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  • Very affordable all-in-one with all the needed features and more
  • Great support and engaged community of fellow users
  • Still in beta and may still have some bugs
  • Limited course design

What is New Zenler?

New Zenler is one of the up-and-coming online teaching tools that offers an all-in-one platform.

It's still in the beta stage but has a lot of promise and is rapidly building a base of raving fans that refer to the platform, as it can only be accessed by invite.

Features: What Can You Do With New Zenler?

New Zenler has it all! Even for an all-in-one, the platform has an edge over most competitors when it comes to features, including:

  • Course hosting and design
  • Course Assignments
  • Emails/Automations
  • Cart + Affiliate Program
  • Page/Funnel Builder
  • Community/Forum
  • Blogging
  • Webinar/Live hosting

One note: New Zenler is likely the only online course platform offering to natively host webinars and lives (with up to 500 attendees on the Premium plan).

New Zenler Page & Funnel Building

New Zenler page-building capabilities have much more over other competitors! It offers several templates and blocks preset for its page and funnel builder, which isn't always the case for other self-hosted platforms.

On top of that, it's a real front-end drag and drop builder allowing you to easily create beautifully designed pages and tweak them to your liking.

You'll easily be able to group these pages into a funnel via the native marketing funnels tab in the platform.

From there, you can intuitively add Funnel Steps and monitor analytics and results.

New Zenler Email Marketing

The email section, although limited in design, does have all the automation and tools you'd want from it, and the deliverability is just as good as other platforms.

The community tools are similar to Kajabi - read: limited. You can easily create multiple communities but wouldn't have the capabilities of a full-fledged forum with different topics, feeds and community functions. You'll have to use the simple feed which lets you post text, video and images.

However, this leads to one critical flaw in New Zenler, and really every all-in-one platform, all-in-one platforms do everything well but not great.

What that means is that when you start wanting things like advanced customization for your member's portal, complex automation and email sequences behavior, you'll hit a wall - you've been warned!

User Experience: Is New Zenler Easy To Use?

User experience is New Zenler’s biggest weakness. At least when compared to a Kajabi or Teachable which both have very slick user interfaces, New Zenler falls short.

The page builder is often clunky, and has enough bugs to make creating a page take longer than it should, even with all the useful templates!

This is because while building a page in New Zenler, often menus don't display properly, and the margin and padding get wonky.

Generally, the back-end is not very intuitive, and you'll need a little bit of time to wrap your head around how things work even if everything does end up functioning.

That is common with drag and drop builder, but New Zenler hasn’t quite hit the nail on the head for this right now and seems to be more focused on adding features than making the current ones more intuitive. 

Obviously, more features  is beneficial but it’s frustrating from a user’s point of view that they are spending less time fixing bugs than developing new tools.

However, note that the user experience in New Zenler isn’t terrible. It’s just that in comparison to other platforms that have made the user experience important in their product development, like Kajabi, it has room to grow. 

To be fair, the platform is still advertised as a beta release. So these bugs may be fixed over time.

Affordability: How Much Is New Zenler?

Pricing is a big highlight right now for New Zenler since you'll have access to the platform for the Pro plan at $647/year and the Premium at $1447/year, or you can go for a monthly plan too!

New Zenler is an affordable option for an all-in-one, and much cheaper than Kajabi which starts at $1,428 a year.

Again this is still  beta pricing and is a limited offer, but it's been running for quite a while, so prices may go up soon.

How is the Support & Community for New Zenler?

Like any platform in its infancy, support is an important element, especially with the little quirks mentioned further above. But New Zenler provides very responsive and competent support.

With a helpful knowledge base, you'll find everything you need to start learning the platform and get assistance when something goes wrong.

New Zenler also has a good community with a small but might Facebook group. Although it’s small, the Facebook group is a raving base of users ready to answer questions and engage with fellow New Zenler fans or those still on the fence.

Our Overall Rate:  8.25/10


User Experience


Community & Support Rating:


  • Feature rich
  • Very affordable all-in-one
  • Great support


  • Not the easiest to use
  • Regular bugs


New Zenler is a serious competitor in the industry as an all-in-one online teaching platform. The rapid amount of features it keeps adding to the platform seem to have a direct correlation with the quick growth of its user base.

We just hope they also think about working out some of the kinks of the current features to improve the user interface and fix some of the bugs!

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