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User Experience


Community & Support

  • Most advanced and well-rounded features for an all-in-one
  • Mature and stable platform
  • Very complex and might not suit beginners
  • Large community and world-class support

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one online marketing platform to sell both digital and physical products. 

It's part of the Genesis Digital group that is behind other software like EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

Features: What Can You Do With Kartra?

The better question is: what can you not do with Kartra?

Hold on to your hats before reading the list of features the platform offers:

  • Course hosting and design
  • Advanced Emails/Automations
  • Calendar capabilities
  • Advanced Cart + Affiliate Program
  • Advanced Page/Funnel Builder
  • A/B Testing
  • CRM: Help Desk, ticket system, live chat, lead points
  • File hosting
  • Code access

And that's just the summary of features!

It's unlikely that you'll lack functionalities for whatever you want to do with your online courses or membership!

Ok, let's zoom in on a few key points.

Page builder 

The page builder is loaded with a lot of templates and preset:

You definitely won't have to start a page of any kind from scratch again! It is all very well designed and conversion-optimized.

I particularly like that these are actual templates with useful placeholder copy and assets, which you can use to simply plug in your copy!

Once within the page builder itself, you'll have access to a range of preset sections of any kind.

Again, it’s super useful to get a page up and running in no time, without spending hours wondering what design to use or needing to buy third-party templates.

Plus, the block building inside each section (you know: text, image, video, button, form) has everything you need.

Although I wouldn't call the page builder the most advanced out there, it's a nice balance between customization and not wasting too much time toying with endless settings!

Finally, you can save sections as favorites and use them again for another page, which is a course creator’s dream.

Funnel building 

In Kartra, you can have advanced upsells and downsells capabilities as well as A/B testing, which will make happy all the hardcore marketers and data junkies.

The way this is created is a thorough product setup where you'll choose anything from what cart type you want (popup, embed, self-hosted).

But, how that particular product fits within your funnel. That is where you can create upsells and downsells behaviour.

Setting up a product in Kartra also means having great flexibility on how you're going to deliver that product. It can be a course, a physical product, or a downloadable.

Overall, the product set up in Kartra is possibly the most thorough and flexible I've seen of any platform.

Course hosting

You can design the front-end of what your course or membership area will look like for the end-user (your students).

Although it's better than nothing, the capabilities are a little disappointing.

There's little you can do to change the layout itself, and you can only rearrange the different blocks you want.

That is a big drawback of Kartra compared to Kajabi or other course hosting platforms that allow for better design.

That can be a deal-breaker for some course creators. It also explains why some creators couple Kartra with other tools, yet this defeats the purpose of having an all-in-one.

Emails & Automations:

To say you have a lot of capabilities with the automation in Kartra would be a huge understatement.

You can do everything from the basics of lists, tagging, sequence to the more advanced features like page view, video played, video complete, course progress, and affiliate behaviours. 

You can also design your emails using a drag and drop block builder:

But, something that particularly stands out is the visual sequence builder, which you would normally only expect from a big email marketing tool like ActiveCampaign, or Mailerlite.

In short, Kartra is comparable to full-blown email software like ConverKit or Active Campaign.

On top of that, Kartra has a full-fledged CRM system, which almost no other platform like it has.

You can create a native Helpdesk where you'll be able to provide extensive support, including a ticket system, live chat, and canned responses. 

On the CRM/marketing side, you can also assign points to leads based on certain actions. This means that you can rank leads on the criteria of your choice, like a hot buyer, content engager, or active community member.

The possibilities are endless!

So, if you're looking to go granular with your customer experience and marketing, then you'll be pleased with Kartra.


The last feature to highlight is the native calendar you can build in Kartra, which means you can use just this platform regardless of your digital business.

With different modes built-in, you'll find the kind of regular or punctual events, classes, or calls you want to schedule.

The built-in calendar is a big upside for Kartra as most online courses and membership owners will use an external calendar such as Calendly or Acuity that you wouldn’t need with Kartra.

Let's end by mentioning the only feature you won't find on Kartra, a Blog. You can create individual pages and insert blog content there, but it won't be the content management system you are used to in WordPress or Kajabi, with all the SEO power that entails.

User Experience: Is Kartra Easy To Use?

User experience may be the only weakness of Kartra.

I mean, let's be fair. Kartra has so many awesome features and advanced capabilities, which will make a lot of people happy.

But, it also doesn’t appeal to a customer base that just wants simplicity.

That is fine, but it does take quite a while for someone to wrap their head around all the options and things you can do with the platform.

The backend is somewhat clustered, which may deter users from spending time there. 

Because of all its settings and capabilities, it takes a while to set up almost anything Kartra.

To be fair, Kartra has made huge progress and has a very intuitive setup flow for all the tools it offers.

On the end-user side, you have quite a lot of capabilities to influence the user journey.

The only thing that won't be impressive is perhaps the actual inside-the-course layout and delivery.

Affordability: How Much Is Kartra?

Kartra has well-structured pricing. Plus, it really does have everything all-in-one, and there's almost nothing you won't need outside of it. 

Some people might get away with the Starter plan but keep in mind the bandwidth space is limited and if you have a sizable list, you'll have to be mindful of the number of emails you send.

How is the Support & Community for Kartra?

With such an advanced tool, good support is critical.

Kartra does have a large, intuitive set of tutorials that allow you to answer almost any questions you may have in Kartranaut.

But you also have access to a ticketing system or live support to help you solve problems quickly.

You also have access to a Facebook community!

Kartra has united a large community (over 20k+ people) of users and fellow online business owners.

The group is very active and well-moderated.

Finally, Kartra hosts two weekly Q&A live sessions where you can get any questions about the platform, its best practices, or marketing answered!

Our Overall Rate:  4.54.5


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • Most advanced and well-rounded features for an all-in-one
  • Amazing support/community


  • Sometime a little clunky
  • Steep learning curve


Kartra is almost unquestionably the most well-rounded all-in-one platform for online businesses and selling online courses.

With its useful features and functionality, Kartra was built to be the only tool you need.

However, with competitive pricing, the tool might seem too complicated for course creators that don’t need all the bells and whistles and just need basic tools.

For everyone else, Kartra is a dream come true!

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