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User Experience


Community & Support

  • Great for creating simple mastermind programs
  • Don't expect a lot of customization option but it already looks good
  • Very low learning curve and easy for beginners
  • Doesn't provide other needed tools like email marketing or funnel building

What is is really its own genre of online program platform specifically catered to people wanting to create online masterminds.

Masterminds are small groups of people following a program taught by an expert, usually live over the course of several weeks.

The intimate setting and lean aspect of masterminds means that some other popular online course platforms might not be suited or be overkill for hosting them.

And this is what helps with!

It was started in 2019 mainly by Dean Graziosi and the other famous experts of the Knowledge Business Blueprint program: Tony Robbins and ClickFunnels co-founder Russel Brunson

Feature: What Can You Do With

As mentioned, the platform is completely geared towards giving you everything you need to be delivering a mastermind, here is the feature breakdown:

  • Mastermind video hosting
  • Live hosting

  • Directory Access

  • Checkout for free, one-off and subscriptions (Stripe only)

  • Community/internal messaging

  • Coaching & Training

Now you'll note here that the platform does not offer any marketing tools such as: page and funnel building, affiliate programs, email marketing or list management.

It's important to understand that is there to help you deliver your mastermind only!


This is of course the core feature of the platform. And make this super easy to create

You'll set up the basic information for your mastermind and the different sessions (live or recorded) that will be happening. 

Within each session, you can add more details as well as attachments or other content for your participants to access.

These can be dripped or not!

If you choose to make this a live session, then you'll turn on the Webinar Mode which will enable you to then go live in just a few clicks

From the live and for each session, participants will be able to interact via the chatbox and leave comments.

You can add and assign different Experts and co-presenter to each session of your mastermind if you're not going to be delivering everything on your own.

It's really as simple as that - the big upside here is that you don't have to mess around with Zoom links or setup and then uploading recordings,... 

One thing to keep in mind is the live session limits depending on your plan: 10 on the Launch plan, 20 on the Grow plan and 50 on the accelerate plan.


This is a small but very useful feature of the platform.

Think of it as an internal kanban, Trello style tool to help you keep your mastermind process and flow organized!

You can map out the different stages of your mastermind or marketing, add tags and assignees, as well as due dates.

This may not be something every user utilizes but can be useful to keep everything in one place!


Although doesn't provide a lot of marketing tools, it does allow to take payments and for a smooth on-boarding of new members.

You will need to integrate Stripe (this is the only option) and can set up your pricing: free, one-off or recurring in a range of currencies. 

Note that you won't be able to offer a trial (free or paid), which might not make much sense for a mastermind anyway: checkout

This will automatically generate an order form - which you can't really edit - people can go through to pay and enroll in your mastermind.

You can also limit the number of members in a given mastermind group which can be very useful!


One of the perks of creating your program in is the fact that you will be able to take advantage of the massive community these influencers have built.

To do that you will have the ability to be added to their directory which would put you in front of a lot of eyeballs.

These listings are categorized by tags and categories, pricing etc.

To be honest, this may not get you a whole lot of sales because there is probably a quality to the kind of leads you are looking for but it could be a good place to get some visibility for affiliates too for examples or see what else people are doing with their mastermind!

Community and Internal Messaging

There isn't a Community feature per se but your mastermind participants have a lot of ways to connect!

Each session has a conversation thread feature where you can tag people and start engaging your people.

And of course each live session has a chat box.

Coaching & Training

Something that's really put forward in marketing effort is the support and training you get when joining the platform.

Depending on your plan you can get the following kind of training:

  • A monthly live with Dean Graziosi
  • Weekly check ins and training
  • Advanced video mastery training
  • Monthly implementation coaching

This can be very useful if you're just getting started or looking for some accountability and hand holding through getting to your first sales!

User Experience: Is Easy To Use?

There is surely only just the basic, essential tools and features you need to create and deliver a mastermind in the platform, which make it very easy to use!

The back-end is really designed and intuitive for anyone getting started:

It's fast and seamless and there isn't much of a learning curve to it.

The front-end is also very sleek, but as mentioned before there isn't much you can do to influence the end user experience.

If you've been struggling with learning other online course platforms then this is definitely a little different and should be easy enough to get you off the ground.

Pricing: How much is has a pretty straightforward pricing structure and 3 different plans:

The biggest difference between plans aren't extra features but mainly the increased courses capacity and increased live attendees to your sessions:

  • Launch Plan ($47/mo): 3 Masterminds and up to 10 attendees per live sessions
  • Grow Plan ($97/mo): 10 Masterminds and up to 20 attendees per live sessions
  • Accelerate Plan ($297/mo): Unlimited Masterminds and up to 50 attendees per live sessions

Other than that you might want to get some extra training and hand holding through your mastermind journey!

And that's also what the goodies you get in the highest packages include

How is the Support & Community for

A big upside of joining is that you're also joining the massive inner circle these 3 influencers have (Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, Dean Graziosi) and that means all that much support!

As part of the platform, you will get access to a private community/forum:

But you can also join the massive facebook of over 100k+ people of fellow mastermind creators!

In the support side, offers a live chat and super helpful knowledge base.

Our Overall Rate:  4


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • Makes creating a mastermind super easy and intuitive
  • Very low learning curve and easy for beginners
  • Native live feature for your mastermind sessions


  • Still somewhat limited for what you need marketing wise to sale your programs
  • Only has Stripe and limited options
  • Very little control over design and customization

Conclusion: has made creating and running a mastermind super easy!

It won't be everything you need and you will need to have your other marketing pieces in place (funnel, emails,...) but what it does, it does well.

It's also an affordable platform with an easy 14 days trial you can start today.

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