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User Experience


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  • Outstanding UX and community
  • Specifically designed for membership needs
  • Great free plan to get started with
  • Limited customisation and design capabilities

What is MemberVault?

Membervault is a course hosting platform, geared mostly for memberships type of model.

It is a membership site out of the box!

Features: What Can You Do With MemberVault?

It has the basics of what you need to sell and host your content.

  • Course/Membership Content hosting
  • Leaderboard
  • Cart + Affiliate Program

? and that's pretty much it!

Obviously, that's not a big selling point for MemberVault as quite a few things are missing that you will probably need when trying to market your courses: a proper funnel builder, emails,...

So quite a few things missing that you'll have to add onto your tech stack.

But the few things the platforms does, it tends to do well.

You have an easy to use back-end with a lot of useful tools:

Note that you won't really have a page builder capability: you only get to tweak a few area on the homepage that you might quite frankly just not want anyone to find?

That's really where MemberVault is missing, it really cannot be a standalone like other basic course hosting platforms (Teachable).

To end on a good note, a really cool thing the platform has that makes it standout as a truly membership-oriented platform is a Leaderboard where you'll be able to see and show who your top members are! 

I'm sure you're already buzzing with the possibilities with that one!

User Experience: Is MemberVault Easy To Use?

With the limited amount of customization control, the platform tends to be easy to navigate!

A slick back-end and process to edit anything you can, you won't need much time to get on with setting up everything and focus on creating and marketing your membership.

You can't really influence much of what the experience is going to look like on the student's end but it's really not bad out-of-the-box.

All in all, no bugs or malfunctions to report!

Affordability: How Much Is MemberVault?

This is probably the biggest assets the platforms has. It has what may be the best free plan in the industry (Thinkific isn't? far).

You can get up to 100 members on the free plan with pretty much all the features the platform has to offer (including the affiliate program)

Even the paid plans are very reasonable.

As mentioned before you will probably need at least to supplement MemberVault with 2 things: 1 page builder and 1 email software.

But if you have a small customer base or just getting started, you could pretty much get on the free plan and start selling your courses for free:

Example: Free Membervault account (up to 100 people), free mailerlite account (up to 1,000 contacts), page builder on a site you may already be using (wordpress?)!

How is the Support & Community for MemberVault?

Being rather recent and with a small team, the platform community has a very homely feeling. 

The support is very helpful and the knowledge base articles are both rich, helpful and personal! It doesn't feel like reading a technical paper or Ikea manual?

The facebook group is sizable (4,500+ people) and the company adds a lot of personal touches like the banner, displaying the founders and other team members:

A lot of thread in there to get support and advice on anything related to the platform of course, but also your marketing strategy!

Our Overall Rate:  4


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • Great feel and community
  • Designed for memberships
  • Amazing free plan


  • Great lack of feature


MemberVault is a promising platform that keeps evolving and will surely work on making it something you could almost use on its own. But for now it's a little bit limiting if you really want to put together proper marketing campaign  to sell your online courses.

Unless you want to have a go at the free plan to test out the water in the industry!

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