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User Experience


Community & Support

  • All the features you need for an LMS plugin
  • Competitive pricing and straightforward yearly payment
  • Great support and expert team at your disposal
  • Tech knowledge and Wordpress expertise still required

What is MemberPress?

Memberpress is a popular WordPress LMS plugin allowing to protect content behind a paywall, and to create a membership area in your WordPress site.

Features: What Can You Do With MemberPress?

MemberPress is designed to integrate with your current WordPress setup and all of the other tools you may need to market and sell your membership

  • Advanced accessing rules
  • Cart with Affiliate (Pro plan)
  • Drip Content

To put in plainly: MemberPress allows you to set access to pages or part of pages only for members of specific subscriptions.

You'll set up rules that will enable or not users to see that content based on their level of access or of different behaviours?

MemberPress allows to to this perfectly and with advanced rules:

But also set drips on different content (just like you might want on any membership site), and expiration of access?

In short, all of your member experience customization dreams come true!

You'll also be able to use a native cart with all of the bells and whistles (tiers, crossells, upsells,...)

But to be honest you may want to use an external/dedicated cart with more powerful features if you want a bit more flexibility with design.

That being said, MemberPress has everything you need in terms of feature to build a custom membership site in your WordPress.

User Experience: Is MemberPress Easy To Use?

WordPress plugins can get messy, and membership plugins even more!

And although MemberPress still has to balance flexibility and ease of use, the plugin is fairly easy to navigate, even for non-techie.

You'll get a dedicated section for MemberPress in your sidebar and all of the settings you need. Including your memberships, reports and analytics, coupons,...

Now, sometimes getting some of the more advanced features like partial access to a page or dynamic content (depending on membership tier for example) can get a little bit more technical, including shortcodes etc.

But again this is the trade off you have to juggle with to be able to make your membership exactly how you want it, which is really the point of using such plugins.

Beginners be assured, the fundamentals of the platform are easy to grab for everyone.

Affordability: How Much Is MemberPress?

MemberPress has a pretty straightforward and competitive pricing:

Note that you would need the Pro package to get affiliate capabilities.

Now again if you're a course creators or membership owner, remember you'll still need an email platform to really be able to market your products.

How is the Support & Community for MemberPress?

MemberPress is part of Caseproof who?s also responsible for other well-know plugins (Affiliate Royale, Pretty Link,...).

So the support you'll get is very much a professional and knowledgeable one!

They're reputed for their fast and helpful support and team, although you can also go through their extensive knowledge bank.

Community wise on the other hand, MemberPress hasn?t really created space for fellow users to gather and share. There is no official Facebook group or forum for customers.

Which is a shame, especially if you like to get advice from expert on the best ways to run your membership and other aspects of selling digital products?

Our Overall Rate:  4


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • All the features you need
  • Great support
  • Competitive pricing


  • Still need some tech knowledge


There is a reason why MemberPress is one of the most popular WordPress LMS around!

The tool allows for great flexibility but also has a certain ease of use you don't find for a WordPress plugins, especially memberships!

It's an affordable and great option for any membership owners wanting to make their platform look and behave exactly as they want.

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