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Community & Support

  • Excellent features and customization
  • Not a real all-in-one: lacks email functionality
  • Excellent features and customization
  • Well designed and easy to use

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a UK based online course platform created in 2014 and that's been growing a solid base of enthusiastic users over the years.

It's not exactly an all-in-one platform (as it sometimes advertises), mainly because you'll need at least an external email software to really have the tools an online course creator needs to sell and market.

Features: What Can You Do With LearnWorlds?

This is where the platform already stands out! There are a lot of features beyond the basics LearnWorlds has added:

  • Course Hosting/Design
  • Light Theme Builder
  • Cart + Affiliate Program
  • Advanced Page Builder
  • Code Access
  • Blog
  • Community Capabilities

Now, I want to talk about these hidden really cool features but let's review some of the basics:

Course Hosting: Quite a lot of flexibility with the control you have over the course layout and pieces. All the different course setup steps are easy to navigate:

And you can treat the ?main? page for the course just like another page you can build and add blocks too - which often not the case for other platforms that limit what you can do inside the course.

A first cool customization and nice touch, is the choice of the course player style and skin:

Educational Video: Ok here is one of the coolest feature of the platform that you really don't find anywhere else!

You can add elements to the video inside the platform to customize the learning experience.

So for example you could simple add a lower or adding text overlay on the video

But you can also control the interactiveness of these elements:

Or simply add a button inside the video to make this a truly interactive experience and not just some boring video they?d watch passively.

What's amazing with this feature from a marketing perspective are the endless possibilities!

Imagine being able to introduce an organic way to upsell students to another course of yours or to book a coaching session when it makes sense?

This is truly a game changer for course hosting platforms and we?d really like to see this in more of them!

Beyond that, it's obvious the platform has put a lot of effort into the educational side of things with a range of different tools for students:

  • Gradebook
  • Certifications
  • Assignments
  • Questions Banks 

But also a very in-depth reporting for student's progress:

Page builder: The page builder has nothing to envy to other standalone platforms out there!

With a large number of block and templates for the page builder, you'll have plenty of choices for well-designed content that just need a bit of tweaking:

You can switch any block with a simple click or just adjust the template style:

And the even coolest part is that you have access to the code of the page directly from the page builder! Which is again something that few other platforms offer (Kartra is the only one I can think off) to do this:

Ok so that's it for the main features, now let me touch on a few other things you'll find and that might convince you with LearnWorlds:

Blogs: you can setup your own blog inside the platform - making Learnworlds close enough to an all-in-one as you wouldn't need other tools (other than email).

Copyright/Watermarking: You can add watermarks on videos and PDF directly from the platform:

Sandbox: a very useful option for testing everything works well, is the sandbox mode which will allow you to place test orders without having to use coupons or refund yourself later?

Overall feature comment: The platform has really impressed me in terms of features! The video crafting and other cool little goodies that aren't? ?essential? but really make the whole thing better, add up to make LearnWorlds more than a course hosting platform

My only big reserve, is the extensive use of ?all-in-one? for the platform which in my opinion is misleading as you WILL need to use an external email provider to run proper marketing campaigns for your course

User Experience: Is LearnWorlds Easy To Use?

Ok so I see two sides of the platform when it comes to UX?

On the one hand, it looks really pretty! The back-end is well designed and you won't mind spending some time there because things are made easy to create.

But on the other hand, some of the options and tabs are confusing. Some if the words used for the menus are a little confusing: Site Flavors, Lead from Pages,...

And it feels like some of the options could be better laid out and grouped together.

But overall the back-end UX is still outstanding and even if there is a bit of a learning curve as it seems, it's well worth it

In terms of student's user experience, LearnWorlds is also a little special. Because you have full control over the look of the main library page and courses layout, the student's experience can be very influenced and make the platform and the courses easy to navigate.

There's even an inbox for them to communicate easily with you and the rest of the members!

Affordability: How Much Is LearnWorlds?

Now this is where we need to put things in perspective, here the current pricing:

As you can see,  although you can start at a low price, the platform has a steep tier structure.

For example, the cool interactive videos I mentioned in the feature, can only be access on the ?Learning Center? plan.

The reason why I think this is a little steep on budget is because as mentioned before, you will need an external email software to complete the platform.

How is the Support & Community for LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds has no Facebook group where you can meet and pick the brain of other fellow users.

That being said, there is tremendous support you can get!

On top of the LearnWorlds Academy and the very helpful articles they?ve put together, the company also hosts weekly webinars to meet and answer any question you may have.

The support is also extremely fast and helpful - in fact many users have mentioned they?ve never seen anything like it (their words!).

We would have indeed also like a place for the community to meet but it's still safe to say that you have plenty of support to get things working on LearnWorlds

Our Overall Rate:  4


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • Really unique and cool feature set
  • Well designed and easy to use
  • Lots of templates and pre-made content


  • Not a real all-in-one: lacks email functionality
  • Steep pricing tiers


Here is a platform to be on the look out for! It's not actually often that I hear it being mentioned for an online course platform solution but not doubt this will change.

Overall LearnWorlds is a great option for course creators that put a lot of importance of student's experience and the learning side of things!

Just be aware you will need an external email software - which is the only reason why in my opinion, we're only slowly starting to hear about the platform.

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