.

The only reason you’d upgrade would then be for increasing your clients limit, which starting at 25 is fairly generous compared to other platforms listed here!


6. Quenza

Pros of Quenza
  • Advanced program set up and features
  • Great block builder for activities
  • Client mobile app available
Cons of Quenza
  • Might be more suited for advanced programs
  • No scheduling feature

Pricing: $49/month - $149/month

Trial: $1 for 1 month trial

Quenza is an action-driven coaching program software that could make a lot of life easier!

The basic way it works is by building Activities.

These can be training, exercises, assessment, evaluation, or anything you want by using the unique block builder available.

There is also a large library of pre-made science-based Activities you can choose from to create your own program.

Activities are then packaged together into Pathways which is the linear or non-linear coaching program you’ll offer.

These include a lot of automation to make the experience more immersive for your clients and easier for you to manage!

One of the main things to notice too is that video hosting is supported.

The main downside of the platform compared to other ones we’re talking about here is the fact that Quenza doesn’t really integrate a scheduling system.

You can chat directly with your clients and surely set up a time for calls that way but there is no tool to facilitate this.

Which means that the platform might be more fitted for coaching programs where your direct involvement isn’t as needed.


Quenza starts at $49/month with an allowance of 15 Clients, 20 Activities and 5 Pathways.

Storage will also be low on this starter plan if your program is heavy in content.

So the main reasons to upgrade to the $89/month or $149/month would be client limits and increased space.

7. Kajabi


Pros of Kajabi
  • Provides funnel building and email marketing tools
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Ability to create and design courses
Cons of Kajabi
  • Might be overkills if you just need coaching tools
  • Doesn’t include some of the bells and whistles for coaching

Pricing: $119 - $319/month

Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

Kajabi is one of the most popular online course platforms and in 2021 it expanded its feature to also include a Coaching feature.

One of the main reasons the platform is so popular is because of its all-in-one status for online creators. Providing most of what you need: Funnel building, email marketing, checkout and course creation.

The way the Coaching product will work is simple: set up your package outline and sessions by adding an Agenda for each, Resources, and other notes.

Then use the native Calendly integration to let your clients schedule calls with you, or use the native scheduler:

kajabi coaching dashboard

You can also use the other classic course products Kajabi offers to deliver the static content part of your coaching program.

This can include Assessments and unlimited video, audio content.

As mentioned, some other coaching features might be missing compared to other platforms (milestones, group sessions,etc.).

But using Kajabi will cater to coaches also needing the marketing side of things handled like build landing pages and email marketing.

So if you have a fairly simple coaching program and prefer to have everything integrated, Kajabi might be a good fit as a coach!


Because it does a lot more than just coaching, Kajabi is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to cost.

It starts at $119/month for all features included (apart for the affiliate program) which will give you an allowance of 3 Products (coaching or courses)

kajabi pricing top

Again, this can be a better fit if you need a website and email marketing system anyway that you’ll have to pay for by using other coaching platforms.


Pros of
  • Well suited for mastermind
  • Built-in video conferencing
  • Very easy to use and manage
Cons of
  • Limited coaching tools
  • No calendar system

Pricing: $47/month

Trial: 14 Days Free Trial

We wanted to include in this list for coaches running more intimate group coaching programs that resemble masterminds!

The platform is built for this purpose and created by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels).

Setting up a new mastermind is simple: set up your sessions and resources as well as a schedule (masterminds are usually set in time).

This can be a range of things like recorded video to of course live sessions and downloadables.

mastermind dashboard 2022

You can also enable a chat for each session or for the overall mastermind to keep the group engaged in between sessions!

Very basic optin and sales page are available to sell your mastermind too.

But as mentioned, some other features coaches might be interested in like a scheduler or advanced learning tools, are not available in

mastermind-live session

The platform might not be suitable as an all-in-one platform but can easily integrate with external tools via Zapier.

Pricing pricing is very straightforward.

You’ll either pay a monthly fee of $47/month or $423 per year for all features.

This is pretty much on par with a lot of platforms mentioned in this article!


9. Nudge Coach

Pros of Nudge Coach
  • Excellent free plan
  • White label mobile app
  • Low tech set up
Cons of Nudge Coach
  • Lacks advanced features
  • No payment system

Pricing: Free - $100/month

Trial: Free plan available

Nudge Coach is simplifying the way coaches can build and deliver their program.

One of its main selling points is that your client can easily follow through via the mobile app that can also be white labeled.

The way you’ll set your program up is by creating Cards which can be any content you want, a progress tracker or an assessment.

Note here that video hosting is not currently available.

These Cards are highly customizable and can easily be arranged however you want.

You’ll then put all of these Cards together in a Sequence which will automate how they drip to your client and how your coaching programs work.

This translates into a very easy and intuitive experience on the mobile app!

Payment can’t be taken via Nudge Coach for now so you will need to take care of that externally.

Your client can download the app on their phone and get started.

The other feature to highlight within the software is the Community capability.

You can create a group chat for your clients within the app for them to exchange and progress together!

A nice touch to that feature is the ability to have a Leaderboard to gamify your program and build a healthy bit of competition.


Nudge Coach has 3 tiers of pricing starting with a very good free plan that allows up to 5 clients and with all features loaded!

Upgrading to the Grow tier will give you 50 clients for $60/month and if you want to unlock the last remaining features or expand your client allowance to 100 you’ll have to pay $100/month.

This may be considered relatively on the higher side with the limited amount of features currently available, but Nudge Coach main selling point being the app is what justifies this extra cost.


10. Delenta

Pros of Delenta
  • Very well-rounded features for coaches
  • Mobile app available for your clients
  • Great online course feature
Cons of Delenta
  • Not as many coaching program features
  • Might not be suited for big organizations

Pricing: $29-$79/month

Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

Delenta has achieved a great balance between a coaching and online course platform!

You can create and sell coaching packages, for individuals or groups, in just a few clicks. These sessions can be booked via the built-in scheduling system.

Sessions scheduled are easy to see and start from the dashboard to open straight into Zoom or another conference tool of your choice (in person too!)

One of the most interesting features of Delenta is its great course builder that you can give your client access to.

This can contain any content you need, including video (storage limited depending on pricing tier).

All of these resources can be found and managed from a handy library tab so you don’t have to re-upload them every time and to keep things tidy!

The client portal is very user friendly and will be easy to navigate too:

With seamless integration to email marketing systems like Mailerlite or Mailchimp (or any via Zapier), you can also manage your Contacts.

This will allow you to follow up with leads but can also be used as a CRM to make notes and keep track of client’s activity.

All of Delenta’s features for your client are available on their mobile app so your programs can be consumed on the go!


Delenta is surprisingly affordable when considering the features it includes!

There is no free plan but you can get started on a 30 days free trial

With the 1st plan at $29/month you’ll be able to unlock some of the basic features and have up to 5 clients.

To really have everything Delenta has to offer, you’ll need to upgrade to the $79/month plan which will also allow for up to 100GB of storage for your courses!


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