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  • Maybe the best community tool out there to create a true membership experience
  • Great UX and mobile app
  • Lots of gaps to fill on the feature side (sales funnel, email marketing,...)
  • Free plan available and provides a lot of features

What is Mighty Network?

Mighty is an innovative platform to put the community at the center of your courses, membership, or simply any movement you are building.

It's not exactly a course hosting platform, as you'll need to hook up other tools to make that happen (see features below for details), but it is a true show-stopper for people coming into your ecosystem and nurturing your audience.

The main idea of Mighty Networks is to allow you to create your own Facebook-like social media site.

In a nutshell, it consists of the feed, the groups, the posts, etc.

But let's take a closer look at how course creators can use the platform.

Features: What Can You Do With LearnWorlds

As mentioned above, Mighty Networks is a different type of platform, so it's hard to compare its features to other platforms used to host your courses, but let's break it down:

  • Free, paid or private community with personalized feed, topics and threads
  • Course building (no video hosting)
  • Lite page building (homepage, course page)

  • Checkout for free, one-off and subscriptions (Stripe only)

  • Internal members direct messaging

  • Ambassador program

We'll dive into these in more details, but as a word of caution for course creators, it is also worth noting the features that are NOT available, for example:

  • Mighty Networks doesn't host videos, you'll need a video platform like Vimeo or Wistia.
  • Mighty Networks doesn't really have a page or funnel builder. It is more of a platform you use after the sale is made, although a free community could also be a good top-of-the-funnel element to use it for.
  • Mighty Networks doesn't have an email marketing tool, although it can integrate to anything external via Zapier.

The Community or Networks

Let's start with the main selling point of the platform and the communities you can build.

Mighty Networks allows you to build your own social network! So your members will be able to see their personalized feed of posts based on which topic and courses they are following.

Members can create a post or an article which can include an image, a video, links, or an attachment. People can then like and comment on these posts. 

As an admin, you can also create polls and questions.

Each member has a profile with a banner, a short description, a profile picture, and a few personal details.

Beyond the main feed, you also have access to a discovery tab to browse through posts, articles, events, members, and other featured content that you might not see on your main feed otherwise.

There are so many ways to engage your audience and community. One of the major issues with online courses is that they tend to be only a series of videos behind a member's area that you passively watch on your own.

But, Mighty Networks puts the community at the center of the learning experience and helps you create a special space for your movement to grow without having to depend too much on platforms you don't own.

That, plus the possibility to help your members connect in a much better way, locally or based on their profession or interest, makes the platform stand out and brings a real solution to the online course industry.

The mobile app experience also adds an extra cool touch to this engine. Members can follow each other and also send direct messages.

Online Courses

As mentioned, Mighty Network isn't a course platform per se. But, it does allow you to design a course, take payment for it, and deliver some content.

You can use an image, video (from another video host), files, and text. Members can also join a private community and see posts you make in there, essentially combining the typical combo of a course hosting platform and a Facebook group.

But, the course design and layout are limited.

You will not have a fancy theme, sidebar, or customizable feel to the course itself. However, what will make your Mighty Networks program stand out is the community aspect of it.

Note that online courses are only available on the highest plan. Otherwise, you'll just be able to sell memberships to a network.

Cart - Taking Payment:

You can create free or paid courses, either one-off or subscriptions with free and paid trials also available. However, you will need to integrate Stripe for this.

There isn't really a sales page or checkout process, but just a quick summary of what you'll get in the course and an order form.

It’s quick and simple, but if you want to create a proper marketing funnel, then you might want to use an external funnel builder software.

On top of the credit card processing, Mighty Networks will also charge a member subscription fee from 2% to 5%, depending on your plan.


As with any respectable community, you can create events in Mighty Networks. These work very much like a MeetUp or Eventbrite and can be free or paid, plus they can be directly connected with Zoom.

User Experience:

This is one of Mighty Networks’ strong feats, and why it has attracted so many users.

I mean, if you're going to build your own little social media platform, you want it to look and feel good, have a great design, and a great user experience.

That mission is accomplished with Mighty Networks with a very stylish and simple flat design.

Both in the back-end as a host and as a member, the platform makes you want to spend time on it and explore the different areas.

But a difference between Mighty Networks and something like Facebook is that the platform does not, and probably won't ever, have any ads to disrupt and distract users from the curated content you offer.

Everything in the platform feels comprehensive yet not overwhelming, even for beginners. Mighty Networks doesn’t have the boring-looking community feature that most online course platforms or forums have.

And it’s the same with the mobile app available on both iOS and Android.


Mighty Networks has one free plan that allows for unlimited members and the ability to charge for your membership (not courses) and two paid plans with a 14-day free trial.

Note that you'll also have to pay a member subscription fee of 5% for the free plan, 3% for the community plan, and 2% for the business plan.

The tool isn't expensive if you just want to use it for the community, especially with a free plan option.

But, if you also want to host your online course (only available on the business plan), you'll need to budget for a video host service.

On top of that, this isn't an all-in-one solution for course creators who will also need a proper funnel builder and email marketing tool in their tech stack.

Community & Support

Mighty Networks doesn't have a lot of options to get help or support. There isn't much of a ticketing system or live support to talk to someone.

The only option available is the FAQ center, which is fairly expensive and detailed.

This might be a shortcoming for some people, although to be honest, the platform is rather straightforward, and you might get away without ever needing to get help.

With every platform, we like to look at the community around the platform, which can be a big asset to meet and connect with fellow users.

Often, these are hosted on a private Facebook group, but ironically Mighty Networks is trying to compete with social media platforms!

Instead, Mighty Hosts is a private network built on Mighty Network for fellow users.

There are almost 30,000 members in the network, and it is a great chance for you to see what a fully-built Mighty Network platform looks like!

Or, you can just browse through useful posts and articles around the community on Mighty Hosts.

Our Overall Rate:  4


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • Maybe the best community tool out there to create a true member experience
  • Great UX which makes the platform easy to use for both host and members
  • Very engaging platform to create a movement and following you can bring a lot of value through
  • Great free plan


  • May be difficult to get your members to get off Facebook and actually use it
  • For course creators, there will be a lot of gaps to fill on the feature side with external tools to really market and sell your programs
  • Strangely there is not much support


In some ways, Mighty Network is hard to compare to other online course platforms because it has almost created its own niche category.

Engaging your students and helping them network with each other has been a long-standing issue for most course creators, and this just might be the solution.

By creating a nurturing and user-centric community, you can offer as much value as your students deserve.

The free plan or the 14-day free trial are easy ways to get started, and I would recommend joining the free Mighty Hosts network to see what the end result of a Mighty Networks page could look like!
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