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  • You're investing in a proven platform
  • Great user experience and easy to use
  • Falling a little short for features at that price point
  • You can't really make advanced customization

What Is LeadPages?

LeadPages was one of the first drag and drop page builders, helping you put together conversion focused pages to generate leads and sell your products.

Although it has now expanded into an actual website builder, we'll mostly focus on its page builder in order to compare it to other tools in the same category (Clickfunnels, Unbounce, Groove Funnels,...).

Features: What Can You Do With LeadPages?

LeadPages is not exactly a funnel builder as the checkout (only available on the Pro plan) doesn't allow for upsells/downsells or affiliate features.

Here are the highlights in terms of features:

  • Self Hosted pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Cart (Pro plan)
  • Custom Domain

The platform is a standalone lead and sales generation tool! It was built with conversions in mind and giving you exactly the tools you need, no more or less.

That being said, let's breaks down some of the highlights of its features:

Page Building

When you start building a new page on LeadPages, you won't have to start from scratch! This is obviously a big selling point as most course creators don't necessarily want to actually spend a lot of time in the back-end building pages?

You'll then be able to add pre-made sections of all kind: Hero, Call to action, About, Testimonials,...

Or simply create your own with different blocks: Text, Video, Buttons, Images, Form,...

The process is both easy and seamless - no clunky page building elements!

That's because the tool is what's called a front-end builder, meaning that you see what you're creating as you build it - and can edit it directly.

You'll be able to create optin pages, lead pages, webinar registration pages,...

And on top of that, you can also enable A/B tests and optimize the conversion rate further for each page of your funnel.


LeadPages does have a native cart integrated when you choose the Pro plan or above. This will allow you to process payment by connecting Stripe (only).

But also to make the connection to deliver the product you're selling, since you'll be able to connect the cart with pretty much any external software, natively or via Zapier.

So for example let's say that you're using Teachable to host your courses and hate their sales page builder (can't blame you!)

You can use Leadpages to build a well designed landing page with a cart popup (see below), then connect that to Teachable via Zapier to grant access to the correct course when someone purchases to create a seamless experience.

Something to note: the LeadPages cart does NOT allow for affiliate features.

Now, that's all great and LeadPages is obviously a good page builder... but the real question you're asking yourself is: How does LeadPages compare to its competitors (Clickfunnels,...) and other page builders?

Purely from a feature standpoint, it wouldn't exactly be fair to compare LeadPages to a fully fledged funnel builder like ClickFunnels? because it's not!

The LeadPages page builder gives you a set of simple tools but does not have the flexibility of customization of most other comparable builders.

What I mean by that is that it will allow for a quick setup and some adjustments and everything you need but not everything you want.

You'll be able to flesh out beautiful and performing pages but will have to do so within the set parameters they define.

Simplicity, ease of use and fast setup is what makes LeadPages stand out.

User Experience: Is LeadPages Easy To Use?

A lot of page builders have a rather clunky and un-intuitive user interface. And this is not a note relating to seasoned experts here, who would have no problem using these tools?

But about the average, somewhat non-techy, course creator who?s looking for something that makes sense to use on their own and not lose their sanity - or having to hire someone.

In that sense LeadPages should please most people. It has a very ?satisfying? feel to it and NOT a big learning curve.

In fact if you've ever used a drag & drop builder before, it should be a walk in the park to pick up this platform:

From a front-end user experience perspective (the users checking out your page) - everything is fast and smooth.

The somewhat limited amount of control you have in the page building phase (see feature review further above) - makes up for ?un-screwable? designs.

Meaning that sometimes, when you give too much control and customization options - people create monster-like, unusable pages!

That's something you could hardly do with LeadPages (even if you tried).

For the rest of the platform, here again you'll have a nice and easy to use interface:

Affordability: How Much Is LeadPages?

LeadPages has a somewhat competitive pricing, considering it now promotes itself has a website builder:

It's hard to compare it exactly to some of its competitors like ClickFunnels ($97/mo), because page builders usually all have a different set of features?

But for comparison?s sake, It hovers around the average price in the industry right now - and you're also paying knowing this is a long standing platform and is used by some of your favorite influencers and marketers.

How is the Support & Community for LeadPages?

LeadPages has some of the largest community for page builders - proof being with their Facebook group of over 18k people:

This is always a reassuring feeling, knowing you will find support from fellow users and get a quick answer to your questions - not just for the tech but also for the marketing and strategy side of things!

On the support side, just like most reputed platforms, you'll get a variety of choices to solve your issues.

Note that live chat is only available during the week and office hours.

Our Overall Rate:  4


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • You're investing in a proven platform
  • Great user experience and easy to use
  • Large community


  • Falling a little short for features at that price point
  • You can't really make advanced customization


Going for LeadPages as your page builder is a little like going for an Apple product. You're not totally sure it's the cheapest or has the most advanced features? but you know a few things for sure:

- That it will deliver on its promises.
- That you'll never have tech issues you can't quickly troubleshoot and solve.
- That the user experience is going to be outstanding.

You can't go wrong with LeadPages as long as you know what you can and can't do - and what you need!

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