WebinarJam & Everwebinar Pricing – How Does It Compare? 

 Updated: June 26, 2024

webinarjam pricing

WebinarJam, and its co-platform EverWebinar, are probably part of the top 3 most recognized webinar software.

And because it caters more to digital creators than corporate businesses, its pricing matters even more.

Pricing is of course relative to what other competitors offer so we’ll also compare WebinarJam to those.

WebinarJam Pricing Overview

Let’s start by taking a look at the different packages the platform offers and how to get the best offer.

First, note that even if it’s not made prominent on their website, you can get started with WebinarJam for a $1 for 14 day trial.

Or you can start paying any plan right away and be covered by their 30 days money back guarantee.

After that you’ll be able to choose among 4 plans:

To recap, these are:

  • Starter Plan – $49/month (or save 24% paying yearly at $39/month)a
  • Basic Plan – $99/month (or $79/month paid yearly)
  • Professional Plan – $299/month (or $229/month paid yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan – $499/month (or $379/month paid yearly)

Note that automated webinars (“evergreen”) with Everwebinar, are only accessible from the Basic plan onwards.

Realistically the main reason to upgrade from one plan to another won’t really be the added features which are minor

It will most likely be simply to increase the limit number of attendees for your webinar which is:

  • Starter Plan – 100 Attendees
  • Basic Plan – 500 Attendees
  • Professional Plan – 2000 Attendees
  • Enterprise Plan – 5000 Attendees

Some other things that also scale with the plan are the number of hosts and the maximum duration of your webinar.

How does WebinarJam pricing compare to Demio?

Demio is also a very popular webinar platform for course creators.

it’s pricing structure works very similarly to WebinarJam although you’ll get a free 14 days trial:

Plans are as follow:

  • Starter Plan at $59/month – 50 Attendees
  • Growth Plan at $259/month – 500 Attendees
  • Growth Plan at $399/month – 1000 Attendees
  • Growth Plan at $799/month – 3000 Attendees

Note here that if you need automated webinars you’ll need to be at least on the Growth plan.

Similarly, pricing will increase depending on the attendee limit you need.

But overall Demio does come at a higher price than WebinarJam.

How does WebinarJam pricing compare to GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is a webinar and online presentation platform that tends to appeal to a more corporate audience.

However it is still used by course creators and can be a good alternative to WebinarJam.

You can start with a 7 days free trial:

You will be charged per organizer and here again the number of attendees is important to understand the pricing.

  • Lite Plan – $49/month billed yearly - 250 attendees
  • Standard Plan – $99/month billed yearly - 500 attendees
  • Pro Plan – $199/month billed yearly - 1,000 attendees
  • Lite Plan – $399/month billed yearly - 3,000 attendees

Note that you will need to be on the Pro plan for automated webinars.

Overall GoToWebinar does offer more features than WebinarJam and is similarly priced.

How does WebinarJam pricing compare to EasyWebinar?

EasyWebinar does stand out a little here when compared to WebinarJam or other competitors.

First, it doesn’t have a fixed free trial but instead a free plan with up to 10 attendees.

The first paid plan will allow you for 3 active automated webinars:

  • Standard Plan – $66/month billed yearly - 100 attendees
  • Pro Plan – $164/month billed yearly - 500 attendees

If you need more than 500 attendees, you can either get a quote for the Enterprise plan or pay for an Addon at $78/month for +100 attendees.

Comparatively, that does put EasyWebinar at a higher price than Webinarjam.

WebinarJam Pricing FAQs

Here are some additional questions you may be wondering regarding WebinarJam pricing:

Do I need to enter a credit card to try the platform?

Yes, since the only trial possible at the moment is $1 for 14 days.

That being said you can cancel your payment anytime before the end of that to avoid being charged for a subscription.

Are there any other costs associated with WebinarJam?

There aren’t any hidden charges to be aware of.

Of course you might need some additional softwares like an email marketing tool for instance if the WebinarJam one isn’t good enough for you.

Is there a guarantee?

There is a 30 days money back guarantee for any paid plan you get on.

Is WebinarJam suited to replace Zoom for internal meetings?

WebinarJam is not really meant to be used for internal team meetings.

It’s more a presentation software with one host and other people just listening in.

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